Energy Forecast - A Divine Turning Point

Hi my extraordinary friend, How amazingly intense where the few weeks leading up to the June 21st Solstice and June 26th lunar eclipse? After the lunar eclipse, much of the intensity began to lift and many of us started to feel a sense of connection again to our core essence after feeling so disconnected for what seemed to be a good amount of time!

Right now, we are in a major lesson learning and cleansing period before the next big personal and planetary transformations continue after the solar eclipse on July 11th. During this current window between the two eclipses, we are receiving celestial energy waves that are instantly teaching us the positive lessons and gifts we’ve spent lifetimes trying to learn around every limiting pattern that has prevented us from expanding into our greatest and most Divine Selves.

The exciting thing is that all these energy waves are being anchored on the deepest core molecular and subconscious levels for every living being on the planet, even those who are unaware of what’s going on at this time. With these life times of lessons being learned so quickly now, we will no longer remain in the holding patterns that have kept us in the same fears, struggles, and challenges we experienced for millennia.

This is BIG! This means the rate people awaken to remembering their greatest most Divine Selves will now multiply at lightning speed! And when we awaken to our greatest most Divine Self, we naturally begin to recognize and honor the divinity in others. Wow, imagine what our society will be like when love, peace, respect, and unity become the most common part of every day life. Well my amazing friends, it IS happening and there is absolutely no denying it at this point, even if the current cleansing period seems to appear a bit challenging and convincing, it’s all just a part of the Divine Process. Since it’s all happening naturally, all we need to do is ‘allow’ the process to unfold.

Right now is an excellent time to re-evaluate how well we have been taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It is absolutely imperative that we make it our number one priority to nurture and love ourselves deeper than ever before, as this will allow us to show up in the world feeling completely satisfied and whole. When we operate from this space, we begin to contribute so much more to raising the vibration of our planet by just showing up and being ourselves.

As we continue receiving many powerful celestial energy waves that are shifting us personally and globally on a daily basis, it is completely normal to experience some physical or emotional shifting as well. If you are experiencing digestive issues, headaches, feeling tired, are more emotional than usual, a shift in appetite and sleeping patterns, sensitivity to foods you usually eat, and lots of crying and/or sudden bursts of laughter, it’s normal and all will balance itself out, as long as we are eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, and taking time to deeply nurture ourselves.

We are fully in the miraculous times we’ve dreamed about! It’s here and now, no longer just a future idea, and I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with every single one of you!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher


Deeni 5th July 2010 11:04 am


Thank You Emmanuel!

God Bless You, and lots of love to you.

NM : ))

amrita111 5th July 2010 12:57 pm

So simply and beautifully expressed! Thanks for the reminder...
Big waves of love coming your way Emmanuel- Rebecca


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