A New Age Secured - September 2015

My friend,

Thank you for being such a blessing to the world. Your presence (whether your mind is aware of it or not) is raising the consciousness of the planet immensely, and the Universe is showering all of humanity with so much more light as a result.

I come to you today with great excitement and joy about what’s going on in the world at this time.

The World Congress on Illumination

I had the profound honor of presenting at the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination with my friend Patricia Cota-Robles in August, and what we (you included) co-created and witnessed was nothing short of a shift for the ages.

The main contribution of this epic shift came from YOU and your continued dedication and willingness to doing the inner spiritual work necessary to get us here.

To understand the impact of what has happened in the last few weeks, I’d like to preface it with something that many of us have known about for a long time. 

The Journey of the Mind

In the beginning, when we were first birthed into physical existence, we had complete awareness of our Divine and eternal Sovereign Selves. We understood that we were One with all of Life, and that we were physical embodiments of Source/God Energy, the all-encompassing Energy that is the Center of all Universes.

We understood that this Energy that lived and breathed through us was not confined to any one specific gender, color, or other trait that may limit Itself in any way, but was rather fully able to recognize Itself as all of us, and all of Life.

When we had this full awareness of who and what we really were in our physical existence, peace reigned, love flourished, and unity prevailed.

Everything flowed and co-existed perfectly. Aging did not exist, as our body temples remained youthful, vibrant, and light . . . pristine and whole.

Along the way, the mind slowly began to forget its Divine nature, as if a veil had been placed upon it. These veils included things such as doubt, worry, fear, stress, belief in lack, and anything else that reinforced the idea of separation.

These veils began simply as a result of the mind believing itself to be of a world that only existed in the material realm, forgetting that it was actually meant to be eternal and free. At the foundation of the forgetful period was simply a lack of trust in the Universe, so that self-protection became the guiding force. A long period of forgetfulness ensued.

Throughout this forgetful period, beings of light would continually materialize into physical form as teachers and sages who would plant seeds of Higher Consciousness for humanity.

Though outwardly much of the wisdom these beings shared would be misrepresented through the ages, the seeds of Divine Remembrance were nevertheless planted in humanity’s consciousness, to be activated in due time.

Then something wondrous began to happen. In the twentieth century, the seeds that had once been planted in the consciousness of humanity began to activate themselves.

People from all around the world simultaneously began to receive higher guidance. New technologies and achievements began to move us forward as a civilization, at speeds we had not known for millennia.

As humanity began to awaken, the collective ego/mind of humanity began to also act out relentlessly, because it felt as though its livelihood was at stake.

It began to do anything and everything it could think of, through whatever means possible, to remain in the comfort of the illusion of separation it had grown accustomed to.

So when we see chaos in the world, that is a clear confirmation that the collective ego/mind is holding on for dear life, because it knows a big breakthrough is on the very near horizon.

The Missing Piece

I share all of this to say that what took place in mid to late August 2015, as a result of the global efforts of millions anchoring the Light—during an event that is synchronized yearly with the dates of the Divine Harmonic Convergence that took place in 1987—forever secured a new age of Unity, Love, and Equality for all.

Here’s how it happened:

From August 15 - 20, 2015, a conscious (and for some, unconscious) decree was made by millions around the world, and a series of light activations were made that affirmed that whatever it would take for humanity to receive the breakthrough necessary to shift humanity into higher ways of being, that it occur immediately.

Through the power of millions gathered intuitively, making the same decree, a massive activation occurred. The breakthrough was this:

Instead of trying to “get rid” of the ego/mind as many teachings, religions, and structures had us convinced we needed to do, what if we simply embraced it?

What if we could understand that the ego/mind is just doing the best it can to keep itself/us safe?

What if we could love the ego/mind and thank it for trying to protect us in this way?

What if we no longer needed to judge it, or to be hard on it when it tries to show up a certain way for us?

Well my amazing friend, that is the breakthrough that occurred. I am excited to say that through the efforts of millions on Earth, and of course our amazing celestial families in the ethers aligned with Pure Love/Source, for the FIRST time since the moment when the mind began forgetting our true Divine Nature (we’re talking millions of years ago), the mind has been freed once and for all.

