The Earth Changes are Saving Us

With the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happening so close after the Christchurch quake, a lot of people have been quick to take this as proof that Mother Earth is not happy. Another way to look at it is, she is a Living Being, a Living Planet that goes through her cycles just like we humans do. She has been here for billions of years, long before we came, and will be here long after. It is typical of humans to ignore natural cycles, and it is especially historically typical to disregard and dishonour feminine cycles. Oh yes, Earth is not only a Living Being, she is a Feminine Being. Have you ever heard her being called Father Earth? I don't think so.

As a Feminine Being, Mother Earth goes through very specific cycles - some we see regularly in our Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring. Others we only get to see every 5000 or 126000 years, and how lucky are we, we get to be here for one of those Great Cycle Transitions! Yep, we are receiving the gift of being on Mother Earth while she is moving from one transitional stage to another as one cycle ends and a new world is born. As with any change or birth, it doesn't happen without ...ummmm...change!!! Enter...the Earth Changes phase. And guess what, just like any woman, this comes with labour, and contractions, and waters breaking! I don't know about you, but I don't think a woman in labour is going to appreciate being told to 'calm down'! I don't think a woman in labour is going to appreciate us saying "Could you please stop shaking and screaming, I'm trying to get some sleep over here!"  Because guess what, this isn't about you or me! This is about a planet going through an amazing rebirth process, and by some amazing synchronicity there happen to be billions of humans on her for the first time ever, and so by default WE GET TO BE REBIRTHED WITH HER!!! Yes Humanity are going to benefit from this amazing event.  Further if Mother Earth wasn't going through these changes right now, we would not have a planet to live on much longer. We have been terrible tenants and I'm surprised she didn't evict us a long time ago. But she didn't because hard as it may be to believe, she loves us. She kept taking care of us just like any Mother does, even if we have treated her quite abysmally. These Earth Changes are allowing her to rebirth herself, and revive herself. And guess what? The very Earth Changes that we feared are going to be the end of us, are going to be the very events that we will look back on and realise: those Changes SAVED us. They saved the Earth, they saved us from continuing to destroy her, they saved us from destroying ourselves.

As Earth aligns with the Galactic Equator and Centre she is turning this way and that accessing as much high vibrational Light as possible. Will this set off more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami's and cyclones? There's no easy way to say this but yes. However she isn't doing this to harm us or hurt us, it is part of the process. It is rebalancing and cleansing her. It is providing us with essentially a new planet on which to live (and I hope we treat Earth version 5.0 a lot better than previous versions!). It's not her fault we happen to have houses and buildings that are falling down because of all the action. Gosh this sounds so heartless in black and white, but it is not meant to be. It is just a request to look at it from another perspective - that of Mother Earth, and that of our future survival vs our present and old needs.

As turbulent and traumatic as events appear, ultimately we are going to be a better humanity out the other side. But not if we spend the whole labour process crying about how WE are being affected, crying about what WE are losing. We have to pull ourselves together and let go of the old world. The old world is going. No electricity? Well guess what we have a big SUN in the sky that has been trying to get our attention for years. It's called free Solar Power. Look up here, somebody anybody, helloo?? No oil? Free energy. No money? Free energy. Need something? We will remember that Mother Earth truly has all we need, and we will remember our ability to create all we need in a good way without harming her.

To all those who are mourning the loss of life, please know that as souls we continue to live. Please know that all souls leaving now pre-contracted to do so, and are helping us through this process from a higher realm. It is so hard to live physically without a loved one once they have passed I know, they aren't there to hug or to call or to share your daily joys and struggles. But they are with us. They are living on another dimension. They are watching over us. They are helping us. You can talk to them. And if you close your eyes and allow it, you can feel them and hear them, if not through words then with your heart. We are ALL in this together - those who have passed, those who will yet choose to pass, and those of us choosing to stay.  When my mum passed she told us not to hold onto her with our grief 'because then I won't get my wings and I won't be able to fly and do what I have to do". So too, we have to honour those who are choosing to pass on during these Changes. They have to get their wings and they have to fly, because they have so much to do to help us through this. Honour their lives and their passing by seeing them free, flying with their wings, doing their soul's next purpose.

March 9 2011 - Oct 28 2011 marks the final wave of the Mayan Calendar. Think final wave of a woman's contractions. Yes it is going to be turbulent, but within that turbulence there will be miracles, there will be joy, there will be tears, there will be beauty. There will be the sounds of a life falling away that will no longer be, and the sounds of a new life emerging that we cannot yet even imagine. 


Ron Laswell 16th March 2011 9:46 am

Right on, Dana!!! I'll never forget when my first son was born. My wife had been in "labor" for several hours, spending most of it laughing and giggling with great expectations. I'll never forget when the doctor came in and announced, "Mrs. Laswell, you are not in enough pain yet." Later, when they stitched her up after a double epiziotomy, she weakly asked, "how many stitches?" All I could think of was "how many leaves are on a tree?" I was even congratulated by the doctor and nursing staff for being able to stay and witness the whole event. Had it not been in a hospital - both would have died.
Personally, I think that too many consider Ascension as a "joy ride." Just like a new-born baby, the only thing we can take is ourselves. To gain more than we have now, we must be willing to let go of and give up what we've been holding onto. Go in is the letting go of the past that is difficult. Peace.

octavia30 16th March 2011 9:50 am

Thank you. This makes such sense!

shapeshifter 16th March 2011 10:28 am

What I want to know is, who got mother Earth pregnant and who is paying this gigantic maternity bill?

If the offspring were seeded by an ET do we contact the ministry of foreign "affairs"?

Better examine that DNA and find out who is responsible for all this BEDlam lol :)

Steve and Patrica Amarant 16th March 2011 1:25 pm

Hi Dana...nicely done. Thank you..bless you

k 16th March 2011 3:25 pm

Shapeshifter, Lmao, you reeally know how to put things into a differnet perspective. I am still laughing. Thank you, wonderful person, for your humor.

Don11 17th March 2011 2:59 am

Thanks everyone for the comments. Shapeshifter love your comment :2funny Now it's only a rumour but I heard that Mr Galactic Centre got her pregnant, The Galactic Federation's 'When the *&^%# hits the fan on Earth' Fund is paying for the maternity bill. All the star systems are chipping in, which I think is quite nice of them:)

qw33nb33 18th March 2011 1:57 pm

Thank you. What a beautiful way of putting the passing on of those who have left this dimension. It is something that I have been waiting for. It puts everything to rest. There is no-thing to fear....all is well.


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