Jupiter: "I'm back baby!"

Jupiter went direct on Monday, and more and more every day this week we have felt him picking up speed, brushing off the dust that gathered from a slower pace, new pep in his step after a grease and oil change, and woo woo, blowing his horn to say "I've been a bit (seemingly) away but I'm back baby!"

Jupiter is the first of the 'famous five' retrograding planets to start his journey forward. He governs abundance, good fortune, wealth, expansion, positivity and the good things in life. Jupiter has been in retrograde since the first week of the year, so if you have felt like it has been a slow start financially or you've had some frustrating stop starts kicking off desired goals, it will definitely be helpful to have Jupiter in direct motion again.

Remember we have the good old other four, Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn, still retrograde but with Jupiter being quite the hefty planet we will definitely feel some relief, some 'aahh, that was the break/sign/shift I've been looking for, thank you!'

Has anyone else felt a change in the air this week? An increase in positive attitude? Money coming in that you've been waiting on? Wheels starting to turn after being on pause all year?

How are you feeling?


peggysharon 12th May 2016 3:14 pm

Oh! Yes, Dana!
Something happened in the 1st week of January that I had no control over. It changed me. From Feb.11 on , I struggled... I never struggled so much emotionally. Since Monday, after a deep conversation with a friend, I was able to let go and trust life. I have been feeling better since Monday.
Thank-you ?

Conni99 12th May 2016 5:38 pm

Thank you Dana. I'm so glad Jupiter's direct now because since the beginning of the year I've felt crazy and out-of-control. I'm just beginning to feel myself now, but I'm still struggling. Tears seem to be my mainstay lately, but I know that this too shall pass.

Thank you for everything that you do; I always look forward to your articles.

MareGrane 15th May 2016 6:31 am

Hi Dana, I had a nice little surprise. I won a $50 gift card and I could certainly use a windfall. I see it as a good sign of good things to come. Thank you and Blessings. :angel:


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