Magical Breakthroughs – May 2019 Energy Forecast

Hi my friend,

We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

Magical Experiences

The month of May will offer us a combination of energies that will help us create more magical experiences and synchronicity in our lives, in a grounded and steady way.

When we operate from a space of being energetically grounded and steady, we are more inclined to be aligned with the present moment. From there, we are able to function as our most empowered self.

The past few months have left many of us feeling to be all over the place, so the grounded and magic-filled energy of May is a welcome gift, and a breath of fresh air.

Here are a few suggestions to help us more easily work with the grounding energies of this month, so that we can tap into some of the magical experiences coming our way:

  • Earthing – Standing barefoot for a few minutes each day on soil, grass, sand, or even the ground level of your home. This practice transfers the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body. The many benefits of Earthing include experiencing more nourishing sleep, a greater sense of well-being, a more peaceful outlook, and anti-inflammatory effects on the body, to name a few.
  • Taking peaceful walks outside; light aerobic exercise
  • Spending time with and nurturing animals
  • Receiving a few minutes of sun (during off-peak hours) each day
  • Getting fully connected to our five senses; taking quiet moments to notice the sounds, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, and scents all around us
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in an array of colors

We may not be aware of it, but our mind sometimes associates the idea of ”grounding” as being something that holds us back and slows us down.

This usually stems from childhood, when “being grounded” meant we were being punished by a parent or caregiver.

However, the opposite is true.

When we ground, we are choosing to fully embrace and receive the present moment.

This ability to embrace and receive the present moment of here and now can instantly help us move out of survival-oriented timelines.

It then aligns us with the most powerful, free, and expanded version of ourselves, where each of our experiences flows seamlessly and organically into the next.

It’s in the present of here and now that we are completely able to know our freedom, because we are no longer bound to timelines of past or future.

Being grounded allows us to notice more of the magic that life is offering us daily, no matter how small or large those precious moments and experiences may seem.

Being grounded also gives us the ability to enjoy our lives, while being open to all of the new blessings life is preparing for us.

Our Expanding Consciousness

You may have noticed in recent months how much your consciousness is expanding.

The next few months will expand our consciousness to quantum heights, and more rapidly than ever!

When our consciousness expands that quickly, it is often preceded by one or more breakthroughs.

For many, breakthroughs are often preceded by some type of breakdown.

Since January, many people have been in a cycle where things that no longer serve their greatest good have been unable to move forward with them.

For many, this can feel like a breakdown experience.

Yet a breakdown is just movement in one’s life towards a breakthrough.

Some are moving through this cycle easily, releasing what they need to release, while others are allowing their attachments to the past to make things a bit more challenging for them.

Whichever way one is choosing, it’s all perfect and in Divine Order. There’s no right or wrong way.

Breakdowns are not limited to showing up as dramatic experiences that entail a great deal of struggle, pain, and suffering. They can show up that way, but they don’t have to.

If we are dedicating daily time to meditating, being kind and compassionate, and are consistent with our personal inner development, a breakdown can actually be a time of immense release, healing, and personal transformation.

A breakdown occurs when the mind feels it has reached a tipping point and is no longer in control of everything—the uncomfortable realization that the old thoughts and methods are no longer serving us.

The breakdown comes from the awareness that change is inevitable, and that the mind will have to embrace these changes.

The mind isn’t usually the biggest fan of the internal shifts that come with change, because it has been conditioned to believe that change means something it needs is being taken away.

However, we have the power to teach and reorient the mind to know that that is simply not true.

Our Spirit knows that change is who we are at our core. The mind simply forgot this wisdom at one point in human history.

Change is just another way of saying, Things are moving!

Our Spirit is always moving, expanding, growing, and evolving. This is who we are.

The primal aspect of the mind has simply forgotten that, and that’s OK. Our job is to remind it of how much more it will gain, and how much more empowered it will be, as a result of embracing change.

We do this by being compassionate and loving with the mind, and letting it know that all will be well.

If we allow ourselves to receive the supportive energies this month has to offer, we will receive the exact clarity, insights, and opportunities needed for us to experience the breakthroughs that can facilitate this next quantum leap in our consciousness.

A Gentle Reminder

This is a gentle reminder to all heart-centered friends—the Way-showers, Empaths and Peace Creators:

Now more than ever, you are being asked to look past the illusion of fear, and to understand what is really happening in the collective consciousness.

Led by media outlets and old structures that desire to remain in control, there is a great push right now for people to focus on separation, and the perpetuation of victim consciousness.

This is a form of distraction to prevent the collective from awakening to its greatest potential, where peace, kindness, love, abundance, freedom, and respect for all life are the norm.

The interesting thing is, we all knew this was coming. When chaos ensues as it is doing right now, the climate is ripe for huge breakthroughs to occur.

The path to these breakthroughs is greatly accelerated when we choose to remain steadfast in love.

Love is not “airy fairy,” nor is it weak. Love is firm and focused. It is the most powerful energy in the Universe, connecting all living things.

Love always listens, nurtures, respects, and has compassion for ALL life, even when the “mind’ wants to create the illusion of separation between groups or individuals.

So my friends, Way-showers, Empaths, and Peace Creators . . . this is your time to see the truth of what is really happening now, rather than buying into the fear-based stories that are floating around the world.

We are ONE family, no matter what our race, gender, or any other labels the mind has created for itself.

These are just labels. Your Soul is NOT bound to any of those labels.

Labels are just patterns the mind has identified with, to create a sense of stability and structure for itself.

What will our world look like, once everyone remembers their sacred eternal nature?

You have the power to create an open space for that day to arrive quickly, by choosing to first be willing to recognize the divinity within you, and then the divinity within all beings.

We are ALL in this together.

Miraculously yours,



Kanubuds 1st May 2019 6:34 pm

So we’ll said, Emmanuel! Thank you for the reminder & clarity! We live in a Great Love;; we Are Great Love!


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