Manifesting and 'Positive Thinking'

The topic of Manifesting has come up on the Facebook page today and its connection with 'positive thinking'. 

This reminded me of an interaction I had the other week with a man who runs a local cafe. As I was waiting for my order I heard him telling his co-workers that he'd been to a meditation evening the previous night and the topic was Manifesting. He seemed to be laughing it off so I, of course, had to pipe up with a "it works you know." He said 'Ah, the power of positive thinking right?" and I said well no not's the power of knowing what is in your energy field, because that's what's creating your reality. He just stood there pondering that, so I picked up my chai latte and made my way out the door with a bye, have a nice day! 

The point is, Manifesting is about so much more than just believe and it will happen or visualise and it will come. Whenever we set an intention for anything new, particularly something that is way above our usual expectations for ourselves, it will always bring up anything within us that is not in alignment with that for attention, for clearing, for release, for transformation. This includes old beliefs, wounds, fears, inherited ancestral patterns (as proven by Epigenetics) and other aspects that are contributing daily to the creation of our reality. 

I am a huge advocate for Conscious Thinking/Feeling/Awareness if you really want to create a life that feels good to you.



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