Friday the 13th: Reclaim the power of the 13!

Today is Friday the 13th, a day that lots of people associate with 'bad luck'. But did you ever stop to think why '13' is known as an unlucky number?

We need to go back to a time when the Divine Feminine was honoured through Earth-based 'Mother Goddess' religions, a time when people followed a natural 13 moon Lunar Calendar, celebrated the changing seasons of the Earth, and followed the movements of the Cosmos.  The number 13 was also very important to the Mayans who calculated one of their many calendar cycles from the Birth of Venus on 13 August 3114 BC (ooh spooky, today is 13 August!), with 13 x 144, 000 days taking us to the end of the cycle on 21 December 2012.  22 December 2012 starts a new cycle 13: 00:00, a cycle heralded by many as The Return of the Divine Feminine, when Feminine energy will once again be respected and honoured on this planet. 

If you follow the Mayan Calendar, you'll notice a 'year' is made up of 13 x 20 days.

 In the old days women would all menstruate in sync with the new moon, entering their sacred time every 28 days, 13 times a year. To this day women who spend a lot of time together find that their menstruation moon cycles start synchronising to match each other.  Women, in the native tradition, still today call their sacred time 'moontime'. Women, instead of saying 'I have my period', how would it feel to you to say "I'm on my moon". Say it and see what it does to your cells. Instead of feeling you are experiencing something burdensome, get in touch with the specialness of it. It is the time when your intuition and creativity is heightened. It is a time to go within, to rest, to meditate and seek inner visions and guidance.

Around the time of the Roman conquest, humanity were subjected to the man-made Julian and then Gregorian calendars, which eventually took people out of sync with natural time. At the same time, Earth-based 'pagan' religions were vilified, and people who used natural herbs or healing abilities to help others were labelled 'witches' and burned at the stake.  In their pursuit of power, the Roman conquerors had to find a way to make that which threatened their power 'wrong' or 'bad'. Thus the Goddess and the Creator were replaced by an angry, Churchy mad-made version of God, healers and psychics were ridiculed or killed, and the number '13' was cast a role of 'unlucky'.  The Spanish did the same kind of thing to the Mayans, whose holy books were burned, and holy priests killed.

I read today that "Friday the 13th is traditionally a day when the ancients would take the day off to make love in honour of Freya's Day (the Norse Venus) & the 13 moons of the lunar calendar. It was the Romans who 'demonized' this day to instill duty to the state rather than one's heart.... Be radical on this day: love yourself & those around you to honour this time old tradition."

Today on Friday the 13th, reclaim the power of the 13.  Reclaim your connection to the natural cycles, to the cycles of the moon, the cycles of the earth and the cycles of the cosmos. As you reconnect to the natural cycles, you reconnect to your natural energy, to your authentic connection to your higher self and Source Energy. You reconnect to your intuition and innate inner sacred knowledge. Reclaim the power of the 13 today!


awalton 13th August 2010 7:40 am

How incredibly beautiful is the thought of taking a day to make love in honor of love. How incredibly powerful and pertinent that feels. How obvious, nourishing and honoring of our own existence and all that is. Just let that sit in your field and close your eyes for a moment.

We have gotten so far away from ourselves, from each other. That just feels so right.

I honor each and every woman who walks this earth and brings into the physical manifest form the energy of the Goddess, the Mother and the Lover. Feel the love from me on this day surround you, intertwine with you, caress and embrace you.

Thank you so Much Dana.

Adam Walton

Tzaddi 13th August 2010 9:19 am

Wow! not only enlightened by Dana's delightful weaving of perspectives, but ooh! sealed with a kiss from a man! That IS special!

kay 13th August 2010 11:16 am

Thank you, Dana, for a very interesting overview. What a beautiful blessing you've put out there, Adam. Thank you, and just feel the love returned to you.

Don11 13th August 2010 6:53 pm

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. Adam, thank you, I feel your words are sending healing to so many women, you are a wonderful example of the living Divine Feminine in everyone, regardless of gender. Blessings, Dana

Don11 14th August 2010 12:37 am

To add to the info about Freya: it is thought by some that Freya's Day was the origin of the word Friday. Freya was the Norse Venus, and a Goddess of Fertility. So, this is why the ancients celebrated when the 13th fell on a Friday - both the number and the day were symbolic of Feminine Energy and it's quite the special event to have them at the same time. By the same token, the repression and suppression of Feminine Energy (including everything from the healing arts to literally women) influenced, so it would seem, the labelling of the ultimate Feminine Day "Friday the 13th" as 'unlucky' in the same way that menstruation somehow became known as 'a curse'.

Onward and upward into the Return of the Divine Feminine!

Blessings, Dana


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