All Spirit Library readers are encouraged to use their inner guidance to discern all the content available in the library. We always invite people to take what resonates within and gives a sense of empowerment, and leave all the rest.

The library currently features thousands of inspiring and thought-provoking spiritual articles and channellings from many different authors. With information coming from various sources, however, everyone needs to use discernment, especially when reading channelled materials, as the human channeller may add their viewpoint or personal agenda to the message.

Everyone's path and taste are unique, and people might have different perceptions of and opinions on the material shared here. Therefore, we invite all of you to allow others' truth and trust that everyone knows what the best for themselves is.

Just as when you go to the library of your town, and you only pick the books you like, you don't then insist that all those you don't like should be destroyed. In the same way, we believe that through the law of attraction, everyone will be attracted to what is uplifting to them without needing to push against others' preferences.

Here are some basicguidelines on how to practice discernment that we hope you will find helpful:

  1. Spiritual messages are meant for everyone
    Beware of messages that tell you that their information is only meant for a particular group of people. Spiritual messages should be open to anyone.

  2. Messages should be uplifting
    Watch out for empowering messages that make you feel good. They can sometimes challenge your feelings and make you reflect on certain concepts, ideas, or aspects of your life, but they should never cause you to fear or act in a threatening manner. Spiritual messages are meant to inspire and uplift, and that's why we created the library.

  3. The choice is yours
    You are the only thinker in your mind, so only accept thoughts that align with your inner being and higher self. You, and only you, can choose what is good for you and resonates as truth. You are honoured in your thought processes and your sense of integrity. You must feel comfortable with the messages you read, and they must ring true to your heart. If not, let them be and move on.

  4. Beware of exclusivity
    Beware of those messages that present themselves as the ONLY source of some information. Spiritual information can be accessed by anyone willing and open to tuning in to higher energies. There is no exclusivity, only inclusiveness.

  5. Quality of information
    Beware of those messages that seem to re-hash old information. New information or perspective is necessary, especially for channelled material, which is why they were requested in the first place.

  6. Spiritual solutions
    Life on Earth can have many challenges, spiritual messages and channellings should always seek to provide new insight to help readers find spiritual, and sometimes also practical, solutions to life challenges.

We hope you have found this information useful. If you have any further questions, please contact us.