Energy Forecast - What Is 'Really' Happening Right Now?

Hi my beautiful friend, What a powerful month September has been! The loose ends have & are still being tied up, the preparations have been made, and the chords to the out-dated fear matrix many have still been holding on to are now being severed. With so much inner and outer transformation happening, it's only natural to feel a bit disoriented and ask questions like "What is really happening right now?"

A Preface

Long ago, there was a global society that co-existed in peace, with core foundations based on love, openness, respect, kindness, service, and unity. This society thrived, because most of its inhabitants honored both the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies within themselves and each other. The balance between the feminine & masculine energies each person embodied was reflected in the balanced world they had created.

Then, a movement began. This movement was one of great forgetfulness. From one generation to the next, people began to disconnect from remembering who they really were. They forgot that they were literally Divinity in physical form. They forgot that they were Goddesses & Gods who could instantly create & un-create whatever their heart desired. Instead, they began to get caught up in the illusion of third dimensional density. This illusion was highly fueled by the need to survive. So, life became less about conscious creating, and more about surviving. And so, the lower collective projections of the feminine & masculine energies were formed.

The Collective Projection of Feminine & Masculine Energy

*Disclaimer - When speaking of feminine or masculine energy, we are not limiting it to one gender or the other. There are many men who anchor a great deal of feminine energy & there are many women who anchor a great deal of masculine energy. We are looking past the physical identities & stories we've created for ourselves, and communicating on an energetic level.

Throughout the 'Great Forgetfulness' period as I like to call it, we as a collective began to paint a picture of what we thought both the feminine and masculine energies represented.

We began to project on to the masculine energy that it represents the energies of domination, control, manipulation, greed, and competition. And, that’s exactly what we manifested into our collective experience. It became all about an “us vs. them mentality.” This type of reality heavily revolves on looking outside one's self for fulfillment.

At the same time, we began to collectively project on to the feminine energy that it represented weakness and inferiority, while carrying the responsibility to remain mute. And, that’s exactly what we were manifesting into our collective experience. For thousands of years, we have seen women and men continue to be oppressed from being their true full self. Of course, this was all part of the role we created for ourselves so that we could collectively play the game of forgetfulness.

An important thing to note is that no matter how deep it seemed we fell into our forgetful period, there's always a part of us that has never forgotten who we really are. This part of us is our Spirit. Our Spirit knew that eventually throughout different lifetimes & experiences, we would one day fully learn all the lessons we signed up for and come around and remember our Divinity once again.

Anchoring the Highest Aspects of Feminine & Masculine Energies

For the past few decades, an epic healing and releasing of our out-dated projections towards the feminine and masculine energies that date back thousand of years has been occurring at lightning speed.

Many are now remembering and anchoring the highest aspects of both the feminine & masculine energies with themselves once again, which in turn is completely shifting the collective consciousness.

What do both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies represent in their highest forms? The feminine energy is all about nurturing and anchoring the Divine Spark within all existence. The feminine energy is the powerful force that manifests from the invisible into the visible realms through the gifts of creativity, love, beauty, and nurturing. The masculine energy is all about vision, intent, & action. So combined, the feminine & masculine energies bring forth Divinity into physical form.

Divine Mama Waits No More

Although it may be manifesting in many ways for people right now, what 'really' is happening is a great remembrance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies, and a re-balance between the two. For so long, our planet had allowed the lower (collectively projected) aspect of the masculine energy to control everything. This lower masculine aspect within each of us was controlling our thoughts, actions, monetary systems, governments, religions, and the entire world itself. Then, a great turning point happened. People collectively decided that there absolutely had to be another way to co-exist than living in a fear-based world dominated by masculine energy. So, with a Divine unconscious (conscious for a few) decree by humanity, the Divine Feminine within each of us listened and re-awakened. Wow!

