Longest Lunar Eclipse joined by Mars

This article was written before Friday's Lunar Eclipse.

As I'm sure you've read, the Lunar Eclipse happening in about 6-8 hours will be the longest this century. It was so interesting to read what made it the longest. Firstly, a Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, creating a shadow of Earth that covers the Moon. The length of an Eclipse depends on how much of the shadow the Moon eventually ends up passing through - sometimes it's just a bit of it, but with this Lunar Eclipse the Moon will pass right through the centre of Earth's shadow making the eclipse longer than most.

Lunar Eclipses in general can reveal things that have been hidden from us - be that our own subconscious sabotaging beliefs, secrets, or things that have been going on without us knowing about them. They often make us confront parts of our shadow - aspects of us that we haven't acknowledged, don't like or have kept shut down for some reason. These aspects can often be really powerful and fabulous. They might be qualities that we've always admired in others but just can't seem to express ourselves - yet they're in us, and have been all along. If an aspect is ripe for blooming, then an Eclipse is often the trigger to open it right up.

This opening can feel raw and emotional at first - if it was easy to express your Shadow aspects then none of us would have anything in our Shadow in the first place! They are in our Shadow for a reason - because we associate pain, hurt or some other sensitive emotion or negative belief with them. So as the Shadow 

If this resonates with you, keep moving through whatever feelings are coming up - there is something waiting for you out the other side of them. Cry. Rage. Scream. And then you will feel....Release. A new understanding. An aha lightbulb moment. A shift in perspective. Surrender. A letting go of something. So that something new can be let in. Or let out.

Lunar Eclipses offer a healing. And as we heal individually, we add to the healing of our collective, of humanity.

This Lunar Eclipse happens alongside Mars, so here our already highly sensitive emotions are being influenced by Fire. If you are feeling super angry at someone this is the time to ask yourself: Who or what am I really angry at? 

Aquarius is about freedom, and Mars loves independence, so together they are waving a banner asking: Where do you feel like you are not free and independent? Where do you feel restricted, limited, trapped or under someone else's rule? What inside you is screaming to be expressed, owned or activated?

Take a moment to ask yourself:

What part of me am I ready to let go of now?
What part of me is ready to be healed now?
What part of me is ready to wake up now?
What part of me wants to be expressed in a big way now? 

How are you feeling?


izabela82 30th July 2018 12:26 pm

I have been feeling SO angry at everything and especially at my other half . It’s almost impossible to control it and I am amazed at how powerful my emotions get. It got to a point where I fell of my bicycle and injured my shoulder pretty bad . And it doesn’t look like it is over yet .... I have so much coming up for healing this few weeks , it is very intense. Thank you for sharing this information, it came at a good time !

lauriealice 1st August 2018 10:41 am

I also thought I had cleared all-been doing it for years but the day after this full moon I woke up and I knew...I said, "Where are you still hiding??" When what comes up is feelings around family issues I don't know if we are ever really free but I've found each time it is shorter and I KNOW in my heart that the changes I've made had to be because if I hadn't decided to get off the "round and round" it would be all the time and worse! I saw Carolyn Myss (?) on Oprah's Soul Sunday Morning show and she reminded us that our issues really stem from "something that happened to us that we just don't want to let go of"- maybe we should try harder. I'm ready. I'd like to SAIL through the next full moon smiling!


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