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Often people ask questions about manifesting and the power of intention, and how that relates to the power of Now.  One person asked me about the difference between the continuous wanting that I write about in A New Earth and intention - the intention to create something.  What is the importance of manifesting things in your life, or creating, or is that counter-productive?

There are many exciting books these days about creating and manifesting: The Secret, the teachings of Abraham, and so on.  Often people ask, how does that relate to Stillness and inner peace?  And acceptance of what is? And surrender to the Present Moment? And living in alignment with Now?  Is there conflict, is one wrong?  Or misleading?

This is an important question for almost everybody.  Your own life is a microcosm of the macrocosm.  If you look at the Universe, the first thing you will see is that it likes to create, and it likes to manifest.  On this planet alone, the Universe is continuously creating and manifesting countless life forms.  And in outer space, we can only assume – we don’t know what exactly is there – but there is a vastness of life out there, and probably many more life forms than we have on this planet.  The life forms, both in the sea, and on land, including humans, they seem to enjoy a dance of coming into being and destruction.  It’s a transformational process.

By just looking at life, you can see that the Universe loves to manifest.  Also it seems to be the case that life forms, over periods of time, become more differentiated.  Many more come.  And even human societies become more complex.  We have had ancient civilizations that were very complex, but our present civilization is the most complex.  This of course includes problem-ridden.  That goes with complexity.  Every individual who is part of this civilization has a life that is full of problems.  But complexity cannot go on forever.  

The Universe likes to create, to manifest, to experience the play of form.  That’s one movement.  And you can see it in yourself, at some level.  There is something else in humans, you can only really see in yourself, an inner phenomenon.   The Universe wants not only to experience that manifested life, it also wants to experience peace and something that is not touched by the continuously fluctuating forms.  It wants to know itself deeply, directly, in its essence.   That really is the root of spirituality.  The Universe not only wants the outward movement, but it also wants the inward – the return movement to the One.  Every human being also embodies these two movements.  It seems that you are torn sometimes between the outward movement into form, and the inward return movement to the Source where it all started.  The Source that was never really lost, it is always there because it is timeless, and it is within you.  You feel drawn back to that, and that is the pull toward spirituality, peace, Stillness.

Not one or the other is right or wrong.  It’s only perhaps if you totally lose yourself in one or the other – maybe that’s not quite it.  Perhaps this is the challenge of the Universe here on this planet, and perhaps on other planets.  The challenge to reconcile the two movements, rather than to have them be separate.  Is it possible to reconcile the inner movement toward Stillness and Being, and the outer toward action, and doing?  I would say it is, and that is our challenge at this time.

Traditionally, it’s been very unconscious what humans have manifested in this world.  They have been identified with doing, and identified with form.  That has been going on for as long as anyone can remember – since recorded history and beyond.  And we call that ‘ego’.  The One consciousness that underlies everything moves into form, assumes forms, and enjoys the play of form but it’s not enough for the one consciousness to enjoy the play of form, it needs to completely believe in it to make it seem ‘real’.  You need to lose yourself in that dream of form.  

Every human believes that they have a life of their own, and that means they are identified with the form of that life.  This particular physical body, this particular psychological life form, the accumulation of thoughts and the emotions that go with these thoughts; it all becomes part of that form-identity.

Consciousness is trapped, or believes itself to be trapped in that.  We could say that in that state, the Universe or Consciousness has entered a “dream-like” state.  It wants to do that, it must enjoy that dream, up to a point.  Consciousness has entered that “dream-like” state where it is completely identified with form.  It doesn’t realize that every other form is an aspect of itself.  Of course, then you are just an isolated entity.  It becomes quite unpleasant after a while.  So you have to get together with other entities and instead of having an “I” form, you have a “We” form, an “Us”.  

For a while, the Universe seems to be okay with that, to have Consciousness identified completely with form.  Then the “movie” goes on.  Reading through history, you can see what happens when Consciousness is identified completely with form.  Then it comes time for another stage to arise, when Consciousness is beginning to awaken from complete identification with form.  This is beginning to happen at many stages, this is why human beings are drawn to spiritual teachings.  It is the awakening from the dream of form. 



k 29th November 2010 12:28 pm

thank you so much Eckhart! those other entities that we become US or WE with are not in physical form are they?

k 29th November 2010 2:29 pm

In the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha emphasized to his student that he was an illusion. So, at this time of inner questioning and dealing with the apparent physical reality (hunters killing in the forest,that I have to keep reminding myself is an illusion), are you also a phantom of my subconscious bringing this message of carity at a time when I seem to be able to understand it? Am I really alone on the stage with a blank screen behind me, that the special effects of my subconsious fills in, to make the movie seem real? I do not know if there can be a compromise between the movement of form and that of the inner world. I just want out of the cave, I do not care about the shadows on the cave wall, but then should I? Is there anything there but, shadows to care about?

k 29th November 2010 2:49 pm

Prayer Before the Crucifix

By Francis of Assisi
(1181 - 1226)

English version by Ivan M. Granger

Most high,
glorious God,
let your light fill the shadows of my heart
and grant me, Lord,
true faith,
certain hope,
perfect love,
awareness and knowing,
that I may fulfill Your holy will.

k 1st December 2010 6:43 pm

I have thought about this message, today my gang and I climbed a peak and looked out over the vast forest in the valleys and the snow covered peaks and I had to question one sentence, about what we see is an aspect of ourselves. The messages seem to be scattered, some suggest that all is good, even when what we percieve as bad, others recognize dark energy, others suggest that what we sense in the material realm is an aspect of our selves (our shadows). I looked at the world around me, and for me, I know there is dark energy, but part of the reason I am here, is to transmute that energy to Light. Darkness is not an aspect of me, but it shows up in my life, and I am beginning to understand that it is there for me to confront and change. I know it rubs some the wrong way, but I will say again, I am from the Light and darkness does not come from me, but it comes to me and as a warrior it is my job to transmute it, in anyway I can to Light with the love and devotion I carry inside of me. The darkness in this world is not my fault, but it is my duty to change it.


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