The Whole of Love Restores Every Part

When you are in the Real in your heart in the truth of the All, the workings of Love can be trusted, no matter what they are. I promise you that I always have more good waiting for you than your little mind or ego could ever imagine. As your heart is dedicated to living this Love, I can promise you that I am guiding you and that every movement of your life is the expansion and the exponential explosion of this glorious Love that we share.

So I ask all of you to remember that I will surprise you and that the good you can imagine with your mind is paltry, meager, pitiful compared to the good that I am from the Real, living My life through you. As you are this glorious heart, identified in the Real, your experience becomes the grand experience of the weaving patterns of Love and therefore, you can dance this dance with ease and grace, connecting always through the heart with the expression of each life stream as the unity of God I Am and trusting the expression of the whole to completely realign all the parts.

The whole of Love is perfect. Absolutely perfect with no exceptions. The whole of Love being a hologram is fully alive in all of its parts. Therefore, if there is no interference from a little mind, from anything blocking the flow of Love and life, the whole always remembers its perfection, and will realign or transform and make perfect any and all of its parts.

The whole remembers the perfection of every iota of energy that is alive within it each Now Moment in the great unity and perfection of Love. Therefore, if anything moves out of alignment, the whole of Love simply recreates the part as perfect, glorious, joyous – the expression of the perfection of Love.

So it makes no sense to be struggling to create your good from the world. It is certainly doing things the hard way to be attempting to visualize that which is your good using the little mind. The little mind by its nature is limited and cannot see the surprising possibilities of God. Therefore, to affect the transformation that resonates in your hearts is to move into the Reality of Love, to hold the vibration of the Real of Love, to make connection with the unity and the joy, and to trust that the whole then will realign every part – that each expression is perfect as a part of the unified life I Am.

I do understand, beloved ones, how intensely real the drama may seem. I also understand the ego and how it is ever seeking to get attention from you, how it has no overview of the spirit, no sense of the interweaving of great Love, and can only do that which is limited, that which looks at the world as duality, and thus, ultimately has only one part of the whole answer – the perfection of all.

So please make the shift. Shift again each moment into the Real and feel, feel how beautiful the whole is as it sings to you of the great communion of Love that is the whole vibrating the parts back into perfection Now. As you do this, as you focus up into the Real of Love and joy, you also find you have the advantage of the deep communion that you will find with Me and with every other movement in the whole of Love. It is this experience of the great heart that you are, of the vibration that is pure and magnificent, of the connection of all life in this unity of Love I Am and the sweet interaction of the spirit where you can permeate one another and feel Love at work – and commune spirit to spirit and heart to glorious heart and you recognize Me at work.

Because Love is always more and I Am always giving, you can feel in your heart of hearts that whatever would occur would be more good than anything the ego could imagine, and that resistance on the level of the ego mind is simply keeping you in separation from this unity where everything is part of the dance of this living hologram of Love I Am, including the in-breath and the out-breath of God and the appearance and disappearance of seeming forms in the world. What is true always is the continuity of the spirit and the increase of good.

Oh, how human beings limit themselves through fear of change and of course, through the inability to perceive with the heart. Simply allowing it entry many times gives you what you want and gives you more than you could imagine you wanted. Sometimes it may seem like a loss until you can view it with some distance or from the Real and see that what seemingly was taken away was simply the opening door to ever more good and therefore, understanding once again that Love and unity are inseparable, and I Am only good. If I Am your vibration, then you are accepting the exponential increase of Love right now.

Will you say “Yes” and let Me place it in your heart and deliver its gift, the greatest of which is peace – peace beyond all understanding, peace that transcends duality and ego and comes from the trust in the Love and the mending of separation through acknowledging the One and the complete self-renewal of the whole as long as nothing interferes with it.

Beloved ones, please attune to the vibration of the great good, the unfolding of ever more Love. Attune to the vibration and memory of trust and let the vibration then bring other things toward you that you might feel the winds of spirit and everything always shifts and moves, explodes and dances forth again, dissolving old images, the old world for the New.

Heart perception is a feeling beyond anything that you have ever felt on Earth. It is the radiant light from the Real, the vibration of perfect Love going forth. It now washes through your being and opens up your heart, that you might fit more experience of this powerful example of what it means to be connected. What it means to be centered in the Real and in the Love, while experiencing the play of light that is the shift that is the illusion and simply opening to the trust and the joy as you become truly the heart of God living here on Earth. Connect exponentially with the Love until every moment, beloved ones, you are living in this wondrous Love as it bathes you like the sun and removes all shadows.


