December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

December is a special and life changing month. The Winter Solstice, Christmas and the end of the old year heralding New Year all provide momentous energy shifts, this year, more so than usual.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and is always a significant time of endings and rebirth.  And this year the Winter Solstice marks the half way point in the journey from 2012 to 2032.  The Cosmic Moment on 21 December, 2012 signified the end of the Age of Atlantis and 2032 marks the start of the new Golden Age.  21.12.22 is important and pivotal.  It heralds massive change in individual’s lives and for the planet.  And there is so much help available to us.

Currently our planet is 15% ahead of the forecast for our progress towards the new Golden Age.  At the Solstice, if we all do our part, we can increase this to 23% or even higher. 

Right now the struggle between authority and freedom is intensifying.  Many people worldwide are going through difficult initiations involving relationships, jobs, housing, home life, health, crises of conscience and other things.

In addition, millions of Lightworkers joined the Lord Kuthumi’s Brotherhood of the Golden Robe before they incarnated.  These are souls who undertake to pass the pain of humanity through their own physical bodies. 

While all this offers yet another opportunity for spiritual growth, it has become TOO MUCH for most people.  Tim Whild and I have become increasingly concerned for humanity.  We hope you will join us before the solstice to Petition

  1. the Lords of Karma for relief for masses who volunteered to carry huge burdens.  When they did so no one knew the terrain on Earth right now would be so difficult to negotiate. 
  2. The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe for release without penalty from agreements to pass the pain and disease of others through our own bodies. Both Tim and I have recently resigned from this Brotherhood and it feels a relief.  We were thanked for our service over many lifetimes and set free!
  3. That the continuing purification and clearance of the planet be done by the dragons, who are willing, rather than by the elements.

Many beings from high frequency stars, planets and galaxies await an invitation to come closer to assist humanity and Earth fully, easily and graciously, into the fifth dimension.  The more of us who add our energy to these invitations before the Solstice, the greater the response from the angelic realms and star beings.

We have been guided to do all this before the Winter Solstice, so that the way is clear for the Solstice light to birth new and higher energies into the planet, in preparation for 2023.

The divine plan is for the old third dimensional constructs to be brought down between 2012 to 2022.   From 2023 the new is coming in and we are actively co-creating the plans for the new Golden Age.

Christmas is approaching.  In my Christmas newsletter I usually add a reminder about the power of the Christ light that pours in on Christmas Eve until Boxing Day. That portal when unconditional love bathes the planet is really important to raise the frequency of everyone.  I always remember the extraordinary experience I had at Christmas 2016 when I was in hospital over Christmas and watched a wave of the golden Christ light cascading into the ward, bouncing off the walls and floor and rolling through the hospital.  It really was like seeing a tsunami of love entering the planet.

In my newsletter I share ways to move out of challenging situations.  I add a powerful uncording exercise in which Archangel Metatron actively participates.  I also include one of my favourite visualisations to visit Archangel Sandalphon’s retreat at the Magical Crystal Cave in Lake Atatlan, Guatemala, to ask him to add his energy to your prayers and then take them to Source.  In addition I share the latest upgrade to the Violet Flame of Transmutation and it is extraordinary and powerful.

I hope you have a wonderful Solstice and Christmas and are ready for the energy of the New Year.

Love and blessings,


Ways out of challenging situations

Right now the whole world is in chaos as the Tower of the old paradigm is collapsing rapidly. Are you in a challenging place physically, mentally or emotionally as the life you have constructed is disintegrating? 

Or are you going through an initiation, that is forcing you to move from one level of consciousness to a higher one.

Or are friends or loved ones facing difficulties?

When you raise your spiritual frequency the old disappears and you automatically attract different things into your life.

Story 1

I received an e mail from an elderly, disabled man saying that he needed financial help.  He had a low income and had nowhere to live. He wanted me to send angels to help him.  Clearly he was in a horrid situation and not surprisingly he was sending out a low frequency desperate energy.  However, it is very hard for an angel, let alone an Archangel to reach down into a cloud of desperation to help.

So what did he do spiritually to shift from that awful space?

1.I told him to give no oxygen to the lower energy around him or complain about his current situation.

2.Instead he used that energy to focus on a daily spiritual practice of gratitude for what he did have and positively visualised himself healthy, with a good bank balance and living in a pleasant home.

3.Every day he concentrated on the positive vision by drawing pictures of what he did want.

4.Every day he took a walk in his local park, amongst grass and trees, and pictured good things coming to him.

5.As he walked he made positive affirmations and this all started to shift the dark cloud from his aura. 

I reminded him that that good things are possible for positive imaginings make miracles happen.

I am not saying this is easy but he was determined and focused.  This relatively quickly lifted him to a vibration where Archangel Raphael, the angel of health and abundance could help him.  Within months he was in a nice home and had a part time job.  That is spiritual law in action.