It has been freed from taking comfort in the doom and gloom scenarios, and has been opened to receiving the highest wisdom, gifts, insights, and blessings that our Spirit desires us to experience.

If you would like to reinforce this sacred breakthrough, simply affirm out loud to yourself and to the Universe:

“Dear mind, I love and accept you wholeheartedly from this second on. I am so sorry for being so hard on you, and making you think I was trying to get rid of you. You play such an important role in the Universe, and you no longer need to fear losing your identity in any way.

I now promise to be here for you. To love, nourish, and guide you always, and to unite you with our Spirit. You and our Spirit were once best friends, and our Spirit is waiting with open arms to embrace you once again.

You are free, I Am free. You are free, We are free.

And so it is!”

With any healing or activation, there is usually an integration period that follows. If you find yourself feeling a bit more emotional, or more in your mind than usual, or if you are still in patterns that reinforce fear or separation, just know that these are not you anymore.

They are simply the mind’s way of processing and assimilating the new breakthroughs we have co-created in our consciousness, and in the consciousness of humanity.

We will also continue to see a great deal of things come to the surface over the next few months, to be released out of our collective psyche.

The key here is to remain steadfast in knowing that it’s all happening because so much light has and will continue to anchor itself in the world, moving us into a beautiful direction of higher consciousness.

Depending on where each person is in their level of consciousness, everyone will integrate in the perfect way for them, in their own time.

Being gentle with ourselves, and also honoring the journey of others, wherever they are now (even if it’s not where we “think” they should be), will greatly help to accelerate the mind-healing breakthroughs we have brought into our reality.

The job is done. It has been sealed, and fully activated.

Another thing we can do at this time to quickly integrate the mind-healing breakthrough is to ask questions like the following:

Who am I outside of fear, lack, and separation?

Who am I when I choose to embrace my ego/mind as an extension of my Spirit Self?

Who am I when I am free to love and be all of me?

Who am I when I let go of the need to judge?

Who am I when I fully know and trust that my Spirit is keeping me safe always?

Who am I when I remember my Divinity?

Once all of these changes sink in fully, the breakthroughs that took place this August will be looked back upon for many years to come as a major turning point in humanity’s shift into higher consciousness.

If you haven’t already felt the difference, you will soon.

With humbled grace, until next time –

Miraculously yours,


You can listen to this message here


Peter fox 2nd September 2015 10:32 am

Dear Emmanuel- Your excitement is palpable and so is mine! This is the message we have been waiting for but didn't know how it would or could arrive
And of course(in hindsight- always easy!!!) it comes in the FEELING and the KNOWING(S). Yes,I have felt the difference and exponentially so in the
last 24 hours alone. Emmanuel,you are and have been and will continue to be BRILLIANT(literally!). What joy! Thank you.

debs go lightly 2nd September 2015 5:01 pm

Hi Emmanuel, Thank you and your blessed dedication to this fantastic, loving shift!! How wonderful is this?!!!
Like Peter I have felt a big change, especially the last couple of days, and have been comforting the ego/mind that is freaking out just a little bit.... Now I know why!

Much much love and golden rainbow light to all, Debs :)

Emmanuel Dagher 3rd September 2015 12:07 am

Thank you Peter and Debs! I'm just a reflection of you.

Eyewitness 3rd September 2015 4:22 pm

Well dang it you guys.... Im just not feeling anything at all yet. Still having migraines and panic attacks. 33 years in prayer and meditation so far and... well... maybe its just not meant to be. Affirmations have never worked for me... but I said one of yours anyway. Just to make you smile. What do you say to people who arn't feeling any change 'yet' my friend.... do you just assume we are still lost in the illusion? Maybe we just arn't trying hard enough.... I wonder.... :)

Emmanuel Dagher 3rd September 2015 8:06 pm

Hi my friend, no not lost. What you are describing is what many people on the path experience. The simple fact that you are on a website like this is confirmation that you ARE indeed awakening, shifting, 're-membering' your magnificence once again. Take comfort in that, and know that things will get better. Just be gentle with yourself, and know that you are loved.

criggan 6th September 2015 10:45 am

Thank you Emmanuel for your service.
I've found I should not have to try to hard. If anything, I am, letting go more. Trusting in the process.??????


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