Venus Retrograde and Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas this year, more of us are feeling over the pressure to go somewhere/buy something/be someone that we don't really feel like going to/buying/being. So there is this sense of 'something's got to give' between what you really want to do and what you feel you are supposed to do. 

Partly this is due to our overall awakening, as we feel more disconnected from external systems, structures, rules and value systems and yearn to connect more with whatever is truly important to us, including and especially our authentic nature. 

Added to this, our inner values system is being reviewed by Venus's '40 days and 40 nights' retrograde journey starting Dec 21/22. During this period more than usual, you will find yourself confronting the value you place on yourself. This might show up in bolts of clarity around why you act the way you do, or why you put up with certain behaviour.  Patterns you repeat that constantly undermine your worth – or the worth of others – will be highlighted. 

Relationships with others be they partners, friends, family, colleagues or clients will all be insightful teachers during this time. You may feel compelled to find a greater balance between what you feel you should/have/need to do, and strive to put more energy into what truly nurtures your body, mind, heart and soul.


Emma852013 21st December 2013 11:52 am

Thank you thank you Dana! :smitten:

It's as if you can see what Im going through. This year has given me deep insights into what has shaped me and I am daily regaining my strength, sense of self worth and self love. Before I didn't even think that I was capable of doing that, but now I am and I see others around me are too and it's been amazing to support them in their journeys.
Christmas has brought up many feelings of " I don't really want to spend time with these people" or " I don't want to buy this" etc. And instead of beating myself up about it I can finally tell myself without a shred of a doubt: It's ok to feel this way. I have a heart and what it tells me matters! If i need to cry things out to be open and reveal my true feelings Is OK. And if some people around me cannot handle that- it's actually their problem. Enough with feeling guilty, enough with putting my feelings last. I am all for love and that goes in hand with putting my own needs first, it's not selfish. It's important!

May you and everyone on spirit library have a wonderful, loving, safe and happy Christmas

Dls 21st December 2013 12:01 pm

I don't know if I can take anymore relationship clarity :/. But gratefulness and meditation have worked wonders... Also, wondering if that feeling of being in two places at once is strong with others. It's pretty crazy today...felt like I was floating while meditating...happens infrequently but when it does it's an overwhelming feeling of connectedness (to everything). Thank you for your thoughts btw; I find them to be very insightful. Have a great Christmas!

COBALT 21st December 2013 12:40 pm

Love, Light, and Blessings to everyone! :smitten:

Tiff 22nd December 2013 10:33 am

On point, Emma and Dana. This is definitely not your average merry Christmas.


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