Let’s Create Peace in Ukraine and the World

Consciousness is catching.  At the height of the glorious golden era of Atlantis when everyone maintained peace by acting for the highest good of all, one Mage decided to use his power for himself. The whole of Atlantis quickly declined.

The same is true in reverse. 

One person stands in peace and harmlessness in front of an angry crowd and the calm spreads like oil on troubled waters.  Every time you take a decision to speak and act from a calm, loving and centred space, your words and deeds have a ripple effect.  Together we can make a difference to the world.

Your body is a physical entity created by your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, emotions and soul choices.  For if you have boils, you can treat the physical but they will return unless you change other aspects of your life.  You look at the whole self in order to heal.

It is the same with the world.  It is one entity.  We are all one. For many years, humanity has been bombarded with chemicals, confusing information and fear, so it is not surprising that boils in the form of war are still bursting out where the entity is vulnerable.  Just as a boil tells you that there is something wrong with the whole, the current conflict tells us the same about the world.

When we all make choices together for the highest good of all, naturally there is peace and abundance everywhere. 

Every single individual who dissolves their own underlying anger, makes a difference to the whole world. 

So what can you do?

1.Give no energy to conflict.  Rather talk about the vision of peace.

2.Pray for peace for all those who take ego decisions to control others.

3.Ask Angels of Peace to touch your heart and the hearts of all involved.

4.Ask the dragons to clear lower energies round you and to enter Russia and Ukraine en masse to clear lower energies.

5.Ask the Unicorns to pour light you and over Ukraine.

Remember that by 2032 we are to be a fifth dimensional planet.  The frequency of Earth is inexorably rising.  Soon after that date there will be world peace.  Help to co-create this by living in a fifth dimensional way.

I am recording ten days of World Peace Meditations (on YouTube).  When we do these visualisations together it has a massive impact on situations, more than we can have any concept of.  Let’s make a difference together.



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