Unconditional Positive Regard

I come today to touch your hearts and to open them in their radiant splendor into the magnificent cosmos of pulsing living Love. All of life is communicating with a glorious thrumming energy that is meant to be the nectar of life for you, humanity, as the glorious hearts that you are. In their splendor your hearts are like a switchboard for the cosmos. Your hearts are truly a great antenna, an omni-dimensional receiving station in which every life is known intimately and perfectly, as of course it would be known by My heart.

So every life, beloved ones, in its magnificence -- be it microscopic or be it truly omni-dimensional - every one of them, every part of the living whole is to be loved by you. But not in some general way, loving everything from a distance. Oh, no, My beloved heart. You are meant to love every precious life in the living whole intimately and deeply. Every life is yours to love, individually, perfectly, intimately, as well as being fully aware of the ever-pulsing whole.

The hologram is unlimited life in all its potential, realized. Every nuance of energy is yours to know and to care for. As it says in the holy scriptures of every type and language, the God I Am knows and loves every hair upon every head - every sparrow, every leaf, every blade of grass, as well as the magnificent Angels and the Twin Flame hearts you are.

Ah, but you are the instrument through which I love them and it is this living dance of which I ask you to become aware - both the glorious whole of Love and every intricate part. For as I have continued to show you with the hologram, every part is a perfect expression of the glorious Love I Am, yet each is unique. All of it is singing together to create a song of harmony that truly is the upliftment of all life in the living Now.

You are meant to love both/and - both the vast and glorious whole and each intricate and living part. You are meant to do this dance perfectly, the in-breath and the out-breath, as the living song of your soul as it sings to you of your purpose and of our communion as life.

This is about becoming the bridge that encompasses both the expansiveness and each part I cherish, each life in its uniqueness. Each is a Light that burns so perfectly as an expression of My Love. Therefore, I am showing you ever more deeply and profoundly your joy in being the heart through which I love it all.

This is why you cannot just spread your wings and fly off into the sunset, releasing the bonds of Earth to become the limitless sky. Rather, you must be that which is worshipping every dew drop as the perfect prism through which the Light of My Love is reflected and dances. The heart of Love I Am is giving life to the whole, to the cosmos in continual exquisite communion, blessed by the ongoing LoveMaking that is the engine of life.

Thus do I begin now to show you, each one of you, My precious heart, how to hear the voice of the living spirit I Am as it speaks in everything, through the expression of My living energies, both microcosmic and macrocosmic, given its reflection as the perfection of Love through you.

We have spoken many times of unconditional Love and of unconditional positive regard as that which is necessary for a life stream to truly know itself as unique and honored and to accept its place in the universe and its part in the song of the whole. You are that universal mirror. You are the eyes of God looking and the heart of God loving each life perfectly.

But in that loving and in that sight you bring a gift to every life that is indescribable in its necessity, its power and its gift to every life stream. You are the heart of God acknowledging each life in its holy purpose and acknowledging the truth of Love as that which ignites each living spirit. You bring it to the table of life as a glorious contributor offering its gifts in giving because it knows itself perfectly through My Love and through all that I give it in acknowledgement of its essence and its glory. This I do through you, always.

So you begin to understand that you are necessary, that your place in the whole is uniquely powerful, and, beloved ones, you come to understand that no one else can do this for you. No one can bring this gift to others as you do. In every moment you are acknowledging your part as the clear heart of God, reflecting each life in the whole and loving each precious one perfectly that it may be fulfilled in its purpose now.

Thus do I bring you to this time of balance where you have learned to break the bonds of the illusion and fly free, and you have touched the face of the cosmos and known Me. Now know Me, dearest ones, as humanity and as every precious life in the panoply of the living hologram, for you are the electrical current through which I charge up all life and give it energy and purpose to serve Me.

We come to this time of returning attention to the energies of the world that you may love them, that you may be this reflecting heart, this giver of Love and pure acknowledgement, the eyes and heart through which I show unconditional positive regard. You must hold the cosmos alive in your cosmic consciousness. In your energy field, you are totally blended with Me and you are this great Twin Flame Love, the great Double Helix, that is the code of life for everyone -- not just for humanity and not just for the lives that are manifesting as part of this whole that is Earth life now becoming cosmic.

You are more than this. You are the heart of God loving the All and in you, within your heart it is all alive and functioning. You are ready now to ignite the flame through which you gift this energy to every life to strengthen the flame of their own unique candle. The fire of Light and life within them. Within every life that is in Me. Each one is yours to acknowledge and to feed and to build up this flame until through this communion of resonance, the exchange of life energy is accepted. Then each life knows itself as perfectly whole and wholly perfect - uniquely and completely loved by Me now.

So, open your heart to the living song of life in a whole different way today, dearest ones. Let each life speak to you of its song within your being and bring Me into the acknowledgement of their splendor. Carefully and consciously feed each life their perfect amount of energy from God to ignite their joyous ecstasy and their remembrance of who they are.

