Is Action awaiting you?

A lot of the time we delay putting our dreams into action because we think we don't know enough yet, or aren't 'something enough' yet. This especially applies to those of you who feel called to do something in the healing or creative realms work-wise, but it can also apply to things like being ready for a relationship or leaving a relationship. 

Your awareness and version of self tomorrow will always be greater than your awareness and version of self today, but if you keep waiting for tomorrow until you know more or heal more or are more then you could spend your whole life waiting for some magic day to take action. There are times when it is wise to wait, and there are times when action is awaiting us. 

Is there some action awaiting you?


Conni99 18th April 2014 9:01 am

I love reading your posts Dana. I was hoping for a long post but when I read what you wrote, it was the PERFECT length. The part about leaving a relationship resonated with me. I'm not trapped in this emotionally abusive relationship. I can leave any time I want. But fear keeps me stuck. I ask myself all the time: What would you do if you weren't afraid? I'd be LONG GONE.

Thank you so much for your posts.




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