You Already Are The Perfection of God

Beloved ones, you are perfect in Me. You are part of the living universe. You are Love standing forth as Being. You are the perfection of God singing the grand “Hallelujah!” You are being expressed on the breath of life in perfect awareness and ecstasy. This is who you are.

You are the perfection of Love. You are the wonder of the awareness of God. As you step now ever more fully into the experience of indivisibility, the unity that Love is appearing here and now in the fullness of all that you are; as you open to this grand display of All That I Am now… then, at last, beloved ones, you can realize that there is nowhere to go, nothing to learn, nothing to reach for continually.

There is only the awareness of the truth of who you are that you may find eternally right here in Me, and recognize with exuberance that you are meant to be the most exquisite perfection of God standing in the present moment’s bliss and giving Love forth. Not from the perspective of “less than” or separation but giving because Love is your essence and Love is expressing you perfectly as the movement of God into the world to be felt, to be held in the embrace of eternity, in wholeness and perfect grace right now.

I want you to feel your perfection, to wrap My presence around your consciousness, to let it penetrate, beloved ones, all that you truly are. When you allow perfection to be the reality in which you dwell, then the truth of your being will stand forth perfectly and you know that you are Home in the wholeness of Love, Now.

The little mind is ever telling you that you have a distance to go to become the spiritual person that you want to be. You believe in all the foibles of the ego’s dream and the experience of duality that you have been through. Oh, dearest ones, as long as you cling to this, to the stories of separation from Me…just that long… will you be afraid and feel that you don’t live up to all that you are meant to be. That is the state of the ego as it arises from the choice of separation from Me. It is born continually in the endless now, and from that birth comes everything that is a symbol of the separation from Love.

Beloved ones, you believe it. But I Am here as the heart of you. I Am the essence of your being. I Am Heaven as Earth. I Am the perfection of your every step and I Am the deep assurance that rises from within your heart to give you everything, to leave nothing out, to grant you the acknowledgement of the whole of Love the moment that you allow it.

The moment that you allow the truth to be your choice, that moment shall you be free of duality. The moment that you allow the heart to be the expression of the fullness of your identity – in that moment you are returned to the timeless place where Love comes forth as the awakening of God and claims you for itself.

So much of the dream is the endless search for spiritual awakening, for the return to Love. And so much of the illusion of time is spent waiting for that moment when everything at last makes sense. But I tell you, beloved ones, it is already here, and the path of your brilliance is exciting. The abundance of the joy of life in every way is flowing to you now the moment you say “Yes” and you accept the truth of your being.

There is no separation from Love for Love is everything and so are you. There is no separation from Me, for you are the essence of all Creation is, and nothing can ever change this. You are timeless and you are perfect as the Will of Love expressed as you. Dearest ones, it is essential that you accept this, that you come into this place where you recognize there is no doing, no time line, no awakening to this Love. It is already fulfilled. It is done. It has never, ever been otherwise.

I Am calling you at last to the truth of Love and to the truth of who you are as the heart of this wholeness. I Am asking you to now begin to feel the essential truth of all Creation – that it comes forth as perfect Love in a glorious, orgasmic explosion in which you are ever blessed with the whole of life within you as you are in the whole of God.

Separation from your perfection truly is the cloud that hides the sun. I Am calling you to this experience of unity with All That Is, with glorious fulfillment, with the truth that every breath of the universe is breathing you and that as you stand in the living Now, then nothing can be separate from the perfection of this Love at all.

And so it is, beloved ones, that Love forever claims you, because you are this movement of Love, and you are granted the endless miracle of experiencing yourself as the wholeness, of being the climax of Creation, of accepting that you are glorious. All of it is here and forever true. There is nowhere you must look, nowhere to seek to go, nothing you need grow into any more. There is simply the return to the Now Moment and the truth of God I Am that is fully here, woven into the whole of Love and singing the song of life individuated and yet, eternally intertwined with the wholeness and the unity of Love.

My Message to you is that it is already done. Heaven and Earth are one and the same. The moment that the scales fall from your eyes, the moment that your heart is allowed to be your vehicle for your experience of life, the moment that you say “Yes” to being that which you truly are – in that moment which is ever Now, you are free to be this oneness. Thus, you see it everywhere for your heart accords the truth and sings out the resonance, the endless song, the “Yes” to God, the truth of Love that is eternally and perfectly expressed as the vehicle of Love’s perfection that is your heart.

When you step into the center point where your heart is your reality…when you open to the truth of God you are, then all the endless searching ends and you are peace. You are wholeness. You are the endless tides of living Love that expand the glory of Love’s awareness that knows itself as you, and one and the same as All That Is.