As the remembrance comes, the awakening, be the reflecting heart. Be the mirror of consciousness in which they see that they are loved by Me always. Then, pull back and elevate and feel the living whole and take in the explosion of life from the very Moment of Creation, beloved ones, and be nourished.

Be transformed. Be awakened electrically, charging up the battery of your magnificent Twin Flame Love - that you might feed each life and love them and bring them the gift of acknowledgement. Through this gift you bring them freedom. Bring it to yourselves also, for as you join this dance of the universe and exchange this breath of life, know that you are fed by the living song of God I Am, as the hologram also shows it parts. In the Vertical experience of life, you are aware of both at once for time is transcended through the heart.

So for now let us practice this awareness of each voice as it speaks clearly into the chamber of your heart. Feel it resonate there within you and feel the joy that it generates as you begin to give forth Love in response. Know that your expanding of this experience of every precious life truly does become the living song of God awake in your hearts. This song of life is meant to feed you. It will bring you pure energy to feed you and it will show you your true self, that from which you are made always, that you might drink it in and delight in the nourishment.

You can live on Light as some have discovered. Ah, but you are also meant to live on this energy of heart communion that is your food emotionally in your true Light being.

As you reach for this communion with all life and you open to the true experience of the in-breath and the out-breath, you will notice the expansiveness of your heart and how the communion begins to resonate within it. The essence of the exchange is undeniable and unmistakable as is the gift of joy it brings you and the surge of Love that is elicited automatically. It comes straight from the Moment of Creation through your heart that is waiting to be the vehicle of this Love and this grace.

Listen to the song of your heart and it will show you your greater being. Listen to the song of your heart and it will bring you your Twin Flame. Listen to the song of your heart and you will find this sweet life communion and every life will be open to you in this communion.

You shall know and be known deeply and perfectly, but - and this is a warning that I ask you all to take - do not make the mistake of filtering this through the ego mind because if you do, it will tell you many things. It will tell you that you must be in love with the individual with whom you share this energy. The truth is that it is way beyond the ego's comprehension. It is the pure exchange of life that is the dance of God as Love. You are its vehicle in your purity, not in your ego.

True Love is an experience of the Twin Flame heart and it is unmistakable in its energy signature. It is only really experienced in the realms of the Real, not in the realms of the ego. The Love that is part of this gift of your purpose is your emotional food but different from the communion of Love that is life itself. It is different from that which you are with your Twin Flame, that is such an integral part of your being there is no ego mind. When you are loving as the heart of God, you are loving as a Twin Flame being and thus, you cannot be looking outside of yourself for anything, for it is alive as part of your being.

You do have divine energies in motion which are emotions but far different from the reversed feelings of the ego. Yet, it may take a while to develop the discernment of what it is you are doing in the Real and in the world, as you partake in this energy communion. This giving and receiving as the pure heart of God reflects unconditionally the perfection and beauty and gift of every life.

My Love is given unconditionally to each life. Then you feel the expansion into the whole. Then, the giving to the great matrix of sweet and pure identities, of the living energies of God. And then, the expansion again, the in-breath dissolving into the living and glorious hologram and the out-breath, the dance of life energies and the great ecstatic joy of giving.

It is a rhythm that is eternal, never ending - continual and reassuring in its regularity. It is the essence of the movement of life. It is happening through you as the Love I Am breathes you in and out and you acknowledge the joy and the awareness of your truth as My heart. You are the voice of My Love giving you your true identity and setting you before the panoply of life in all its unique and glorious splendor as the pure reflection of My joy in each precious one of them.

When you have read those words that beloved Jesus spoke on how I love, how I know every sparrow, every feather on every bird, every leaf on every tree and every flower - and how every life is cared for so perfectly - you have not realized that how I care for them is you! You, My heart. How could it be otherwise, for you certainly know a heart is what you love with. I love with you, My heart.

Give all the gift of unconditional positive regard, not as an ego, as a human being -- but as the heart of the living cosmos. Observe how it feels to be Love living here and everywhere you are in the hologram. Delight in the million-voiced song of life singing to you boldly, joyfully and purposefully, and honor that which I give you to love, dearest ones, by being the open and clear vehicle.

Be pure Twin Flame Love and you will be the acknowledgement by Me of every life that I bring into your heart's resonance. You will find such nourishment and such joy in your purpose that every other detail of life will follow this effortlessly and take care of itself easily as it should, as the energy of your being is kept moving and you are the heart of God endlessly giving Love, giving Love, being Love and living this communion as Twin Flame Love, a Twin Flame heart in ecstasy now.


SOARING-EAGLE 27th August 2008 3:27 am

As a high sensitive who is becoming more aware of energy all the time, i was truly moved as i felt into the message you channeled amd experienced its power, clarity and Ultimate Truth. I also saw so clearly how aligned this message is with the Native American concept of Metaquisin translated "All my Relations". It will help me in my future teaching of the similarities between Christian and Native American Philosophies. Thank you so much and we are so blessed by your work.


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