The Inner Body

You said that identification with our physical form is part of the illusion, so how can the body, the physical form, bring you to a realization of Being?

The body that you can see and touch cannot take you into Being. But that visible and tangible body is only an outer shell, or rather a limited and distorted perception of a deeper reality.  In your natural state of connectedness with Being, this deeper reality can be felt every moment as the invisible inner body, the animating presence within you.  So to “inhabit the body” is to feel the body from within, to feel the life inside the body and thereby come to know that you are beyond the outer form.

But, that is only the beginning of an inward journey that will take you ever more deeply into a realm of great stillness and peace, yet also of great power and vibrant life.  At first, you may only get fleeting glimpses of it, but through them you will begin to realize that you are not just a meaningless fragment in an alien universe, briefly suspended between birth and death, allowed a few short-lived pleasures followed by pain and ultimate annihilation.  Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so immeasurable and sacred, that it cannot be conceived or spoken of – yet I am speaking of it now, I am speaking of it not to give you something to believe in but to show you how you can know it for yourself.

You are cut off from Being as long as your mind takes up all your attention.  When this happens – and it happens continuously for most people – you are not in your body.  The mind absorbs all your conscious- ness and transforms it into mind stuff.  You cannot stop thinking.. Compulsive thinking has become a collective disease.  Your whole sense of who you are is then derived from mind activity.  Your identity, as it is no longer rooted in Being, becomes a vulnerable and ever-needy mental construct, which creates fear as the predominant underlying emotion.  The one thing that truly matters is then missing from your life: awareness of your deeper self—your invisible and indestructible reality.

To become conscious of Being, you need to reclaim consciousness from the mind.  This is one of the most essential tasks on your spiritual journey.  It will free vast amounts of consciousness that previously had been trapped in useless and compulsive thinking.  A very effective way of doing this is simply to take the focus of your attention away from thinking and direct it into the body, where Being can be felt in the first instance as the invisible energy field that gives life to what you perceive as the physical body.

Connecting with the Inner Body

Please try it now.  You may find it helpful to close your eyes for this practice.  Later on, when “being in the body” has become natural and easy, this will no longer be necessary.  Direct your attention into the body.  Feel it from within.  Is it alive?  Is there life in your hands, arms, legs, and feet – in your abdomen, your chest?  Can you feel the subtle energy field that pervades the entire body and gives vibrant life to every organ and every cell?  Can you feel it simultaneously in all parts of the body as a single field of energy?  Keep focusing on the feeling of your inner body for a few moments.  Do not start to think about it.  Feel it.  The more attention you give it, the clearer and stronger this feeling will become..  It will feel as if every cell is becoming more alive, and if you have a strong visual sense, you may get an image of your body becoming luminous.  Although such an image can help you temporarily, pay more attention to the feeling than to any image that may arise.  An image, no matter how beautiful or powerful, is already defined in form, so there is less scope for penetrating more deeply.

The feeling of your inner body is formless, limitless, and unfathomable. You can always go into it more deeply.  If you cannot feel very much at this stage, pay attention to whatever you can feel.  Perhaps there is just a slight tingling in your hands or feet.  That’s good enough for the moment.  Just focus on the feeling.  Your body is coming alive.  Later, we will practice some more.  Please open your eyes now, but keep some attention in the inner energy field of the body even as you look around the room.  The inner body lies at the threshold between your form identity and your essence identity, your true nature.  Never lose touch with it.

Transformation through the Body

Why have most religions condemned or denied the body?  It seems that spiritual seekers have always regarded the body as a hindrance or even as sinful. Why have so few seekers become finders?

On the level of the body, humans are very close to animals.  All the basic bodily functions – pleasure, pain, breathing, eating, drinking, defecating, sleeping, the drive to find a mate and procreate, and of course birth and death – we share with animals.  A long time after their fall from a state of grace and oneness into illusion, humans suddenly woke up in what seemed to be an animal body – and they found this very disturbing. “Don’t fool yourself.  You are no more than an animal.”  This seemed to be the truth that was staring them in the face.  But it was too disturbing a truth to tolerate.  Adam and Even saw their animal nature set in very quickly.  The threat that they might be taken over by powerful instinctual drives and revert back to complete unconsciousness was indeed a very real one.hame and taboos appeared around certain parts of the body and bodily functions, especially sexuality.  The light of their consciousness was not yet strong enough to make friends with their animal nature, to allow it to be and even enjoy that aspect of themselves – let alone to go deeply into it to find the divine hidden within it, the reality within the illusion.  So they did what they had to do.  They began to disassociate from their body.  They now saw themselves as having a body, rather than just being it.

