12 Helpful Tips for 2012

I can hardly believe 2012 is here.  We have waited such a long time for this special year (well 260,000 years actually) and most of us are primed and ready to serve in whatever way is needed.   

  1. The Cosmic Moment - everything is a lead up to the cosmic moment which takes place at 11.11 on 21st December this year.  Just as they did on 11.11.11 the gates of heaven will open and Source energy will be available for us to access if we are ready.  Only this time the energy will be much stronger and if we accept all that is offered this year, our soul will have a huge opportunity for spiritual progress.  So actively prepare yourself during the year with prayer, meditation and right action.

  2. It is really important to stay grounded so that you are always solid whatever the challenges.  For this walk a lot and make sure you eat appropriate good food.

  3. Some of the energies flowing in will be very high and pure and we have to pass them through our chakra system for we are the transformers between heaven and Earth.  If you visualise your 12 fifth dimensional chakras spinning freely this will help enormously.  It doesn’t have to take long.  You can do it in bed or waiting for something or while walking.  It helps to ask the unicorns to work with you as you do this.

  4. Every new moon brings in a chance for new beginnings.  Do a ritual each month whereby you cut away the old and call in what you do want.  Then notice how your life moves forward in leaps and bounds.

  5. The thirty three cosmic portals are slowly beginning to open, radiating the light of the 12 rays and the silver ray as well as the unconditional love of the Christ into the planet.  You can help this process by invoking the Gold Ray of Christ through you every day.  There is information about the 33 cosmic portals in 2012 and Beyond.  Ask to visit these portals in your sleep to draw in the energy.

  6. Service work - The Middle East needs help, so send the Christ Light to the Portal in Mesopotamia so that it can open quickly and directly influence that area.  This will enhance your light.

  7. Light a candle daily to the success of the Olympic Games so that the Earth Star Chakra of the planet in London receives sufficient light to open and set the fifth dimensional kundalini of the planet in motion.

  8. Watch your thoughts, words and actions and make sure they are fifth dimensional.  Read fifth dimensional books and keep the energy of your home pure with beautiful music, flowers, joss sticks and happiness.  (The Keys to the Universe is totally 5D and radiates that energy into the room.)

  9. At least two or three nights a week visit an Archangel or Ascended Master Chamber or a cosmic portal in your sleep.  This will rapidly accelerate your spiritual growth.

  10. Visualise your aura as golden.  Then it aligns to the angelic light and the energy of the Golden Age to come.

  11. Keep a Spiritual Journal.  Just jot down notes of your thoughts or meditations or experiences and you may be amazed how far you have come when you read it at the end of the year.

  12. Open your heart to the Universe and offer yourself in service with love.  As you do this breathe in the love and support of the Universe and know that as you give, so all your needs will be fulfilled.


zoe 18th January 2012 1:18 pm

You are Englishwoman
I am Greek from
the country which gave birth the Olympics Games
you ask to light candles for your success at the Olympics Games .... you love your country
Consider how sorrow I felt
before 8 years
when British through the newspapers and journalists with false Picture
discredit my own home
and urged the world not to come to Greece to celebrate Olympics games ( maybe something you would have heard)
claiming is terrified that, it could potentially dangerous
and of course DID IT


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