Venus/Jupiter: Love Balm

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction today feels like a much needed gentle balm, spreading some love around.

What is becoming more noticeable these days is that for every individual who does something unjust or contradictory to a loving, respectful society, there are hundreds of thousands standing up, from a heart space, saying no we don't want that. 

The two polarities are working together...our increased desire for positive change is triggering the release of all that is not in alignment with that (the release is preceded by realisation and confrontation which looks and feels chaotic but is part of the release process) while the release and any resistance is acting as a further catalyst to increase our desire. It can be tempting to get caught up in the dust, to feel we are in an inescapable mess, but demolition is always part of any renovation process.

A momentum is building now. Something big shifted at the Solstice June 21, and then something really, really huge shifted from August 3/4. It feels like the light is everywhere, dimensions are inter-lapping, time is morphing, and reality has become like a transparent bowl of jello. 

Light intensifies everything, bring all into sharp clarity and focus. Our hearts are opening, so we are feeling more of it all. Consciousness and awareness is rising. It can be taxing on our adrenals and nervous system which is why days like today are so welcomed by our energy bodies. If possible, do something soothing or nurturing for yourself. If nothing else spend a few minutes with your eyes closed breathing Love in and out. 

How are you feeling?


Anni 19th August 2014 10:14 am

Extraordinary!! Wow! Thank you Dana, for this! Yes.. I can feel this..and yesterday I really thought something was very wrong with me and a sense of deep hopelessness and despair came out of nowhere and floored me..But today, it feels like I have finally said goodbye to what has caused so much pain over the past 2 years...and I didn't have to do anything. It just happened...Oh I so hope it has been released. I do so hope you are right. It feels amazing. (I even saw Venus and Jupiter at dawn yesterday...really close together!!)
Thank you again Dana!

peggysharon 19th August 2014 9:03 pm

I have been having so much trouble sleeping ... so many dreams, not feeling relaxed, ...when I wake up I yearn for it to be time to get up and get going but by the time morning arrives, I am so tired. BUT I definitely feel like a breakthrough has happened ... like that which I was trying to untie myself from , from the past, has finally broken I am finally free from what was holding me back! I see that I am able to start moving forward , I feel good about the fall, I feel my fears are being taken away ....
:smitten: :thumbs:

Don11 20th August 2014 6:50 am

Lovely, thanks for sharing Anni!

Love Dana x

Don11 20th August 2014 6:51 am

HI Peggy,

Yes I am hearing this a lot from people "I feel free" ! :)

Love Dana x

Deeni 21st August 2014 11:45 am

Thank You Dana.

You have explained, so eloquently, what I have been grappling with lately. There are three instances in my life that are taking center stage, all with their own drama.

I had been confused, and wondering if I had grown at all, and wondered why these things are still coming up?!

Your message put it into a perspective, I not only understand, but resonate with. The most wonderful thing, is that I am not entertaining the drama, I am approaching from a higher vibration, which is quite empowering.

It feels great. Thanks to my little sister too, she is always there to listen, and help me to see that which I may have missed.

Thank You so much, Dana.

Much Love and Light to All. :)


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