Letting Go of Worry, Letting in a Solution

If there is anything troubling you in your personal life right now, worry about a certain issue be it financial/health/relationships/other, or an unhappiness with how something is going, imagine yourself holding a balloon containing the issue/worry. Really feel it's all in there. Now let it go. 

Ask that the Divine/God/the universe/your Higher Self please handle it in the best possible way for the highest good. Once you've done this, in the coming days, follow any feelings or intuitive nudges that pop up. 

You may get the urge to do something, say something or go somewhere. You may feel compelled to meditate or journal on something in particular. In that moment of divine inspiration you won't necessarily remember your balloon exercise, but later you'll look back and think, hmm how interesting I did that balloon thing last night and this afternoon I made that realisation that has helped me, or I read that book that's been sitting unread for months and turned to the exact page that had an answer for me. 

Letting go of worry creates the space for us to receive divine guidance and insight, offering ideas on new actions to take and creative solutions we may not otherwise have considered. It 'untwists' our hose that connects us to all that we need including opportunities, meetings with those who can help us, synchronicities and miracles out of nowhere.


Sandra Smyre 9th August 2013 8:20 am

Thank you Dana! Just took all of my grief about a failed friendship and placed it in the balloon and released it. Can't wait to see how the Universe answers this one. I have a very heavy heart this a.m.--have had to release soooo many relationships so far and am weary, like so many. SL is sometimes the glue that holds me together, so sending much love to them, you and all of us trudging this road. In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

janstar11 9th August 2013 9:56 am

thanks for this message- the balloon I just let go of wasn't something I wanted to let go... so we'll see what happens. scary, but done!

Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 9th August 2013 6:36 pm

"For the last 2 nights in DreamSpace experienced 2 events showing My release from places & connections with Others...as if moving faster than Light. No sooner enjoying the commeraderie of All when...bam...time to let go of everything yet again. Simple Allowing in total Trust in The Divine..."

Spirit Library 10th August 2013 10:00 am

Thank you so much Sandra for your words and for sending love. We love you too (((hugs)))

Rosygold 11th August 2013 12:41 am

Thanks Dana. A timely reminder.

Emma852013 11th August 2013 1:44 pm

Thank you so much this was exactly the message that I need right now.

Love and blessings to you


Don11 12th August 2013 7:55 am

Thanks everyone, great to hear this exercise has helped.

Much love,

Dana x

nachcam 13th August 2013 1:17 am

As ALWAYS right on the spot. I feel so connected to yoou Dana. I've been doing exactly what you say (even before reading this!) but I haven't been so lucky receiving the intuitions...

Thanx to SL too for their help during this period.


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