The Purpose of the Sphinx and Good News!

We have raised the frequency of the people and the planet very quickly in the last five years or so and increased the power of the Sphinx.

What is the Sphinx?

In Atlantis, at the eastern gate of the Temple of Poseidon was a huge Sphinx.  It represented purity, whose purpose is to be a source of power on Earth.  It contained all the information for our planet and for all the universes that ever have been, are and ever will be.  These are known as the universal Askashic Records.  These records are maintained at such a high frequency that few can access them.

The Sphinx of Egypt is the current earthly equivalent and contains the Akashic records for Earth.  It was built at the start of the Age of Leo, the era of courage, beauty and love, and is older than scientists currently date it.   It was originally painted red, symbolising the sacred warrior energy of its role as guardian of the planet.  It is our protector.  The Sphinx, when it had one hundred per cent of its power, sent out such pure and powerful light that it stopped invaders as they approached Earth.  Because of the decline of spirituality, the Sphinx became almost powerless to protect Earth.  When I wrote the third book in my spiritual trilogy, The Web of Light, published in 2004, the force of the Sphinx had reduced to two per cent.  So many people did the exercises in the book to energise the web of light over Africa, that within a few months the vitality of the Sphinx had increased to five per cent.  Now it is 27%.  Every one of us can make a difference by focussing light into the planet.

At the fall of Atlantis six cosmic pyramids were created in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Peru, Tibet and the Mayan one.  These are all energetically active, though mostly physically demolished. 

The Great Pyramid of Egypt connects to Sirius and Orion while the Sphinx is the entry to Hollow Earth. The light from Hollow Earth travels up from the Great Pyramid to the stars and down from them through the Sphinx into Hollow Earth.  The Sphinx is a portal, accessing information from Sirius, Orion and various other stars and planets. A fifth-dimensional tunnel underneath the Sphinx leads to the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth, and this is where the Akashic Records, the records for the entire universe, are stored. 

You can also draw a crimson red figure of eight, an eternal loop of divine wisdom, from Hollow Earth, up through the Sphinx to Sirius and Orion, and then down again through the Sphinx to Hollow Earth.  See below.

This information is from The Keys to the Universe

Visualisation to access information from the Akashic Records.

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2. If possible, light a candle to bring higher vibrations in.

3. Relax and close your eyes.

4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from your feet deep down into the earth.

5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue cloak of protection around you.

6. Take your consciousness into the Great Pyramid and up to Sirius

and Orion, then down through the Sphinx into Hollow Earth, then back again. Follow this figure of eight a few times.

7. Feel the God force within the Sphinx as you pass through it.

8. Visualize yourself going through the fifth-dimensional tunnel from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth. Then enter the pyramid.

9. With awe and reverence enter the great library where the Akashic Records are stored.

10. A master approaches you. Ask if you may access information that will enable you to grow spiritually.

11. The master leads you to an area where he invites you to sit. He hands you a special quartz crystal.

12. As you relax and tune into the crystal you receive a download of information. This may come as pictures, thoughts or just a sensation.

13. When you have finished return the crystal to the master and thank him.

14. Then come back through the tunnel to the Sphinx and out to the place where you started and open your eyes

15. Over the next few hours or days you may be aware of cosmic or personal information that you did not know before.

EXERCISE to unlock ancient wisdom through the figure of eight

– Draw out a figure of eight on the ground and walk it with the intention of unlocking the wisdom of Sirius and Orion for the highest good.

– If you cannot walk it, draw a figure of eight (in red if possible) on a piece of paper and run your finger round it, holding the intention of unlocking ancient cosmic wisdom.

A Simple Lionsgate manifestation ceremony

1.Take a moment to relax

2.Build up an energy of gratitude by giving thanks for all the good in your life.

3.invoke the pure white mighty Archangel Gabriel.  See, sense or feel him with you

4.Call in the golden orange Archangel Metatron, whose etheric retreat is over the Great Pyramid and who is in charge of the ascension of the planet.  See, sense or feel him with you.

5. Decide what you would like to manifest for the highest good.

6. Draw 88 with your finger or a pen and go over it as you ask to connect with your Monad.



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