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A lot of people are seeing a world that is coming apart at the seams. Really what we are seeing are frayed edges that have always been there, only they have been covered up. The Wizard of Oz curtain is being pulled back, and a lot of what we are seeing isn't 'nice'. But seeing things as they are is a really important part of the bridge process as we go from what we'll all one day call the old world, to the new. 

For some people it is shocking to see things falling apart so dramatically, or to have so much chaos playing out in every arena of society. For others there is a sense of 'finally, everything is being revealed.' More mainstream than ever are looking at things like the US political election saying 'wow, this looks and feels like some kind of reality show!', where only years before those kinds of comments were relegated to conspiracy theory forums. More mainstream than ever are sharing posts about all sorts of topics, that previously you'd only ever see shared among 'alternative' circles. 

We have people feeling like the world is crumbling. They are right, a lot of the old world is crumbling, and that can cause a lot of grief and anger and sadness. We have people feeling passionate about what is going on, and they are right too because, and this is an old saying but a good one, in the ashes of the old lie the seeds of the new. Only we have more than just seeds going on. We have plants and trees and whole new structures that have been growing and building quietly for decades. People who have been working on protecting the environment, creating sustainable housing, developing clean energy technology, using ancient and traditional healing methods, being holistic educators in schools, taking care of wildlife and sealife, caring for humanity in big and small ways, working consistently for peace, justice and equality. 

Those elements of society that are heart-based and ethical, are growing and expanding so fast, as more and more people lose faith in any model of politics, religion or business that continues to disrespect minority groups, nature, our health, intelligence or overall wellbeing. 

Those models used to form the foundation stones of society, giving us the illusion of providing support and stability. Only now the illusion is fading, and we can see that the reality has been more one of taking power and control. And so, we are unplugging from that reality system at first one by one, and increasingly en masse.

 So of course, structures without anyone holding them up have to crumble. It's a messy process, but that's preferable in my opinion to things looking shiny on the surface meanwhile there's a whole lot of crap hiding under the carpet. Mess can be addressed, crap under the carpet just stays there damaging the floorboards! 

So keep the faith. It may not seem like all is good, but the good news is we can SEE now. We can see where the problems lie in our communities, in our countries and in our world. We can all do our bit to create change. Small daily actions and choices, big ideas and goals long-term. 

You are one piece of a 7 billion piece jigsaw puzzle. Your piece counts, don't think it doesn't. Have you ever done a jigsaw and had one piece missing? See, every piece is needed, especially now. 

How are you feeling? xx



Anni 28th September 2016 11:35 am


Geoffturle 28th September 2016 2:58 pm

Thanks Dana, :thumbs:
I think your jigsaw piece analogy goes a long way. Some people carry a much larger surface area and others can be seen as the mortar between them.. As for the USA I feel we are all being protected and the curtain is definitely falling. If Trump is our saviour God help us. The alternative is War Greed and Corrupion to the first degree. I keep getting the feeling that Hillary was Never ment to be .. Her crooked actions are catching up with her and Julian Assange is the monkey on her back ... Interestingly Sange means Monkey in French and A S well that could be Australian Super Monkey Ha.. No I'm Not A Comedian but it's fun to crack a joke between friends..

Keep up the Good Work Dana

Geoff :thumbs:

zorro 29th September 2016 2:48 am

"Only now the illusion is fading,"

The illusion is that the missing piece is real or has any power. In that space is the invisible substance, the "ghost substance" or "DNA" of what is missing. Just as DNA is palindromic and can be repaired by its opposite or "mirrored" strand, by waving our eye's wand (wave energy) over that missing piece space, it does fills in. So the question becomes what shows up first...the missing piece or the seeing of the piece already? This is the absolute magic of these times. Things have shifted rapidly so that we are all discovering our power of seeing and creating.

Read this forward and backward:

DNA: We Fill Life Wand.

lauriealice 29th September 2016 11:15 am

Thank you Dana-we are definitely in different times and it has been a challenge to navigate. I'm sad for Geoff's unsettlement over the candidates. I have just read all I can and really looked at who these people have been by themselves in the past=not their partners or their jobs-but who they were as individuals in their youth. That tells a lot. We have to step back now and realize that the attack train started 8 yrs ago and the truth has been so deeply buried. Why are so many afraid of a woman and why are the standards so different? We have a very long, long way to go to achieve our male-female balance with so much fear of the feminine. But it is this nurturing feminine energy that binds us to our minority counterparts and allows us to feel the pain they have for so long-the only way to real change.

lauriealice 29th September 2016 11:15 am

Please read my reply Geoff.

zorro 1st October 2016 12:06 am

Elections: 2016

Coming or Going?

Forward or Backwards?


Don11 15th November 2016 4:40 am

Geoff.....Australian Super Monkey hahaha love it! Well, it's all happening now, get out your popcorn!!

Cheers, Dana

Don11 15th November 2016 4:46 am

Hi Laurie, thank you for your insights. Big healing is happening now, and the most dramatic of events often have to happen for things to rise to the surface so we can move forward in the long term. The US is getting all its shadows revealed right now and this is ultimately a good thing. My post election perspective is on now xx

Don11 15th November 2016 4:48 am

Zorro, I love what you've said here. Thank you.

Cheers, Dana


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