Physical Tips For Dealing With The Solar Flares

If you are feeling the effects of the Solar Flares as either exhaustion, pain, or too much electricity running through your body, the following things can help: 

1) Get outside. Find some grass, trees, water, or at the least just have the sky above you. Being inside a house or office with all its electrics can make you feel worse (if it's feeling too much), because the solar energy goes through all those appliances and then out to us, on top of the fact we are receiving plenty already directly from the sun. Better to step away from the appliance and electrics/computer influence as often as possible! I'm taking Jax swimming soon, so yes I'm listening to my own words! 

2) Take a bath, thrown in some epsom salts if you have any. 

3) Rest if you get a chance. 

4) Say thank you and be excited because just like labour, which is not easy, this is all leading to new birth and is a gift. Receive it with open arms!!

Update: Sunspot AR2192 just keeps growing!

From Space Weather: "AR2192 is the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years, and it is still growing. The active region now covers 2750 millionths of the solar disk, an area equivalent to 33 planet Earths skinned and spread out flat."

In the last 24 hours we've had an X2 flare (twice as strong as an X1), followed by 7 M class flares. An X3 (three times as strong) and X1 featured over the weekend. That translates to a LOT of energy coming down onto us and through us. 

Thank you so much to everyone sharing how you are feeling - it is incredible how many people are going through similar experiences!!


FresnoHye 27th October 2014 10:58 am

But Your Information Is More Helpful than possibly imagined. THANK YOU! Have a Wonderfully Happy Week. :angel: :smitten:

Robert Leon Michael Abrahamian I Am Now. :thumbs:

Don11 28th October 2014 6:28 am

Thank you FresnoHye

Love Dana


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