Coping with The New Energy

Everything has been shaken up by the higher energies now pouring in, so almost everyone is still walking through the mist. If your light is bright moths are attracted to you. They want to use your light to help them see. They can also take or scatter your energy.  Here are some things you can do to help yourself. 

If the other person is impacting on your energy or if you keep churning about them

You can do this with one person or several people together.

1. Breathe golden light into your aura until it is fully gold.
2. Surround that with deep blue and ask Archangel Michael to protect and strengthen you.

To enable the other person to see what energy they are sending out

You can do this with one person or several people together.

1. Visualise the person.
2. Ask Archangel Gabriel to place a mirrored dome over them with the mirrors facing inwards towards them.

If you want more clarity about your part in a situation

1. Place a mirrored dome over yourself with the mirrors facing inwards.
2. Ask Archangel Gabriel help you to understand your part.
3. Ask him to help you to raise your frequency.

Grounding yourself

You need shallow foundations for a small building and much stronger deeper ones for a big one.  You are becoming vast and need to strengthen yours.  You do this by strengthening your Earth Star chakra so that your roots get bigger and go deeper.

1. Put your feet firmly on the ground.
2. Visualise your Earth Star chakra as a ball of light under your feet.
3. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to touch your Earth Star chakra so that it glows.
4. Then see big, strong glowing roots going down into the earth.


Tiff 16th March 2013 12:19 pm

THANK YOU thumbsup:

Yelana 18th March 2013 3:20 pm

I loved that exercise thank you so much. Totally relate to the energy stealing thing and despite my determination to stay above it all, it's had me feeling low.
Loved the concept of glass domes. One for me and my part (lesson) and they for theirs.
You're a darling
Blessings Yelana

lola 19th March 2013 8:44 am

Dear Diana

Thank you again for informing us. Your articles are always inspiring.
I always forgot to ground myself, no wonder I was dizzy, floating around, have to sometimes hold onto something. Even the dokters did not know what was wrong with me,gave me different medicines for blood pressure etc. Doing grounding has helped me become steady again. Just shows how important it is.
Lots of blessings with Love and Light.


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