How is the anchoring of the Divine Feminine showing up in our lives? Just take a look around and you will notice it everywhere. Let's begin in our personal lives. Women & men who have allowed others to control them, whether it’s in their marriages, friendships, or work partnerships are no longer tolerating this type of behavior anymore. They are standing up for themselves and stepping into their authentic power! Many people are also feeling a strong pull to redefine their purpose in life. They are no longer settling for anything that doesn't make their heart sing. This redefining of purpose could leave many people a bit confused and frustrated, however just know that because there is a great inner shift happening right now, soon each person will have the clarity they need when it comes to living out their highest purpose.

Many men who used to embody a great amount of the old masculine energies are now quickly realizing their old ways are no longer allowed to continue forward. These men (and some women who embody high amounts of masculine energy) are having a really tough time transitioning out of their old masculine identity, because they are still very much in their mind. However, they are being given the opportunity to embrace, love, and unite with the Divine Feminine energy so that they can embody a new blueprint of the Divine Masculine Energy. Therefore, the new Divine Masculine represents an equal balance between both feminine and masculine energy. The Divine Masculine is less about being in the mind, and more about being in the heart.

Another shift happening right now is that many women are noticing many of the men who embody the Divine Masculine energies in their lives are treating them like Goddesses. These men are feeling guided to embrace, pamper, honor, and cater to women in ways many have not in a long time. To those ladies (and some men) receiving this special attention, I suggest you fully give yourself permission to enjoy and receive it, because it has been long overdue, and is part of the balance that is coming in at this time. By allowing the masculine energy to honor you, you are in turn honoring the masculine energy.

Globally we are seeing the exact same thing happen. All systems that were once based on the lower aspect of masculine energy are having to either completely re-invent themselves by integrating with the Divine Feminine, or they are dismantling before our eyes. We can see evidence of this in the Middle East, Africa etc., the monetary systems, the shifting of governments, and the way people are doing business. There are so many conscious businesses forming with a greater intention of serving the world, instead of the old prototype of taking from the world.

Embracing the Divine Feminine Within

If we are someone who is really struggling at this time (whether we are female or male), it could very well have to do with the fact that we are not fully embracing the Divine Feminine within ourselves. There are many ways to do this. Getting creative through dance, arts, music, and healing are highly recommended. Also, making sure to nurture our physical, emotional, and mental bodies will allow us to ride the wave of the Divine Feminine energies pouring in at this time. Each person has their own unique form of self nurturing, whether it’s breakfast in bed, taking a day off work to spoil yourself, meditation, etc... nurturing ourselves is an essential part of anchoring the Divine Feminine energy within in the world. As we nurture ourselves, we begin to naturally nurture the world around us, and that my friend is a very beautiful thing to experience.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Miraculously Yours,



zorro 29th September 2011 7:03 am

I agree that it is all about balance between divine feminine and divine masculine. I don't see it as any preferance or mandate by us should be given that it is more divine feminine needed, or to label it that that is "What is really happening now" . I know many men (and women), especially of the spiritual bent who have given plenty of expression to the divine feminine, but it is the divine masculine that they are struggling with. In the end, I think it is about the divine itself, male & female, finally taking root in humans. That is, wholeness, the complete balance of both polarities in expression in a human body. Because the male has in expression been, up to know, and in many cases less than divine, we have the illusion that it is all about the divine feminine now. I hope not. We need both divine male and divine female equally. It is time to step up to the plate with both. More divine...less whine.

Göran Rudengren 29th September 2011 8:44 am

perhaps is it right what you are writing. But it is a problem. Most of them who love individual freedom are men, and most of them who love to have collective decision and polictical correctness and are most conventional are often women. So I doubt that is the feminine enrgy that gives the love for freedom. With kindly regards Göran Rudengren

Deeni 29th September 2011 9:44 am

Soooooooo very nice to hear from you Emmanuel!

Your message was heartfelt, and so desperately needed at this time. I was very concerned that I had slipped off the rails . . . careening into the void, so to speak.

I have felt intense frustration lately, and I couldn't figure out why, because not too long ago, I felt Divine.

And then all of a sudden this nasty frustration crept in and seemed to dominate me. I have been struggling with this for a couple of weeks, and it has been so very difficult.

