June 21 Solstice, Solar Flare and Halo CME

The solstice energies on June 21 2011 were super intense with a solar flare and 'full halo' CME occurring.  CME's come after the more powerful solar flares. CME's are coronal mass injections which are gigantic bubbles of electrified gas: the ones coming toward earth look like halo's around the sun, hence are called 'halo events'. You can read more about this amazing phenomenon and look at pics and video's on www.spaceweather.com

We are feeling full of electrical energy that may have nowhere to go, thus short-circuiting via irritable temper snaps, mood swings and all manner of frustrations cropping up out of nowhere. Road-blocks, delays, crazy weather and strange things occurring during your night-time sleep state (unexpected astral travel, intense dreams) are some of the manifestations occurring as what feels like a huge helium balloon of energy tries to fit itself into a much smaller pipe!

Solar Flares and CME's aren't something to protect and shield yourself from - although Hollywood movies love to focus on that aspect of things. Energetically they are requiring us to expand our energy, heighten our senses and raise our vibration. We are like that pipe that a huge balloon of energy is trying to fit into. Our pipes are being squeezed open right now to fit in more light and in some cases they are totally breaking apart so that we have to pretty much start fresh with a new blank slate be it geographically, financially, with our work or relationships, or emotionally and mentally with our beliefs and ways of being.  It doesn't always feel comfortable and you might at times feel like crying in despair, but the benefits of stretching to meet the growth potential of your soul far outweigh the growing pains along the way.

If you find yourself having a grrr or boohoo moment, let yourself have it then ask yourself: what is coming up for me right now? Why am I feeling frustrated/angry/sad? What aspect of myself is pleading for greater expression? What aspect of myself has something to say or do that isn't being said or done? Where am I holding myself back and why do I keep doing that? What am I passionate about in my life that I have kept dormant for far too long?

The above questions and resulting shifts as you answer them are the true gold and gift of these and future solar flares/cme's. They are only set to increase in size and frequency, and no matter how many layers of the doona you hide under, the energies will find you! So saddle up your horse and giddee-up.....your soul is moving forward to a new destination and you may as well go with it!


Rhiannon 22nd June 2011 7:39 am

Thank-you, Dana...dreaming has been quite intense...I knew the Solstice was partly in this picture, but you have added very helpful information and pictures that help greatly! :)

Ron Laswell 22nd June 2011 9:49 pm

Great reminder, Dana! It is not just the Sun, it is also the Central Core of our Milky Way Galaxy which sends out pulses like the flares and CMEs. Our Sun then acts like a relay runner relaying the impulse provided to it. We become the next runner when we are "tagged."
Over the years, I've noticed that sun-spots and flares all directly correlate to all kinds of responses by the Earth, whether it is a quake, storms, volcanoes, or floods.
NASA has even published data proving that these incoming soul-ar actions alter the human DNA! Once our DNA is "unpackaged," and made more directly available to us, we will be doing and being whatever our imaginations want to create - as long as it pertains to peace and unity.
Are you ready?


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