When religions arose, this disassociation became even more pronounced as the “you are not your body” belief.  Countless people in East and West throughout the ages have tried to find God, salvation, or enlightenment through denial of the body.  This took the form of denial of sense pleasures and of sexuality in particular, fasting, and other ascetic practices. They even inflicted pain on the body in an attempt to weaken or punish it because they regarded it as sinful.  In Christianity, this used to be called mortification of the flesh.  Others tried to escape from the body by entering trance states or seeking out-of-the-body experiences.  Many still do.  Even the Buddha is said to have practiced body denial through fasting and extreme forms of asceticism for sex years, but he did not attain enlighten- ment until after he had given up this practice.

The fact is that no one has ever become enlightened through denying or fighting the body or through an out-of-the-body experience. Although such an experience can be fascinating and can give you a glimpse of the state of liberation from the material form, in the end you will always have to return to the body, where the essential work of transformation takes  place.  Transformation is through the body, not away from it.  This is why no true master has ever advocated fighting or leaving the body, although their mind-based followers often have.

Of the ancient teachings concerning the body, only certain fragments survive, such as Jesus’ statement that “your whole body will be filled with light,” or they survive as myths, such as the belief that Jesus never relinquished his body but remained one with it and ascended into “heaven” with it.  Almost no one to this day has understood those fragments or the hidden meaning of certain myths, and the “you are not your body” belief has prevailed universally, leading to body denial and attempts to escape from the body.  Countless seekers have thus been prevented from attaining spiritual realization for themselves and becoming finders.

Is it possible to recover the lost teachings on the significance of the body or to reconstruct them from the existing fragments?

There is no need for that.  All spiritual teachings originate from the same Source.  In that sense, there is and always has been only one master, who manifests in many different forms.  I am that master, and so are you, once you are able to access the Source within.  And the way to it is through the inner body.  Although all spiritual teachings originate from the same Source, once they become verbalized and written down they are obviously no more than collections of words – and a word is nothing but a signpost, as we talked about earlier.  All such teachings are signposts pointing the way back to the Source.

I have already spoken of the Truth that is hidden within your body, but I will summarize for you again the lost teachings of the masters – so here is another signpost.  Please endeavor to feel your inner body as you read or listen.

Sermon of the Body

What you perceive as a dense physical structure called the body, which is subject to disease, old age, and death, is not ultimately real – is not you. It is a misperception of your essential reality that is beyond birth and death, and is due to the limitations of your mind, which, having lost touch with Being, creates the body as evidence of its illusory belief in separation and to justify its state of fear.  But do not turn away from the body, for within that symbol of impermanence, limitation, and death that you perceive as the illusory creation of your mind is concealed the splendor of your essential and immortal reality.  Do not turn your attention elsewhere in your search for the Truth, for it is nowhere else to be found but within your body.

Do not fight against the body, for in doing so you are fighting against your own reality.  You are your body.  The body that you can see and touch is only a thin illusory veil.  Underneath it lies the invisible inner body, the doorway into Being, into Life Unmanifested.  Through the inner body, you are inseparably connected to this unmanifested One Life – birthless, deathless, eternally present.  Through the inner body, you are forever one with God.  



sprague 20th August 2009 7:52 pm

This is very cool thank you , like the kingdom is with in knock & the door will open , much love to you & all , Grant [nz]

Residing Promise 21st August 2009 12:01 am

Thank you Eckhart for all that give. You're appreciated greatly!
May I ask a question pertaining to the subject of the body. It is my belief that while we are not the physical body it is an enormous part of us in the sense of mind, body and soul combined in this experience. So in my belief, its important to nourish and nurture the physical body. Love the physical form as a beautiful part of us without any identification of the body being who we are. It's my perception that to have loving sexual intimacy with another is a beautiful and a truly shared loving act as opposed to say watching pornography for example which to me is an animal act deeming from the 'animal' perception of ourselves you speak about here.
My question is, am I confused? Am I identifying with a false belief? Is there any difference between something shared and loving sexually, and something that involves objectifying the body such as pornography. Or are both objectifying and perhaps I just have a false perception in thinking they are different?


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