The Current Cellular Purification

The frequency on Earth is rapidly accelerating and we are being purified as we move up the ascension mountain. Currently many people are feeling the physical effects of this. I recently had a short lived but nasty vertigo problem. It started in my solar plexus where we hold our deepest, most hidden fears, often bleeding through from past lives, and I did quite a bit of inner work as I explored this. And it was accompanied by a headache as my third eye and crown chakra were being rebalanced. I know lots of Lightworkers are experiencing a vertigo virus as their chakras are being cleansed and rebalanced at a higher frequency.

Many too are clearing their throat, third eye or crown chakras as old grief and traumas are being cleared with head colds, throat infections etc. And it is not by chance that chesty coughs are doing the rounds as another layer of heart purification takes place. Tummy upsets have been releasing old stuck fears for others. Almost everyone is ready to purify some area of their spiritual system.

The archangels are really helping those who are ready with a deep cellular purification. If one or more of your chakras is being prepared to operate at a higher frequency, try if possible to rest and relax. This enables the archangels in charge of the chakras to touch you at a deeper level.

When the chakras are purified we start to bring in our new crystalline bodies, which can carry a higher charge of light. Archangel Gabriel is collaborating with Archangel Metatron to instigate this new way of being in the cellular structure of those who are ready. We really are being prepared for a huge new step towards the light.


Emma852013 10th February 2014 10:15 am

Thank you dear Diana.

I didnt understand first why i suddenly am having immense vertigo followed by headache today and have been having strange colds on and off for months.
I am reassured by your words. thank you.

I will now rest and meditate

Sending love to all of you :smitten:


Louise van der Wees 10th February 2014 12:42 pm

Thank you for this post. Have now had 3 days of being unable to walk because of extreme vertigo and pain in forehead and top of head. Was thinking something was seriously wrong with me, feel reassured now and shall hand it all over for cleansing. Thank you so much

Jazzyj320 17th February 2014 1:52 am

Last week I had vertigo so bad I had to crawl to the bathroom. Then all week chest/sinus congestion and feeling so sick almost went to ER. All of the sudden today much better. Thank you, I was wondering what was going on.


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