Healing Away Negative Patterns with the Angels

This week, in response to my prayers, I received visions and messages about the mechanics of how our reoccurring thoughts manifest into reality. This is so exciting, because the angels showed both the energetic basis AND the solution for reoccurring negative patterns!

Any negative pattern that you’ve experienced consists of Individual thoughts that look like little vibrating microscopic globes, like the nuclei of atoms. These atoms are right next to your body, each connected by a magnetic bond to you. The bond is your attachment to the ideas you hold about yourself, your life, and your patterns. ANY reoccurring pattern you've experienced in your life is a result of these atom-like globes around your body.

The angels showed me that the universal energies are like a blanket of pure clean snow. Snow falls equally everywhere that it lands, yet it takes on shape and form based upon the landscape upon which it falls. So if snow falls upon a rocky terrain, then that's the shape that the snow will appear if snow falls upon a smooth landscape, then the blanket of snow will appear smooth. In other words, the universal energies are neutral, and they only take on form according to the energy which surrounds YOU. And the great news is that you get to decide which energy surrounds you.

So it's important for us to have a smooth surface upon which the universal energies can land. The angels showed me how they can help to remove rocky patterns from your life's landscape!

The healing Archangel Raphael's emerald green healing energy can dissolve and loosen the bonds of the negative patterns' atoms. Please take a moment to center yourself with breath, and then say this aloud or silently:

"Archangel Raphael, please surround me with your healing light, dissolving all bonds to fear-based thought patterns. Please wash all of my former fears away."

You'll likely feel sensations as the green light dissolves and washes away the old thought forms from your body. Afterward, you'll feel lighter and freer, which is the basis of inner peace and health.


lirvon 8th July 2010 6:59 am

This is generally on the right track, but I feel the need to clarify a couple of points:

* The "globules" are electrons carrying the emotional energy that powers the thoughts.

* A "congealed thought-form" would most commonly be perceived as a "blockage".

* Thoughts reside both inside and outside of the boundary of the physical body.

The suggested method of course works, but it is of value to realise that any practice that has the effect of "dissolving blockages" is necessarily helping to address the problem!

altair1 8th July 2010 9:23 am

I'm getting from Spirit that the crop circle on May 21st in Wiltshire Windmill England is a Mary-Raphael connection with Earth, and has healing powers for conditions like this. Crop Circles anchor light energies, and are created by higher dimensions for this purpose. You might want to try this pattern for energy blockages of this nature.

johneblums 10th July 2010 10:08 am

NOTHING and ALL IS N-EG-ATIVE = SIN-ISTER !! What does SIN-ISTER MEAN..the femi-NINE aspect of Divinity.This we associated with EVIL, BUT in divine truth/wisdom "SIN" is just an abbreviation for SAINT/HOLY (W-whole-Y)and our "sin" energy are the part of the DNA gnome which is also called the GENE of ISIS, ie VER-GEN-ESIS.


positive_hado 7th December 2010 12:52 am

How do you dissolve blockages? I've had issues with my forehead and "leakage/drainage" internal sinus problems, but I haven't found a way to heal myself. I have been to mainstream doctors, ENT's etc, had scans and so on....but they can't find anything wrong, yet I can feel it. I also wanted to find a healer that could tune in and tell me what is going on; so that I know how to better heal myself. Does anyone know of healers that have the ability to do distant healing?

pearlrossi 31st January 2011 4:30 am

hi positive_hado,

I have the same problem. You could try Reiki or QiGong distant or direct healing for the condition, aimed at the third eye/crown chakra. After studying Reiki, my sinus and allergy problems actually went away for a little while, but they seem to have returned since I haven't been doing regular self-treatments. Best of luck with it, hope this helps. <3

helenmariagrace 1st April 2011 1:21 pm

:smitten: I feel to tell you to try thyme. it is a gentle herb that may assist clear your blockage. Also, a technique i find useful is to lie down comfortably, close your eyes and place your hands somewhere comfortable on your body, anywhere they seem to want to be or perhaps crossed over on your chest or torso. breathe gently, deeply and easily and look/feel inside yourself. you will see/feel areas of differing sensations. just allow your focus to remain on these areas and watch tghe thoughts and feelings. see if any other areas seem to link. Hope this makes sense. Peace and Blessings

Cornerstone 29th April 2012 3:30 pm

Angel Oracle Cards - See Angels, above.  Angel card decks exist purportedly as a divinatory tool, or to offer inspiration and/or healing. The cards' instructions often urge the person to meditate on a particular angel and/or to contact an angel and are used this way in the New Age. Using these cards for divination or spirit contact violates commandments against such practices in Deuteronomy 18.10-12 and many other passages. Using the cards to contact angels will only elicit a response from fallen angels, also known as evil spirits or demons. See Divination, Spirit Guides, Spiritism.

Hi, Doreen
I am a Christian and flolower of Christ Jesus. I have been reading your site as I have many occurrences with 11:11, 444, 555 as well as many others. I have been stuggling with old thought patterns. I see these numbers all the time and understand the info you post on your website.

My question is if your a Christian yourself do you believe in what the bible says about fallen angels on earth and this article above.

As a Sister in Christ what are your feelings on this?

Brother in Christ


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