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Hermes, one of the original High Priests of Atlantis returned there just before the fall of the civilization to take his tribeto Hawaii where they became the Kahunas. They took with them the most powerful form of prayer, the Huna prayer. I have written about it often. They also brought the amazing dolphin link with them through which we can access the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

In addition, they brought back the Ho’oponopono prayer. This is very simple and I am sure you know it and possibly use it yourself.  I came across it very many years ago but did not fully understand how it truly works, so I did not connect with its potency and unbelievable healing effect. Recently it came to my attention three times and I knew I must explore it again. Wow!  I started to understand it.

The prayer is

I am sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

its simplicity is its power.  You apologise, ask for forgiveness, express gratitude and then love.

In the past I assumed this from me to another person, dead or alive.  And of course, it can be used in this way and is effective.

It works on the understanding that we are all One and you accept that you are totally responsible for everything that is in your life.  You are a master.

Every single person or situation is in your life because you have drawn it in with your unconscious programming.  During your soul journey you have absorbed thousands and thousands of beliefs, all of which contribute one hundred percent to the life you have created.  Yes, one hundred percent.  The beliefs you have programmed create your life.

Your essence is divine.  Your higher self is love and your Monad is twelfth dimensional light.  Your beliefs are the only things that stop you from living a glorious, abundant, healthy and love filled life.  It is your Monad, the divine within you, that you are addressing with this prayer.  You are talking to the divine you that can transmute old programmes. 

You are saying sorry to your Monad for still holding the beliefs that block your progress.

You are asking it for forgiveness.  In asking for forgiveness you allow the divine to dissolve the block.

When you say Thankyou, you are thanking your Monad for transmuting as much of that programming as possible.

Then you are sending love to your Monad.

Here are some examples.

A relationship

A friend moans about her child, partner or colleague.  That friend is part of you for you are One.  You may recognize that you sometimes feel frustrated with your child, partner or colleague.  What belief causes this? It may be about being acknowledged, appreciated, loved or something else.  Or you may not understand why you feel frustrated. 

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto the belief that has created this).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this).  I love you (helps you to align with your higher self).


Judgmental thoughts separate us from Oneness.

You are walking down the road.  You see someone behaving in a certain way and a judgmental thought arises.  That person is part of you!  You are judging your divine essence. 

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto this judgmental belief).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this belief).  I love you (helps light up your divine self).

Television and Media

This is brilliant for bringing up stuff within us all.  You see something nasty and a fearful thought arises.  What is the basis of your fear?  It comes from a belief.

Say to your Monad, I am sorry (for holding onto the belief that has created this fear).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for transmuting this belief).  I love you (acknowledging the love you feel).


Most of us have been raised to put ourselves down.  If you catch yourself thinking, ‘I’m so stupid’ or ‘I’m so ugly’ or ‘I’m bound to fail’ or ‘I bet I catch a cold,’ or a million other things, stop!  The Violet Flame is great for cancelling a statement.  So it is good if you use it but then say to your Monad, I am sorry (for clinging to this negative programming).  Please forgive me.  Thank you (for dissolving and healing it). I love you (acknowledging your love for your true self).

Pain or illness

This all comes from personal or ancestral beliefs that hold back your ascension.  It does not matter that you do not know what they are or where they come from.  Say I am sorry, please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you. 

Saying something is one stage deeper than a thought.  In the last few days I have heard people say these and many other separation statements aloud.

I’ll never belong because I am a foreigner.

I hope she does not come to this meeting.

I wish they’d go away.

The fact that I have heard them means that the sentiment is somewhere lost deeply in my consciousness, so I say the ho’oponopono.



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