Solar Winds and Finding your Anchor

As if the energies of the Lunar Eclipse weren't enough, we've been feeling the affects of an 'electron storm over the past few days! A couple of days ago Space Weather wrote:, "In the past 24 hours the flux of high-energy electrons swarming around Earth has increased more than tenfold. The source of this "electron storm" is a 600 km/s stream of solar wind buffeting Earth's magnetic field." 

Many of us have felt this as racing hearts, adrenalin pumping, feeling like your body is plugged into an electric socket, feeling wired, highly strung, experiencing nervous energy, feeling more tension and less tolerance/patience. Add to this a large coronal hole that is set to send more solar winds our way over the next few days through the weekend. 

It is always so interesting to me to pick up on certain energies, and then discover what is going on with the solar activity. It always corelates with what we're feeling. Just like a ship on the ocean, you can't stop the waves from coming but knowing what's going on at least makes it feel less like you're drowning/hyperventilating for no reason and more like you're just doing your best to stay on an even keel or at least afloat. 

When you feel panicky, anxious or off balance, close your eyes, imagine your centre inside you as a golden ball of light and breathe it into you. This is your anchor.


irisamber 30th May 2013 8:18 am

Thank you! I had been feeling all those things, and couldn't quite figure out why, as nothing in my personal life was terribly amiss. I feel better knowing that it was the solar flares I was responding to.

COBALT 30th May 2013 9:58 am

Thank you. :)

hypatia 30th May 2013 10:38 am

yes, it has been a difficult week. i figured it was a result of the energies. thanks for the confirmation.

kay 30th May 2013 11:44 am

That explains it and perfectly describes it. Thank you, Dana.

Yogagirl 30th May 2013 11:54 am

Thank you Dana....May has had its challenges particularly with beliefs that were thought of as worked out, just to find a different side of the "braid" has shown itself. Whew!

Sandra Smyre 30th May 2013 2:21 pm

Thank you Dana, for the affirmation. I'm right there with the others--ready for some quiet though. :angel:

betsy. 30th May 2013 4:52 pm

Thank you so very much, Dana, for the imagery and visualization. It will really help! Much love to you!!! :smitten:

pollymcleod 30th May 2013 9:43 pm

Thank God for Spirit Library, the affirmations always come AFTER the experience, that's what makes them so affirming!
I've been lying deeply fallow for 4 months, and breathing and affirming my way through the guilt associated with doing so much nothing. This morning I slept in until 11:00!!! Never sleep later than 9. And I woke up feeling GRRRREAT! Inspired in many directions. Felt burstingly happy all day, and saw it reflected back to me by dozens of my other selves. Please let this feeling last!

Don11 31st May 2013 9:09 am

Thanks everyone for your comments and for sharing what's going on for you.

May has been a doozy of a month and this past week has been extremely exhuasting! Keep breathing, and if you can nap, sleep in, go for a walk, have some down time, read, do nothing at all, do whatever you can that works for you! If you need support to do any of the above, ask for it. People aren't mind-readers when it comes to our needs, but how often do we keep it all inside then explode or collapse in frustration! Mums especially can be guilty of this, feeling like we have to do it all when all too often we just forget to ask for help - even from our partners!

Now more than ever we all have to keep our cups full if we are going to be any use at all to others.

Love Dana xo

BluePlanetMan 2nd June 2013 12:31 pm

Thanks, Dana:

A lovely, brilliant remote viewer friend of mine turned me on to your thought. This is the 2nd of your posts I've appreciated & enjoy your accuracy for subtleties.

Your post about solar winds reminds me while I'm intensely focused on doing business & making a living, my Gaian and Solar heritage will always have the last word.

It brings to mind other Gaian phenomena related to solar winds which *you* might find noteworthy. In a scholarly journal for a Dutch foundation I wrote an accessible snapshot of Gaia consciousness from the perspective of modern humanity - "Dreaming Earth." In that article I made references to Local Sidereal Time (star time), and how they can affect our species' intuition.

A friend of a good friend had discovered the Local Sidereal Time (LST) effect, wherein parapsychological experiments which are conducted 30 minutes on either side of 13:50 hours LST have a much greater chance of success - as long as solar winds and Earth's geomagnetic fields are comparatively quiet.



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