Invite Archangel Michael Home for the Holidays

The Archangel Michael can help you and your family to enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday season. As the angel of Courage and Protection, Michael whisks away fear and its effects in every area of your life. He ensures healthy family interactions, guards you while traveling, and helps to bring peace and security to your heart and mind.

Call upon Michael for ANYTHING that is bothering you, and he will create creative solutions. Michael will also give you comforting signs to reassure you. Also be sure to invite him to participate with every aspect of your life, especially when you’re traveling or driving. This story from my new book, The Miracles of Archangel Michael, is a perfect example of his protection.

During the holiday season, a woman named Sandra is absolutely certain that her life was spared by Archangel Michael’s intervention, because there’s no other explanation as to how her out-of-control car could have suddenly changed direction on its own.

"My brother, sister-in-law, and I decided to visit our aunt and uncle for Christmas. The roads were icy in spots, but we had no idea how treacherous they really were. When we got on the highway, I asked my brother to slow down, but he said he was being careful. We hit some ice and swerved a few times, yet he didn’t slow his pace. He prided himself on being a professional truck driver with excellent skills. He could indeed handle the big rigs well, but now we were in small car.

The next thing I remember, we were spinning across the two lanes on our side of the undivided highway and into those of oncoming traffic. The car was a two-door, and I was in the back. My sister-in-law, who couldn’t drive, kept trying to grab the wheel as we continued spinning.

As the car made each revolution, I saw a tractor trailer coming down the hill. We were at the bottom, and with each spin, the truck got closer. I began praying and asking Archangel Michael for protection—and then miraculously, like a flash, our car slid back across our lanes and came to rest in a soft bank of snow.

Thank you, Archangel Michael! The moment we were stopped, I heard that 18-wheeler speed by us, blowing its horn! I’m sure the driver was also shaken, since we all could have been killed. We hit no vehicles, none hit us, and I can’t explain how the car could have gotten out of that situation and slid back in the opposite direction, other than with angelic assistance.

As we slowly resumed our drive to our relatives’ home, we saw cars in ditches on either side of the highway, and a large truck had gone off the road and fallen into the river. We were very blessed. I admire Sandra so much for having the presence of mind to pray and ask for Michael’s protection during her experience!"

This story is a wonderful reminder that in the midst of a crisis the best protection is a prayer. Here’s a prayer for your holiday season:

Archangel Michael, thank you for always protecting me, my feelings, my family, and everyone in the world . . . and especially during this holiday season. Thank you for clearing my heart, mind, home, vehicle, and work place of any fear energies, and for shielding me from fear, so that all of my interactions are purely guided by divine love and wisdom.


Rita 11th December 2008 8:51 am

Thank you so much Doreen for your insights.
I was also saved from stepping off a curb into a truck.
It is amazing that the angels and archangels still care about us and are here every day whether we know it or not.
Thank you for your angel cards as well.
I enjoy their input into my daily routine.
Keep smiling.
Love and Light,

netdragon 11th December 2008 11:51 pm

An interesting thing is that AA Michael is part of our higher selves in a sense. There isn't much distinction between who's person's A's higher self and person B's higher self when you get into the really high frequencies.


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