A Special Clarion Call for Lightworkers

This is a clarion call to all Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Empaths and Peace Keepers.

Now more than ever, you are being asked to look past the illusion of fear, and understand what is 'really' happening in the collective consciousness.

Lead by media outlets and old structures that desire to remain in control, there is a great push right now for people to focus on separation and the perpetuation of victim consciousness.

This is a form of distraction to prevent the collective from awakening to its greatest potential, where peace, kindness, love, abundance, freedom and respect for all life reside.

The interesting thing is, we all knew this was coming. When chaos ensues as it is right now, the climate is ripe for huge breakthroughs to occur.

The path to these breakthroughs is greatly accelerated when we choose to remain steadfast in love.

Love is not airy-fairy, nor is it weak. Love is firm and the most powerful energy in the Universe that connects all living things. However, love always listens, nurtures, respects, and has compassion for ALL life, even when the "mind' wants to create the illusion of separation.

So dear Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Empaths, and Peace Keepers... this is your time to see the truth of what is really happening right now, rather than buying into the fear-based stories that are floating around the world.

The truth is, we are ONE family, no matter what race, gender, or any other labels the mind has created for itself, these are just labels.

Your Soul is NOT bound to any of these labels.These labels are just patterns the mind has identified with to create a sense of stability and structure for itself.

What does the world look like when everyone remembers their sacred eternal nature?

You have the power to set the powerful space for this day to arrive quickly, by choosing to first be willing to recognize the divinity within you, and then the divinity within all beings.

This is your clarion call.

We are ALL in this together.



gretchendreisbach 11th July 2016 12:00 pm

Dearest Brother Emmanuel Most Precious,


BUT, I Will only Speak for Myself: I NEED TO PUT THE OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST.

The violence has erupted immensely in My Sweet Hometown of St.Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.
I WILL Hold My Own LIGHT as I Have for many years. BUT, In order to Keep Focusing My Divine Awareness on LOVE only LOVE,
I could REALLY use the Support Promised by Family, months ago if not years.

Simply because each day there is a disconnect created, when I need to keep consoling Physical Gretchie, who deserves to SEE that We ARE Cared For Deeply and Profoundly (On ALL Levels)
"THAT SUPPORT IS COMING") and, My Allegiance to the Support and Guidance Provided at ALL Times from Higher Self.

Physical Gretchie can't SEE what Higher Self sees, but Solution Is: Something Promised Can Come Forward NOW Into the Physical, Family Of LIGHT?
NOW Matters Too, not just "Future". WE ALL MATTER! WE ARE ALL ASPECTS OF THE ONE!


Gretchen Grace Dreisbach
(sorry for yelling, We are tired Beloved)

Deeni 11th July 2016 3:15 pm

Dear Human Gretchie,

I am here to allay your concerns. Help IS here.

Please, as Emmanuel was asking, do not buy into the fear.

All Is Well. The chaos, in my opinion, is WELCOME.

Change will come. Please, be patient.

And do just as you are doing, focus on the LOVE. <3

Much Love, Light, and Inner Peace to All my Galactic Family of ONE.

Thank You, Emmanuel, I Love You. <3

zorro 11th July 2016 6:30 pm

"There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo.

Yes, I feel it. I bet others also. Who hears the call?

..."YOUR clarion call"? Maybe. If it's your call, it's YOUR call on that.

If we both hear it, then together, that'd be OUR call!

Emmanuel Dagher 11th July 2016 8:41 pm


Piroska 12th July 2016 12:54 am

Thank you dear Soul Brother Emmanuel....and
OHH...darlings of the One....We Are already answering the Clarion Call....because We Are,...Our Lovelight makes all what happens VISIBLE ...This Light can not be denied any longer!...evrything comes to the surface into Our Light of TRUTH......just...give your mind a little push to shift a bit...to comprehend that, This Light in Which We See the Chaos,........IS The Light of Unconditional Love...IN ACTION ....
In Love's Embrace with US ALL.

KP88 12th July 2016 8:11 am

Thanks for speaking on this as it is a human concern more than a racial one and we will bring in the light and Love!

Bob 13th July 2016 11:57 pm

Yes! This is an excellent message for this time! There are strong forces that want to use separation to cause chaos.

We all need to support the Light.


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