Divine Liberty and Justice for All - December 2015

My friend,

Something very powerful is occurring right now within the consciousness of the planet.

A Sweeping Change

Over the last three years, we've moved through a celestial occurrence known as the Pluto/Uranus square. During this time, the energies that accompanied this square initiated within us an eagerness to make big changes in our personal lives and in the world.

During these three years, since December 2012, a new theme has taken center stage for billions of people around the world: the motivation to take real action for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Though the mainstream news tries to convince us otherwise, the previous patterns of control and manipulation that have reigned for thousands of years are now being greatly dismantled.

That's why things seem to be way more amplified right now, in the way the news outlets deliver their fear-based content.

Yet the majority of the citizens of Earth are seeing right through the fear-based propaganda, and are no longer allowing this tactic to influence the way they live their lives.

Recently, we shifted out of the Pluto/Uranus square and entered a new celestial occurrence known as the Saturn/Neptune final square. This alignment is activating and initiating an eagerness for humanity to experience a major awakening in consciousness.

This is especially true in terms of us choosing to recognize ourselves as Spiritual Beings in relation to our connection to the Universe.

It is very clear that we are living in a time of radical change right now.

And of course, the mind often fears change, because it fears losing its role and identity.

One of the major roles of our Spirit in relation to our mind, is to grant the mind the right to exist exactly as it is, including the stories it has created for itself, and to honor the dignity of all its experiences.

The mind only desires to be loved, accepted, and nurtured. Think of the mind as a three-year-old child. When the mind does not feel like it is receiving these things, it often looks outside itself to fulfill these desires. The mind then uses coping mechanisms such as fear, judgment, blame, lack, worry, guilt, and shame to protect itself.

But now with this new awareness, the mind no longer needs to be so hard on itself.

When we can pause for a moment, and ask our Spirit to give the mind the love, acceptance, and nourishment it desires, a paradigm shift can occur within the mind. This shift allows it, in its own time, to move out of patterns of living in separation from our higher self into new ways of being that allow it to joyfully coexist with our Spirit.

What we are seeing in the world, especially with the unconscious acts that took place recently in Lebanon, France, and other parts of the world, is a very clear cry for help from the collective mind to receive the love, acceptance, and nourishment it has always desired to feel safe.

Of course, when things like this happen, our first reaction is often to go into fear or blame. But what is actually happening, is that because the mind is digesting and processing information that feels unsafe, it immediately goes into the survival patterns it has grown accustomed to using.

Although it's important to honor this process, it's also important to understand that if we remain in the fear, we are actually contributing more panic to a world already experiencing waves of fear and separation.

To shift out of the fear matrix, the first step is to remember that we are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience, not the other way around.

This allows us to create an energetic opening in our thoughts and emotions that moves us out of reacting, and into the Creator part of ourselves.

From here, we can love every aspect of ourselves, even the parts that our mind tries to convince us are unlovable. The Spirit doesn't judge! It loves us unconditionally.

After we are able to do this for ourselves, we can then begin to learn how to do this for others. Yes, even those who have forgotten themselves to such a degree that they blame, hurt, and harm others, thinking that's what they need to do in order to protect themselves.

The Magic of the Season

I often hear many people in the spiritual and New Age communities mention how Christmas and Hanukkah are not "spiritual" holidays, or not "of the light."

Though I honor all perspectives, I also know that closing ourselves off from these and other traditions often leaves us missing out on some amazing opportunities to contribute our gifts to the world.

Even though the original reasons these holidays developed may not have been of the highest vibration, what if, over the years, they nevertheless created a unique time each year when people put aside their differences and believed in magic again?

What if doing this allowed people to gain a sense of childlike wonder for even a brief moment in time, which actually contributed to the raising of consciousness on the planet?

What if these holidays eventually helped us reach a collective awakening of consciousness that is shifting us out of a world of separation, and into a world of peace, unity, and respect for all life?

If you are someone who has closed yourself off from the extra magic available to us this time of year, don't be too hard on yourself.

During this holiday season, I invite you to love and make peace with the three-year-old child within you, and within every person you meet. This is the part of us that just wants to be loved, accepted, and nurtured.

Miracles will soon follow.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



gretchendreisbach 1st December 2015 12:29 pm

Thank you Most Precious Emmanuel for these words of Wisdom and Guidance!

I SO resonate with them Brother!

I have been "coming back" to the Holidays, instead of floating away on an indignant raft...
When our wounds are cleansed, so is our vision I believe.

SPIRIT is in everything, and it is very much our choice to move beyond untruth projections and see only TRUTH! :)

Even My Beloved Earth Family, (which most certainly could have previously been tagged "dysfunctional") (just saying)
with the dysfunction removed, is now only FAMILY! GRATITUDE! AND FUN!

As you teach with Beloved Money Friend, how many of our food friends consumed, are also unjustly labeled by our own projections and beliefs?

I have been eating whatever I LOVE, and my tummy is just fine!

I LOVE to give and I LOVE to receive! I observe many putting Heart energies into their shopping for gifts for their Beloveds.


Love, Gretchen Grace Dreisbach who celebrates the "material" rewards in ALL OF THEIR GLORY!

Emmanuel Dagher 1st December 2015 2:38 pm

Thank you!

mudskipper 3rd December 2015 1:44 pm

So many thanks to you Emmanuel for being so quick on the keyboard and putting this out for us all. It mirrors almost exactly something I thought I was going to have to write....and I don't blog! So grateful.

Love to you.

Expansion 6th December 2015 11:21 am

I totally agree. All has layers of energies that are infinite in vibration so even sharing a mince pie and appreciating it can be part of a life of supporting joy!

Thank you so much
Joanne <3

Eyewitness 8th December 2015 5:52 pm

If you can welcome a comment from the Dark One for a moment... from the One who does not blow smoke with little hearts like the rest.....I had blistering panic attacks every single day of my life for so many years that I confess it changed me deeply. I have never once winced in fear at anything that happens on this planet. Terror is something I live with every day... not something I worry about on an airplane or in the movie theatre. Living with the energies of suicidal despair means that nothing that ever happens outside of me makes me feel worse than I already do. I am free... you see. I do not fear anything the world can throw at me. I am prepared to die every single day... for you, for Him.. for the little mouse caught in the cats jaws. I find the whole idea of living in fear to be 'curious' at best. It sounds like a wonderful place to rest. :) Do you see??


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