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Hello my incredible friend!

What monumental times we are living in! May 27th, 2010 marked a pivotal astrological occurrence where the planet Uranus (which represents huge breakthroughs and quick massive change) moved out of the tender energies of Pisces where it has been for 7 years, and into the powerful and fiery energies of Aries. What does this mean? Along with a few other important astrological alignments that have recently occurred, May 27th marked a major turning point in excelling our personal and global transformation process to the likes of which we as a society have not seen or experienced in a very long time.

Many of those who have been doing their inner-work literally felt or will feel a lightness in their core being that they haven't felt for years. Also, in the coming months we will feel more energetic physically than we have in a long time, similar to what happens when a car battery is jump started by a jumper cable! Feelings of overwhelming love, gratitude, and compassion for all life will start to become the norm for many who have continually set the intention to align with the current Universal Flow.

For those who are just beginning to awaken to the energetic shift in consciousness that has been going on for many years, their awareness will expand at lightning speed which could leave one feeling a bit discombobulated at times.  The exciting news is that there are so many people who have already tirelessly gone through this expansion process basically 'volunteering' (consciously or unconsciously) to transmute the dense energies for the rest of humanity, and are now able to hold a high vibrational space to assist those who have newly awakened, making the process a much easier one for those who are new.

Every person on the planet will continue to rapidly expand and open to their greatest selves, to new ideas, insights, and concepts that they had never experienced, thought about, or necessarily believed could be possible prior. Those who find themselves resisting the natural progression and change that is occurring all around us will continue to have a difficult time until they are willing and ready to move out of the old concepts and ways of living that have prevented them from living authentically. We can see this happening on a global scale with the world financial systems no longer working, the big oil companies crumbling, and the complete dismantling of any other systems based on separation or fear-based tactics. These energies are no longer needed anymore! We thank them and bless them for all the valuable lessons they have taught us, however we are ready now to move into concepts and ways of living that support unity!  We will see major personal and global transformation happen now at warp speed! From now on, especially in the next few summer months, it will become very easy to recognize the shifts happening all around us, and yes, even those who might not have noticed it yet will take notice!

On a personal level for the past few months many of us have been experiencing some progressive movement forward in areas of spiritual expansion, career, health, relationships, personal fulfillment, etc... yet we were still in what seemed to be a holding pattern. We were given these months to gently release and resolve deeply rooted issues that no longer aligned with our most authentic selves. Well, that slow dragged out period is coming to an end, and rapid transformation will become the common theme. This is an excellent time to see where we can become more flexible in our lives, and where we can let go of rigidity. Also, manifesting will become almost instant at this time, as many of us have already come to experience. When manifesting, it's important to set our intentions and release all attachments and expectations we might have around 'how' and 'what' we think our manifestations should look like. This will open ourselves up to even more incredible experiences and manifestations than we thought possible.

On a global level we will continue to see people come together for the greatest common good for humanity. It's no longer going to be an 'us' vs. 'them' mentality but more of a 'we' based society. I know for some this seems very hard to believe, because of all the dramatic and fear-based happenings the media outlets try to distract us with on a daily basis. Just know that everything is playing its part out perfectly and all of what 'seems' to be happening around us is just the final part of the cleansing process. A great tool we can use to speed this process up is to forgive ourselves, others, our past, and anything else we feel still needs forgiving. Much focus in the coming months will be on transmuting the most dense locations on the planet to become higher vibrational regions. We've already experienced this in Haiti, Iceland, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, and China. Also, watch for new transformational technologies that will begin to make their way into the main stream.

If there is anything I would say we could do at this time, it's to be in our hearts. Let's open our hearts and send love to everything, even to all global or personal situations that we might not necessarily resonate with.  Let's ease into the knowing that we are fully supported, adored, and loved by the Universe and that will never change remembering fully that these highly welcomed transformations ARE what we have been waiting for!

Here we go go go!

Until next time,



kay 31st May 2010 9:13 am

You bring clarity and love to your writing and tie things together in a beautiful way. Thank you.

Terry 31st May 2010 9:45 am

Oh thank you Emmanuel. After years of working on transmuting negative energies, both in the world at large & in a personal relationaship which has been extremely challenging, I've been pulled down into them and been having a difficult time getting out. Your message was clear and direct,..of course the seemingly simple sending of love, especially when you've been manuvering this & that trying to make things work for the good of all and being met with so much resistance....just send love. Reminding me of that was immediately beneficial to both me and to everyone & everything in the world who now receive the love I send. We all thank you!
PS 10 minutes after I wrote this I found myself actually growling out loud in frustration and realized I had regressed already! Oh well, I'm glad that I caught myself & am able to see where the need to be present & mindful are really necessary, as now I will intentionally place myself in the loving space again...& again...& again.

rachelmagnus 31st May 2010 12:37 pm

Emmanuel! What a beautiful name you have. And what a wonderful transmission to start Memorial Day with. I loved this, because it's true, it's great news, and you kept it simple! Like a good writer always does. Because there was no excess, I read it entirely, and feel blessed.

Here's hoping to hear from you more often!

Thank you!

anje 31st May 2010 12:52 pm

Thank you for this news, this is wonderful to anticipate.
To point out something regarding the media...which is often touted as being overly negative and that it specifically tries to distract us, that is really not true.

All the media, including the paparazzi is a literal Godsend because it tells us at the tip of our fingers exactly what is going on and we do need to know. It's 'we' now...not 'me'.

Staying secluded from the news is an option if you cannot utilize it but really, all the media are also wonderful people doing what we the readers and listeners actually want them to. When we are ready for something new and maybe more all around pleasant, that will also happen.

Dakota 31st May 2010 5:32 pm

Emmanuel, what a wonderful, simple and easy to read message for all of us to aspire to. It does seem that we have been releasing for a very long time in order to hold the energy. Then came the holding pattern where nothing seemed to go forward or backward but just hover stagnantly. Thank you for putting positive anticipation back into those of us who are very tired. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Much love and gratitude

Mys. Terious 31st May 2010 8:33 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

IC2ITUC 31st May 2010 9:28 pm

ANJE, You need to raise your vibrations more to see most of our US Media, for what they truly are!!! If many others are of your mind set concerning the Media, I say "Let's get this Ascension over SOON"!!!

Martha 3rd June 2010 9:31 pm

Hello Emmanuel, thank you so much for your warmth and supportive energy. I appreciate it and send you light in return.


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