Not only for me, but for those around me. Your message has, once again, given perspective and much needed insight as to what is really going on.

Thank you so very much, Emmanuel,
Lots of Love and Light to you and yours!
Nadine : ))

Essence 29th September 2011 9:54 am

Hi Emmanuel,

Thank you once again for a really interesting message ...

I can really relate to your comments about Male and Female Divine energies now being in the
balancing Phase and am DELIGHTED to know that I we are now in the process of completing this Phase of our Healing
and entering what I would jokingly but also do mean, finally Clearing the negative-Poo obstacles Phase ...

As you know the current pain-body release phase is not easy, but it is Very very do-able with the endless help of our
Divine-Inner-Friends who are definitely with all of us that read this web-site and others like it ...

Here are some of my comments, practical tips and some advice, to help anyone in the Pain-body
release phase ...

I sincerely hope they are of help to others ...

Blessings and Love to You
and All,


Essence 29th September 2011 9:56 am

Clearing the Poo ,,,

I can happily say that whilst I am still going through hardship, particularly financially, that I am On The Other Side
of this Negative Energy Soul-Saving Clearing Process, it is Totally orchestrated by my Divine-Inner-Friends who are guiding and
protecting me ALL the way in very clear, compassionate, loving, often humourous and effective ways.

I have put a huge amount of effort into clearing the negative, invasive and certainly unwanted, Chakra-overlay programs from
my energy system, it would not have been possible, without the beautiful Divine help I have received. They use totally advanced
healing techniques and technology that has been regularly used on my own-inner-healing-system to strengthen and clear it (it was previously blocked
by anti-Spiritual negative alien technology which was put into my own Chakra system).

For me it seems impossible, in my experience to do this by ourselves ... we are in the middle of a very beautiful and Powerful Soul-Saving Mission by a Remarkable massive group of Divine Beings.

Blessings to All

from E


Essence 29th September 2011 9:58 am

I would like to help a little more, based on my extensive personal experience of dealing with the often strong Electrical Pulses which are Very Invasive attacks on our Most Sensitive and Private parts of our bodies, especially during sleeping time or as reaction to our being very happy about something ....

I put three small 1.5 volt ‘walkman‘ size batteries in a plastic bag, for convenience. I make 5 identical bags and put one bag on each Chakra (base Chakra upwards to the Throat Chakra) Sometimes for 5 minutes or so, sometimes much longer (falling asleep with them on, with them lying close to you, can work wonders!)

They have a Remarkable Effect upon the Negative Overlay system that was imposed upon our Chakras .... I also have a little pack in my work bag for when I use a computer as the computer triggers the Pulse Attacks too and the INSTANT RELIEF is just great! Putting them near my Crown Chakra and/or the Back of my Neck/Nape whilst I lie down is also really good to stop the mindless CHATTER (which will stop in time for all of us).

Blessings and Love to All

from E

Emmanuel Dagher 29th September 2011 11:05 am

Thank you all for your amazing sharings!

COBALT 29th September 2011 11:18 am

Very lovely, E! You embrace it all so well.

Love and light...

amberhill 30th September 2011 12:53 am

Thank you, Emmanuel!
An interesting addendum: recently, I spoke to a healer in one of the places of very prominent energies here in UK, Glastonbury.
She shared that so far the energy around the area has been feminine and that only now the masculine was joining.
As she observed, it was long needed.
Its very interesting to find a small, confined place like that and really go and observe the energies there. I agree with her: by adding the masculine energy to that particular place, it gets sooo much stronger, able to amplify its good intentions better.

withlove 30th September 2011 10:04 am

Thank you Emmanuel, for such a powerful message.
You really clarified the Feminine and Masculine energy beautifully.
With Love,

dineega 1st October 2011 1:02 am

Yes, Yes, Yes ! I have been pushing this message for many years as a Counsellor trainer... This has been the cause of all of the ills in our societies 'denegration of the feminine' was the plague spread by the eurocentric beliefs system of power and control which split the communities and advocated individualistic views as freedom, which set us on a trail to violence and curruption...

Times are changing now!


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