Story 2

I talked to a man who had devoted his life to helping others but he was going through a major initiation.  Everything in his life had collapsed.  He was being hounded by lower forces and was in a very fragile state.  Also, he kept focussing on the bad things that were happening.  I explained that he was in a muddy pond surrounded by crocodiles and his negative thoughts were inviting the crocodiles into his life. 

If you are in this position, you have to raise your frequency so that you rise above the mud where the crocodiles can no longer find you. 

I suggested that every day he did the Forgiveness Prayer and surrounded himself in the Archangel Ball, while focussing on the outcome he wanted.  He texted me that he was doing this religiously each day.  A few weeks later I uncorded him from the nastiest crocodile.

The situation has not resolved itself yet but my guide Kumeka tells me it will do so very soon.

The Forgiveness Prayer and Archangel Ball are on my Youtube channel and in my recent newsletters. Below is a higher frequency uncording exercise with Archangel Metatron.

Higher Frequency Uncording

I am sure you know the principles of uncording but sometimes we need a reminder. Also, I am adding something new and higher frequency that Archangel Metatron gave me.

It is very easy to be psychically attached to a person or situation because every thought that you send to them has an energy.  If you send thoughts with emotion, they fasten into that person or situation and form a cord.  Cords can be as rigid as iron bars or like rope, tentacles or wire.  They can strangle you (or the other person), keep you stuck, debilitate you, block you, bind you, hobble you or a million other things and it is always good to clear them.  Unconditional love does not form a cord for it leaves people free.

If you are corded to a person or situation or even a belief or place you constantly draw it back to you.

When you uncord, the relationship may form again at a new and higher level, or the participants, whether personal or business, may separate.  Whatever happens you are free to attract something new and better into your life.

As we are in end times Archangel Metatron has now stepped in to add his energy and I share how he does this this below. 

You can adapt this visualisation and do it for someone else under grace. Because you are not emotionally attached to them or their situation, this can be very effective.

Visualisation to uncord with Archangel Metatron

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to ground you through your Earth Star chakra.

3.Ask Archangel Metatron to place his golden-orange Cloak around you for total protection.  This also means the old energy cannot sneak back and re-cord into you.

4.Visualise a figure of eight on the ground and sit in one side of it. 

5.Visualise the other person, place or situation in the other loop.

6.State clearly that you now wish to move into a higher frequency and remove the old cords. 

7.Sense, picture or visualise the cords. 

8.Cut the cords with an appropriate implement, scissors, knife, saw or whatever is needed.

9.Gently remove the roots of any cords from your physical body and energy fields and ask that they be removed from the person or situation on the other side.

10.Now ask Archangel Metatron to cut away the other half of the figure of eight and ask him to bring his Metatron Cube right down between you. (see picture)

11.As he does this he is adding his power and might to your release.

12.Visualise the other circle and its occupant floating away.

13.Archangel Metatron now takes you through a golden gate onto a beautiful hill.

14.Sit here and picture with as much energy and passion as you can the miracle that you wish to create in your life.

15.Thank Archangel Metatron.

Handing Prayers to Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon who is in charge of the Earth Star chakra is Archangel Metatron’s twin flame.  His etheric retreat is the Magical Crystal Cave at Lake Atatlan in Guatemala, where the kundalini of Earth is now stored.   Archangel Sandaphon is the Angel of Music, who works with the Music of the Spheres.  These are the divine perfect harmonies created by the movements of the stars. 

Archangel Sandalphon also presents your prayers to Source and adds energy to them as he does so. 

Many years ago someone sent me a photograph of an altar.  On it were several pieces of paper on which people had written prayers.  In the photograph was an Orb of Archangel Sandalphon.  I was told he was collecting the prayers to take them directly to Source and adding his energy.  Since then I have used the following visualisation for prayers for myself and others.

Visualisation to take prayers for Source to Archangel Sandalphon

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Place a protection round your energy fields such as the Gold Ray of Christ or Archangel Michael’s blue cloak.
  3. Visualise yourself in a sturdy boat on a calm, sunny day, crossing the sparkling blue waters of Lake Atatlan, Guatemala approaching Archangel Sandaphon’s retreat.
  4. Take time to breathe comfortably as the boat crosses the lake.
  5. You approach a vast cavern and the boat beaches on soft sand at the entrance.
  6. As you enter the cave you see the it is illuminated by magical crystal lights and you are surrounded by dozens of colourful fairies.
  7. They stream in front of you, leading you into an inner chamber.
  8. You may hear celestial music.
  9. Here there is a beautiful, sacred altar.
  10. Beside it quietly waits Archangel Sandalphon in a shimmering silver cloak of light.
  11. Write your prayer and hand it to him or mentally tell him your prayer, for yourself or someone else, under grace.
  12. Now sense him surrounding your prayer in his silver light, adding his powerful energy to it, before he vanishes to take it to Source.
  13. Breathe gently as you wait.
  14. Then Archangel Sandalphon returns and looks directly at you with his bright blue eyes.
  15. He is telepathically imparting the message he has received for you from Source.
  16. When you are ready, return to the boat and float back across Lake Atatlan to where you started.



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