The Dolphins’ Messages about the Law of Attraction

Recently, as I was scuba diving, I heard the unmistakable sounds of the dolphins: a beautiful melody similar to children’s laughter. I swam in the direction of the sound, and looked up to the surface where a big pod of dolphins was diving near me.

At first, I swam fast to join the pod. But they changed direction and swam away from me . . . fast! That’s when I realized that I was chasing them, and thereby chasing them away. I remembered my previous teachings from the dolphins: that they’d come to me if I’d just stay still, turn my belly to face them, and open my heart with great love to them.

Forty feet below the surface of the ocean, I turned and floated on my back with my belly in the direction of the pod. Although I could no longer see or hear the dolphins, I consciously opened my heart to them. I wasn’t “sending” them love, I was simply feeling love for them. I made sure I wasn’t doing anything similar to chasing or manipulating them. I didn’t demand that they come to me. I didn’t even will that they swim to me. I simply loved the dolphins.

In less than one minute, the pod of dolphins swam right to me! I kept my belly facing in their direction, as a sign of equality (since that’s how dolphins swim with each other). The dolphins playfully twirled and spun around, and I mirrored their actions in a fun and beautiful underwater dance. We played like this for about 20 minutes.

This interaction was another reminder and metaphor that when we chase after anything, it runs away. But if we simply open our heart and send love, we attract all of the goodness of the universe.

You can call upon the protective Archangel Michael to guard and shield you as you live open-heartedly. He will give you clear guidance, in the form of thoughts and intuition, to steer you toward people of integrity. He’ll also warn you if you’re around someone who is ego-based. As long as you listen to and follow Michael’s guidance, you’ll be able to keep your heart open with peaceful interactions with loving people.


innerlifecoach 14th July 2010 10:50 am

That is a most beautiful metaphor for living. Thanks for sharing your lovely story and message.

Love and light, Elizabeth
Wallowing in love, hope and gratitude!

moonglow482004 14th July 2010 12:43 pm

It's so true people and animals are the same way we all just want to be accepted and loved. Remarkable account of one mans adventure. TY for sharing, Blessings.

reikiangel71 14th July 2010 4:17 pm

Thank you Doreen for this lovely message. I wanted to share something that happened while visiting Monterey and Pacific Grove,CA for the day this past Sunday. It was overcast, breezy, and cool. This was a lovely respite from the 100 degree temps in the Central San Joaquin Valley where we live. I felt the need to see the ocean and swim in the waters no matter how cold it might be. As I immersed myself in the cold water, I prayed and sent much love out. I prayed for healing solution to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, for the healing of mother earth, for forgiveness of humanity for what we've been doing collectively to this planet and her beautiful creatures who depend on her for sustenance. With All the LOVE in my heart, I sent these prayers out. As I was doing this a harbor seal poppped his beautiful little head out of the water 5 ft in front of me! I was quite surprised but in a most lovely way! It looked at me and looked around a few moments and then it swam on in a playful way. It was sooo beautiful the few moments I was given to behold it in its beauty. The love brought him to me.

dreamwalker 19th July 2010 1:01 pm

Awesome message. Allowing and loving. Beautiful.

creativeXpression 23rd July 2010 1:09 am

Thanks for sharing this experience. It is such a powerful principle with which to live by with all sentient beings.

It seems so normal these days to try and grab on and hold tight to things that give us a joy or that we wish to be a part of, but generally chase it away because of the greater fear of losing it.

The best approach is really opening up and allowing it to be. 'Seeing' with appreciation, love and gratitude. You received a greater reward than imagined :)

It also showed that while you wanted to share in the experience, the approach of joining in was not acceptable and that you had to change yourself (and frequency) in order to be 'one' with the dolphins.

I got two great lessons from your experience. thanks again

RainbowWarrior7 5th March 2012 11:27 pm

Wow! What an incredible experience! And I have been struggling with ego-based energy from myself and others and after reading this, I know clearly what I need to do now, thank you for sharing this Doreen ;D

jclarke5444 5th March 2018 5:23 am

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