Beloved God, we open our hearts completely to You tonight, asking to be the conduit for Your glorious Love and opening, God, to the perfection of that Love in everything, in our lives and All That Is. Thank You for all of the gifts of our life, each and every one, flooded with Your abundance and Your Love. Thank You for the gift of spirit family as You join our hearts in service tonight.

I ask You, God, to use my life, my voice, my heart, all that I am in service to Love and as a conduit for this meditation tonight, and ask that my Twin Flame heart with Doug always be in service to you, each and every moment. Amen

As we open our hearts to each other and to God, and to God alive within us, let’s join our hearts together, heart-to-heart-to-heart, creating that wonderful shared heart, vortex of Love through which God can pour Love to bless this world. As we give our “Yes” we feel the energy rising and moving among us and again, to feel it moving clockwise among us. We really feel the movement, the light and the vortex being created and feel the Love pouring through now. We can experience it washing the world. Let us each make connection with that voice of God within us as we give thanks in our hearts for the communion that we always have with God, with Love.

We begin to breathe together, focusing the energy through us as we let our breath out and take a deep breath in, allowing the in-filling of the Love. Breathing the Love out through our hearts into the world and into the All. Breathing Love in, touching the purest vibration, breathing Love out, feeling ourselves as the open heart. Breathing Love in completely open now and breathing it out through every atom and every cell.

Breathing in to the very Moment of Creation and breathing out Love’s perfection now. Breathing in perfect Love and breathing it out through every cell. Breathing in to the deepest communion and breathing out the living Love of the whole. Breathing in the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out its atomic energy. Breathing it in to our hearts, out to the world, in to our Twin Flame womb, and amplified into the All.

Beloved ones, I Am ever with you and you hear My voice everywhere, for you also are everywhere without limits, without end. Tonight I ask you to remember this deep and powerful communion and feel our joining, our oneness, feel this Love pulsing through your whole being. In the center of your being is your heart where we are joined, the tri-fold flame of Eternal Love – Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the living whole of Love I Am joined in the eternal flame of unity.

So I ask you now to feel this flame burning in your center, the center of your grand being, your vast and magnificent Love. Allow your focus to move now away from all shadows and illusions and into the bright light of your heart at the center of the living whole. As your consciousness now gently glides, soft as a whisper, moving like the spirit into your glorious Twin Flame heart, you find yourselves alive within this flame of Love.

You are the flame. You are alive with all the light and the burning of pure life forever in this great eternal dance. Feel yourself rising in passion, in glory, weaving together these flames until you can feel the interweaving of the tri-fold flame of Love. The fire reaches, always pointing to the one light, to the one moment when everything becomes life in relationship, in Love.

Right now the flame opens and right in the center is a column of pure light. Into this column is dropped the purpose and the powers of your Love. The flame closes around it now absorbing this message together and you can now feel the joy of receiving your purpose in Me.

This purpose brings to life immediately and multiplies within you the very fires of your passion, growing it exponentially until it bursts forth like a shooting star out into the cosmos and draws to you now, beloved ones, everything that you need. It rains in upon you in sweet perfection. All that you need to accomplish your purpose is rushing rushing to you filling your life with grace, with wonder, abundance, ecstasy and the great joy of giving.

You treasure all these gifts now in the center of your heart. Every moment more Love, more good, more life and more of the perfection of Love I Am knowing itself now as you. What I ask of you in this Now Moment, beloved, My heart, is that you truly open completely to receive all of your good, and I ask you to feel the good, the glory, the grace, the life, the total support, the assistance, the wonder, the magic, the ecstasy, the excitement, the gift arriving to fill your whole being completely to overflowing with your magnificent unlimited good.

All That I Am is perfect Love. I ask you now to say “Yes” to receiving it, this perfection in all of its splendor, in its magnificent form of energy, completely and totally malleable, changing in each Now Moment to all that you need to become the greatest overflowing ecstatic Love that you can ever be.

Now, dearest ones, each of you, precious precious cells of My heart, I ask you to open even more to receive all of your good. When you believe that you have opened to receive all the good that I will give you, I ask you to open even more than you ever believed that you could. Open your hearts, beloved ones, open it to receive your good and to receive the deep awareness that I Am ever present and only good. I Am the gift of Love multiplied within you through all eternity.

I Am the gift of Love and Love’s perfection showing itself to you in every way, in millions upon millions of energy patterns expressing the good I have for you in all the ways that will bring you the greatest joy, the most perfect experience of life and the ecstasy of being My living heart, bathing in My Love and giving each Now Moment always.