It is the mystery and the gift of “both/and” – the fact that you can know Me and that I can love you perfectly. The fact that you have the gift of the tiniest increment of separation that brings this awareness never changes the truth that, beloved ones, you are made of Love. You are the heart of God I Am, responding to the vibration of the gift of our communion, while being the extension of endless Love, the Love I Am, the Love you are, the Love from which you are standing forth to multiply the possibilities of God to be expressed in the mystery of the precious Now Moment.

It is time to let the searching end and time to drop the story. It is time, dear ones, to open your hearts and to return Home to the Now Moment. It is time to let the blessing of Love inform you of the truth of your being and bring you the grace of experiencing for yourself that you are one with All, that the unity lives in you as you are living in it.

I bring you to this place of endless wholeness, of ecstatic Love so perfect it is indescribable. You are dissolved in this ocean of God. You are the breathing heart beat of this endless Love, as the movement of eternity informs you of the I Am of your identity, as we exchange the breath of wonder and you stand forth at the call of Love to be the vehicle in full surrender of perfect Love’s expression.

In the timeless Now you are ever both dissolved into the whole of unity, completely aware of All That Is as it sings in the center of your being, and you are ever fully alive to respond to the pulse, to the movement of the expression of Love that sends you forth in sweet surrender to be Love’s perfect expression.

So every time your little mind feeds you the story of imperfection; every time you hear you must do this or that in order to grow spiritually, beloved ones, sink into your heart and let your heart inform you that you are perfect in this Now Moment as you accept the truth of your being and allow this Love to live you. This, dear ones, is so important.

When you accept that the power of Love is the essence of your being and the impetus to serve…when you no longer seek to control your experiences through the little mind…when you dissolve in trust into this perfect experience of the Love of God that is your essence…in that moment, you step beyond time and come into the glory of the present, restored to your full perfection as your experience of life.

Through the heart that is in surrender, the perfection of Love pours without barriers – to bless, to awaken to the truth of God being in all that Love touches and all that is free to be the experience of Love reaching while being the breath of Creation – dissolving in the whole and stepping forth in pure expression.

You can feel the truth of your nature and feel the Love that ever informs you. Your heart is ever in resonance with the shimmering truth of the song of Love which is the vibration of perfection and unity. It sings within you now as you stand forth the truth of this.

Once you allow this experience to penetrate into your consciousness and to live your heart, beloved ones, there is no more searching and the stories of the world mean nothing. They are simply the expression through time of having forgotten what I now show you -- the fact that you ever celebrate the movement and perfection of Love that Creation is.

Oh, dearest ones, how could you ever doubt that you are pure and perfect in everything? If you believe in your heart that we are One and Love is the only Real substance, then you have to allow the truth of your being to penetrate the little mind’s awareness, that you might shift to your heart, say “Yes” to this endless and magnificent communion and allow Love to live you.

The heart will show you the world as one breath of unity and will show you each heart, every person, as the most magnificent extension of Love. The heart will give you the experience of the essence of all that it touches and bring to you instant communion with every expression of life, so that you might know, you might feel through your heart how every life sings within you and how you encompass every life as the eternal heart of God, as the pure Love that touches all and is the touch of this unity, purely and perfectly expressed as the heart of Love creating the world which in its truth is ever the electrons of God, celebrating.

It might seem, when you look through the eyes of the ego, when you see the world as the expression of duality, that there is so far to go and so much to do to bring about the shift in consciousness and to open the heart of humanity. In truth, beloved ones, it is all here. It has never been other than perfection.

It is merely clearing away the dream, dropping the mesmerism, shifting from the choice to be separate from Love into the truth of the endless Love I Am, the very same I Am that is you, that you claim every time you say these words, that you experience when you open your heart, that you feel unfold within you through our communion into which you now step forth as the diamond heart of all Creation, the pure expression of consciousness as Light and of Love as the wonder of everything.

Ever and always I Am with you. No matter what your mind may produce, no matter how many eons of the past it creates, no matter how many tales of separation from Love. The moment that you shift to the heart, it is done, you are free, you are perfection. This has never changed and never will. Beloved ones, your open heart is the doorway and the experience of unity only comes in the Now Moment. Are you ready? Are you ready to remember that you are God and to feel the experience of unity from which you can truly answer the call of Love’s desire to give of itself and the heart’s ability to recognize the Love of which you are made in everything and to honor and celebrate its presence – limitless and ever alive in celebration of the perfection of Love, the perfection of Love that you are eternally.


LordJesusChrist 28th July 2011 4:31 am

Excellent, Yael and Doug! Yes, we are the Perfection of God because God is the Perfect Love that makes us Perfect. Live forever and prosper! :angel: :thumbs: :smitten:

Peter fox 7th January 2014 8:39 am

I'm ready,God- thank you!


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