Energy Forecast - Creating Instant Magic

Right this very minute we are being gifted an extraordinary opportunity to connect with an overflow of luminous higher frequencies pouring into every nook and cranny of our glorious planet! As mentioned in the last forecast, we've now glided through some noteworthy astrological happenings (triple Eclipses/ Solstice/ Solar Flares) that have launched us into a whole new space where our thoughts, ideas, dreams, & desires are quickly being alchemized into our physical experience.

Many of us are starting to palpably see that the time it takes for our thoughts to materialize themselves into our life has sped up drastically. It's no longer a hypothesis or wishful thinking, it's real, and it's happening now. The speeding up of time gives us absolute confirmation that all our hard work and dedication for choosing to live consciously and compassionately is paying off big time.

In the next few weeks & months, as even more people start to re-member who they really are and move out of the limiting conditions they've unconsciously created for themselves, time will continue to speed up until we as a collective breakthrough the barrier of what we've perceived as being linear time. Once we experience this collective breakthrough, we'll continue to move leaps and bounds in the direction of no-time, also known as the Eternal Present Moment.

Freedom to Choose

One thing many of us have come to know as being certain is that the Universe has always blessed us with the freedom of choosing our own personal experiences. If we are someone who is still looking the other way when it comes to accepting we are in fact the Creator of our life, we may find that we're still attracting a great deal of difficulty in our lives. Why? The reason is by not accepting that we are the Creators of our lives, we are giving our power away as we continue to prolong the archaic patterns of being a victim. When we are willing to take full responsibility for every experience in our lives, no matter how easy it may be to operate from a space of blame, we begin to empower ourselves. We begin to look at every experience as simply being feedback from the Universe. So, when we attract a circumstance into our lives that we don't necessarily resonate with, we can now just use it as feedback to make another choice: it's that simple. Wow, how much lighter does that feel for you? Being in this space, we find that we no longer need to over react to every seeming challenge. Instead, we begin to see these challenges as amazing opportunities to fine tune what we really do want to attract and experience more of in our lives.

Instant Resolutions

For awhile, especially in the past few months we may have also noticed that whatever seeming challenges we've been faced with, we've been able to move through them much more quickly. Whether it's an emotional trigger or a health imbalance, instead of taking weeks, months, and even years to resolve, now it's taking minutes, hours, and days.

What could be causing this shift? The current shift is a direct result of the tireless inner personal work we've been doing on ourselves for many years. Because we are all connected, a domino effect of sorts is happening. When just one person begins exploring a path to their truest Divine Self, a spark is triggered & a space is created for another person to awaken to their truest Divine Self.

The amount of light pouring into our planet as a direct result of the high solar activity and the ever expanding nature of the Universe is also a contributing factor to our ability to move through seeming challenges more easily. All these factors are raising the vibration of every living thing on the planet. In fact, we've already crossed over into a whole new realm where it's actually easier to focus on the magic and wonder around us, as opposed to the heavier vibrations we may have found comforting in the past. I'm sure we've noticed that it's almost impossible to remain in a space of doubt, worry, and fear for more than a short period of time. And for those still extremely comfortable in the old dense energies (only because it's familiar and feels safe to them), will soon begin to find it more tiring to remain in such vibrations.

The Key - Reuniting the Heart & Mind

The key to riding the amazing waves of high frequency at this time is to re-unite the mind with the heart. The idea is to let the heart lead and for the mind to follow. Of course, this can seem a bit challenging for the mind since it's been condition to always be in control. However, that's not to say we have to try to 'fight' against the mind or view it as something we have to move out of. These beliefs have been internalized into our subconscious for thousands of years by spiritual and religious teachings. Some of these teachings have preached to us to look down at the mind and ego. Even some of the most current well-known spiritual teachers still speak of getting rid of the mind/ego.

The challenge here is that when we try to 'get rid' of something, we are creating resistance against it, which actually gives the thing we're trying to get rid of more power. The reality is, the mind/ego at its core is a gift. Do you think the Universe that creates us in its perfect image would give us anything less than perfect? So, why would the ego/mind be anything less than perfect?

The original purpose of the ego was to be the observer of this third dimensional reality. Without it, we would not fully experience our sense of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Our senses are pretty miraculous gifts to have, don't you think? However, over these thousands of years something seemed to shift with the role of the ego. Where as before it was about being the Divine Observer of our reality, we somehow ended up forgetting and moved into survival mode, so the ego's main objective became about survival. Then why are we trying to get rid of the ego?

The ego is like a 5 year child. That's usually the age a child thinks they know everything right? So, imagine a 5 year old child who thinks they know everything, is presented with a seeming challenge. That child is going to do what she/he knows best to protect herself/himself. That is exactly what the ego has been doing. It has been trying to protect us through doubt, worry, fear, stress, belief in lack, etc... because that's how it knows to keep us safe. Subsequently, instead of being so hard on ourselves that this is happening, we can now thank our ego/mind for trying to keep us safe the best way it knows how. The quicker we are able to move into this awareness, the less resistance we'll receive from our ego. Then, we can begin to make peace with our ego. We can begin to embrace it as being part of us. Soon enough, our ego will return back to its highest purpose of being the Divine Observer of our reality making it easy to allow the heart to lead and for the mind to follow. It's in the heart where eternal bliss resides.

Letting Go of inhibitions

Therefore, with all of that being shared, we can now give ourselves full permission to let down our energetic armor and embrace the magic happening all around us. It's officially time to come out of hiding and play instead. By playing more, we open ourselves back up to the magic and wonder happening all around us.

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,




grammanet 5th July 2011 8:33 am

NICE! :) and well said <3

A very good piece to pass on .. Thank you :)

victor 5th July 2011 9:09 am

Emmanuel, this is a very insightful and informative article for the serious student of mysticism. Much is learned by the student from writers like yourself who untangles the heap and fabric of ethereal knowledge.
Thank you.

COBALT 5th July 2011 10:21 am

My son went to see the Transformers yesterday, and that seemed fitting. :smitten:

kay 5th July 2011 11:05 am

I'll pass it on, too, Emmanuel. Thank you for a lovely piece.

Emmanuel Dagher 5th July 2011 11:13 am

Thank you everyone! From my heart to yours!

Crystal38 5th July 2011 9:39 pm

"I'm sure we've noticed that it's almost impossible to remain in a space of doubt, worry, and fear for more than a short period of time."
Yes, every time I get upset about something, a couple of hours later I forget it and I'm laughing and happy... and I don't worry about stuff too much... and I'm in peace with my past... Thank you, Emmanuel!!! your messages help me a lot in these times of rapid change.
Love and blessings :smitten: :thumbs:

4ou2 5th July 2011 11:21 pm

:thumbs: you all over it bro
bye bryon

thebloff 6th July 2011 2:28 am

I love your messages, you shine so bright! Thank you :smitten:

beachjane55 6th July 2011 3:21 am

Thank you, so wonderful to read x

bettina 6th July 2011 4:53 am

This was such a beautifully, well-written and timely read; I read this twice. I share the same sentiment as others and will pass this on. :thumbs:

I had such a magical day yesterday. On my walk as I communed with nature, earth, God and Angels and in answer to me I was literally blessed with a feather gently drifting down from above to me--out of nowhere; there were no birds in sight. :smitten: Yep, I can feel the shift in to 'heaven on earth' and find it easier to transmute the energy and return there when others' perceptions of worry and doubt try to cloud my days.

Many thanks; and might I add the light surrounding you is magnificent.

Emmanuel Dagher 6th July 2011 12:37 pm

I am so grateful for you!!


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