Do you feel all the gifts I Am giving you? If you believe you do, beloved ones, there are more. Open open even farther and expect the gifts of the spirit, gifts of consciousness and heart that combining in your aura become everything reflecting your perfection and all that you need to fulfill your purpose in ecstasy with your Twin Flame. Let this breath that you take now fill you with My presence and as you feel this Love, let it penetrate into every atom and electron of your being, that you may always know this fulfillment, this completion, this abundance, this overflowing wonder as you realize that I Am ever and always more.

I Am more Love. I Am more good. I Am more joy. I Am more purity. I Am more Love, working always through you to multiply exponentially and be given forth as the expression of your magnificent heart. Now, dearest ones, each of you, feel your completion. Feel yourselves pregnant with good, full to overflowing because there is so much I give you and even this full, know there is more. As your consciousness expands outward you become aware of streams of light rushing toward you now carrying your good. Some of them are gold. Some of them are white. Together they are the energy of your own Twin Flame heart. As the good arrives you feel it now filling up your consciousness and overflowing now from your great Twin Flame heart.

So much perfection. So much joy. It is more than you can hold and it is multiplying, filling your being so full that you are pregnant with its perfection and knowing that right now you are My heart, right now you are delivering more Love, more good, more perfection to every beautiful life stream in the whole of Love I Am. Let it overflow your heart now and feel it pouring forth from you.

Dearest ones, feel the tenderness. Feel the deep and powerful commitment to giving all this good to everything I Am – to every stream of life and Love, to every iota of consciousness, to all the wondrous beings who make up the Love I Am. To all, you give the greatest gift, the gift of perfect good and all that you feel in the great whole of Love I Am is more and more and more. More of this glorious good and Love and joy and perfection and even more now as the heart that you are with your Twin Flame pulses out great rays of perfect good to nourish and bless every life in the great hologram of Love we share.

As you feel your own heart, dearest ones, I ask you to register this feeling of this great good as it pours through your heart in giving and thus, multiplies even more this perfect Love until all of the life I Am is overflowing with more and more good.

Now, beloved ones, that you are bathing in this great eternal good as it multiplies, I ask you to place your focus once again upon the pocket of reversal that is life on Earth, now. As you hold your focus there I ask you to notice the great moving shadows that represent the interference, the rejection of this good and all that we share. Perhaps not even purposely but the good is blocked and you, beloved ones, are My answer.

I ask you now to dissolve with your Love all resistance to this great and perfect nourishment, to this gift of ever-present good that each precious one on Earth may finally realize that I Am All they will ever need and I Am only only good. I Am only Love and I Am only good, nothing else. It is only the imagining of the ego mind that creates good’s opposite and gives it substance through the co-creative power of My living heart, focused on Earth.

Feel great streams of pure light, of perfect grace which is the same as saying “My great good.” Feel it penetrate the illusion of duality, beloved ones. Feel it making the way for this great influx of only good that you, dearest ones, now deliver. As you feel this great good, this perfection, this abundance, this perfect light flowing through your being and pulsing through your heart, watch as it dissolves all the shadows and makes of every life an open and accepting heart, hungry to receive all they need to fulfill their purpose in Me.

As this life pours through you, feel it shimmering. Feel the ecstasy and feel it multiply in your own Twin Flame womb and recognize now each golden lotus heart, even those trapped in the illusion of separation from Me, feel the truth, beloved ones, behind every illusion of something other than good. Let your heart be the means of reconnecting all to Me and to their perfect good now. Now. Now.

In your own heart feel the words of Love, the truth of God I Am, now as you and the great reverence for the miracle of our communion and the miracle of the perfection of every heart, that you may always feel this wondrous Love and be the conduit for the great River of Good, of Life, Love, ecstasy and freedom. Deliver this now, beloved ones, to each lotus heart until every heart comes alive in recognition that it is also the tri-fold flame of eternal life, abundance and freedom.

Feel yourselves as living streams of light and the great and glorious good I Am flows through you. Feel yourself as the instrument of perfect Love and beauty and feel all that you are right now expanding, expanding, expanding… expanding more until the whole world can live within you. As you hold the world in your Twin Flame heart now, once again, beloved one, feel it. Feel the pulse beginning in a new and sacred heart and that heart, that heart is the world. For it has always been meant to come alive in the splendor, to recognize itself as a vehicle, as a great thriving heart, and all the precious human beings, a cell in the heart of the world which in itself is a cell in mine.

All I Am is unlimited freedom. Every dimension throughout the All of Love I Am. Let yourself go now, dearest ones, tumble into this glorious freedom and bathe in this never-ending good. Bathe in this good and let it pour through your being, filling you with the nectar of the spirit, nourishing you in tenderness. I feed you All I Am, give you everything that I Am now, including this never-ending freedom and eternal good.

Let yourself bathe in it now. And hold the pearl of the world in your heart in reverence and trust in the good I Am.



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