Onward and Upward LightWarriors!

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We often associate Light with positive qualities like love and joy, and so many of us were looking forward to more love and more joy – especially in the world at large as well as in our personal lives – during these times of increased Light as we move into a new vibration and enter a new level of consciousness.

However Light is truly neither positive nor negative. Light amplifies that which is. Light shines a torch, offering clarity to things we haven’t seen before. Bright, white light contains All the colours, and thus gives us access to an entire spectrum of emotions, qualities and experiences that we may not have had access to before, or been ready to see/feel/embody/embrace earlier.  

The more Light that is on the planet, and within us, of course the more love and joy we will feel and see around us. We are seeing more people awakening, wanting to connect to life in a deeper and more meaningful way. We are seeing waves of people getting active, demanding greater rights for humanity, for the environment and for all living things on our planet. We are also seeing a huge amount of resistance to this growing wave of Light. We are seeing conservative elements of society and governments dig in their heels even more. We are experiencing the beginnings of an Internet Filtering system that seeks to prevent people from gaining empowering, uplifting information. 

This resistance can make it feel like we are being attacked, as if there is a literal war going on between ‘light’ and ‘dark’, between those wanting to awaken and those wanting the masses to stay asleep. The message came through this morning that it is so important right now to rise above engaging in a huge game of tug-o-war. This does not mean to just sit back and let things unfold…no, no, no. ‘Lightworkers’ have done enough of that! It is time for Lightworkers to become Lightwarriors, only our definition of warrior needs looking at. 

Engaging in a tug-o-war, as you may have literally felt over the past few weeks (months, years), creates a lot of physical, mental and emotional tension. It creates a ‘twist’ in our hose to our Higher/Source energy, so that everything good stops flowing to us. Many of you may have been wondering lately why ‘the flow’ seems to have halted be it your usual insights, motivation, guidance, abundance or usual magical synchronicities. It is because as the resistance has tightened it is our natural human inclination to want to pull back.

‘Lightworkers’ and ‘Starseeds’ and the like are not natural fighters, but we are addicted to wanting everyone to awaken, to be free and happy. So when we see things not going that way, our tendency is to pull energetically and say ‘C’mon, this way, this way!! You’re going the wrong way!!’ Yet have you noticed that these days when you do that you get a little cosmic slap on the wrist?

Pulling on something from a space of panic, fear or distress these days is tending to generate more panic, fear and distress – and more stubborn resistance from that which we are pulling on. It is time to rise up and really, really, remember why we are here and remember how exactly to do what we came here to do.It is time to use your powers of remembering: remember the world we came here to create? Yes you do.It is time to use your powers of knowing. You know this is a done deal. That is why so many of us are here. Remember? Okay.It is time to use our powers of visualisation and e-motion (energy in motion).

See the world living in harmony, peace and freedom with everyone receiving all that they need particularly when it comes to health, nourishing food, clean water, sustainable housing and empowering education. Visualise and feel your own life as you wish it to be. Go through every area in your mind’s eye every day. See it and feel it: your health, your relationships, your home, your work, your flow of abundance, your dreams and goals. Absolutely take action if you feel inspired.

Create your own projects and initiatives. Sign petitions. Participate in protests. Call your elected representatives – remember they are our representatives not our dictators! Only do it from your Lightwarrior authority space. Do it from a place of knowing that we as a humanity deserve better. Do it from a space of clarity and assuredness that we will create a better world and are already creating that right now. Do it from the place inside you that knows that growth always prevails over suppression. Always. Eventually.

Finally, exhale all the tension that so many of us have been holding lately. Inhale all the support that is available to you, seen and unseen. Exhale the feeling of being attacked. Inhale the knowing that we are free. Exhale the fear that we will fail at this task. Inhale the knowing that with every breath you are contributing positively in some way to the creation of a better world. Your presence alone is helping. Exhale old memories of old lives where we were persecuted and where things went pear-shaped.

Inhale a new reality where good prevails, where we have more power than ever before to really make a quantum leap this time, thanks to the huge amount of people here to create that, thanks to technology connecting us all, and the amount of Light flooding the planet right now.Onward and upward Lightwarriors!


thedreamof 27th September 2013 3:02 am

Thank you for your continuing encouragement which I always synchronistically seem to find when most direly needed. Many times in life in the past I've wondered what it's all for, why life would be worth it as it breaks my heart every day but such a crisis of faith happens less and less lately as my trust in my purpose here becomes more and more strengthened by each new brave choice I make that is worth every bit of vulnerability. Your messages in particular have been such a guiding force on this difficult path and the energy you've offered has been so very appreciated.

KellyRae 27th September 2013 8:55 am

Yes, yes, yes.......SPOT ON!

zorro 27th September 2013 11:54 am

Well put, Dana. While resistance digs in like a cement fortress, it is no match for a steady flowing stream. Water, ultimate symbol of flow and truth, penetrates the tiniest cracks and wins over time in its influence. It sinks in, and shapes as it goes,and if things get cold it expands an cracks the concrete stuckness. If things get too hot it creates steam. Let's identify with the action of the flow. The rest will take care of itself. The job gets done.

Skyhawke8 27th September 2013 12:08 pm

Thank you Dana. Your words add fuel to my fire and bring calmness and assurance to my soul.
"Light Warrior" ... That's a term and a way I can really relate with.
It reminds me of the energies of the Divine Feminine, the way a Woman, a Mother would handle children who are fighting and creating destruction and chaos. She simply stands in her empowered feminine energy and with love says "That's enough."
Exuding calmness and gentle ferocity, she simply "handles" the situation with her complete presence and inspired action, with an all consuming Love.

Awesome ... :smitten:

keryndawer 27th September 2013 12:12 pm

A very much needed reminder Dana. Thank you. I have been practicing sending light and love and positive energy to difficult or frightening situations in my life and to my great surprise, it has worked! Replacing love and positive energy where I used to simply wallow in fear has truly been miraculous. But you have reminded me too that I need to be more active in the world. The world needs not only my positive thoughts but my positive actions as well. Thank you for your gentle kick start :)


bets 27th September 2013 12:27 pm

Funny, I've had quite the opposite experience to some of what you're saying. The resistance issues resonate personally, but the "light warrior" and activist positions are opposite. What I've received lately is "light bringer" as opposed even to "light worker." I've been advised to stay out of the fray, as it were, regarding political and other matters, and to focus mainly on embodying light only. Of course, I feel as if I've been in warrior mode for years, as have some I know. Perhaps it's just a matter of shifting positions; some of those who have been warriors are stepping back and others are stepping into that role. Whatever resonates for each of us, I guess!

LauriLumby 27th September 2013 12:33 pm

Perhaps this will help fellow lightworkers:


All love brothers and sisters of light!

Lauri Lumby

Don11 9th October 2013 6:22 am

thedreamof - thank you so much. it is really lovely to hear that these writings have helped :)


Don11 9th October 2013 6:23 am

Awesome words Zorro!!


Don11 9th October 2013 6:24 am

Thank you KellyRae:)

Very well said Skyhawke8! :)

Don11 9th October 2013 6:26 am

Hi Keryndawer - I think positive prayers can be just as powerful as actions, (if not more so sometimes) so I'm sure your light and love and energy has done A LOT!

Lots of love,


Don11 9th October 2013 6:28 am

Hi Bets, yes that is so true about a shifting of positions. It's like people who weren't active are feeling called to be, and vice versa. And this is happening on so many levels, not just regarding political issues. Interesting times!

Thanks for your words, Dana xo


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