Season of Light – August 2019 Energy Forecast

Hi my friend,

This August will be quite exceptional.

The amount of light cascading into our solar system will affect every cell and molecule that shape our experiences, and touch the very fiber of our core being.

There’s so much about this that’s important to know, so let’s get right to it!

A Blanket of Light

The light is entering our reality exponentially right now, heightening the energies in the air.

This expansion of light offers us the opportunity to honor, love, and address dense emotions, neglected parts of our body, and other aspects of ourselves we may not have been paying full attention to.

This is happening so that we can make the appropriate refinements to bring ourselves back to a state of grace, peace, and alignment.

This is one of the many gifts the light offers us. It brings to our awareness any imbalances we’re experiencing, so that we can come back into a state of balance.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, when things come up that we need to look at, embrace, honor, and resolve (though it can be).

Sometimes it’s very challenging, and takes more time than we “think” it should.

This is why most people tend to shy away from energies, emotions, people, and situations that feel challenging. We’ve come to believe that hiding from them is the easier and safer road to take, especially for those who know they’re empaths.

Yet hiding is just a temporary fix, because hiding a part of ourselves, or hiding from something that doesn’t feel comfortable, only gives it more fuel for the next time it tries to get our attention.

This will keep happening, until one day we decide to listen, and do something about it.

The only way to heal and move past something is to acknowledge, embrace, and love it. No matter what it is! Every other approach can only be temporary.

So let’s use the emotion of anger as an example. (You can also do the following process for any other dense emotions you feel coming up.)

Self-Love Process
  1. Let yourself acknowledge that emotion by feeling and listening to it.
  2. Check to see where it’s being held in your body, and just observe it. Spend a bit of time letting yourself feel and honor the anger, wherever it’s being held in your body. This is a very loving thing to do.
  3. After a few minutes (more if needed), you’ll notice a softer feeling in that area. This is because your emotion has felt acknowledged and seen. Once that happens, visualize yourself sending love and compassion to the part of your body that was holding that emotion.
  4. If you’d like to take it a step further, imagine that part of your body as your 3-year-old self. See yourself as a loving parent to that child, picking them up and holding them in your arms, and allowing them to be exactly who they are, without trying to change them.
  5. Express gratitude to the emotion you just honored, and the part of your body that held it, for giving you the feedback you needed to give yourself more love and care.
  6. Express gratitude to yourself for being willing to honor and love yourself this way.

Practicing this kind of compassion and self-love can do wonders. New and higher levels of well-being, joy, love, peace, prosperity, contentment, and flow are then free to show up in our lives.

Our emotions, and any other uncomfortable moments that come up, are excellent indicators that some type of movement is happening.

As we allow ourselves to love our way through these emotions and experiences, without judgment of ourselves or others, those emotions can actually serve as extraordinary feedback.

That feedback can then help us to create and align with the kind of reality we most desire to experience.

Fun, Play, and Creative Flow

Light has a way of bringing things to the surface to be loved, honored, and healed.

It ultimately does this to bring us back to being our most authentic, fun, playful, loving, peaceful, free, and creative selves!

With the abundance of light entering our solar system right now, this is an excellent time to embrace our authentic selves, and to harness our creative energy in a direction that feels productive and expansive.

Any of the following can help us with this:

  • Trying something new—something outside the box and adventurous
  • Learning something new in a course or a class
  • Beginning a new project, job, business, or creative venture
  • Moving to a new location
  • Laughing, playing, and enjoying life more
  • Tying up loose ends and resolving personal or financial matters
  • Taking better care of our physical and emotional well-being (through improved nutrition, exercise, etc.)
  • Being more social and making new friends
  • Giving ourselves a healthy outlet to express our creativity (dancing, painting, singing, etc.)
  • Starting a new relationship or strengthening a current one
  • Being sensual/intimate with ourselves
  • Taking action when feeling inspired
  • Traveling
  • Cleaning our home, work, and living spaces to make way for the new

If you resonate with any of these examples, trust your intuition, and know that now is a wonderful time to move in this new direction.

With Light Comes Freedom

With the amount of light now entering our awareness and reality comes greater freedom for us to fully be ourselves, and to receive all the magic and wonder life has for us.

These three insights are tremendous helps for us to materialize greater freedom:

The first insight that can help us anchor greater freedom is to be crystal clear about what we really desire in life.

Once we get fully clear on that, we can expand on it by asking for and giving ourselves what we truly desire more of.

As empaths, many of us tend to shy away from asking for what we really want, especially if it’s for ourselves. We don’t like to “rock the boat” by making requests we feel might place a burden on someone else.

What this tendency does, is leave many empaths settling for the bare necessities, so they have just enough to get by. Nothing more and nothing less.

This usually happens because we believe people might judge us if we ask something of them.

Worse yet, we care about what others think when they see us giving to ourselves. We somehow believe self-care to be egoic or less spiritual than giving to others.

It’s OK to believe that it’s the simple things in life that give us the greatest fulfillment. But it’s also OK to experience ALL the good that life has to offer us, material or otherwise.

In reality, asking for what we desire gives the I AM Presence/Spirit within us the opportunity to rise up and actually give it to us! The guessing and mixed signals that delay manifestation instantly go out the door.

The second insight that can lead to greater freedom, is to get clear on what freedom actually means to us.

Freedom transcends linear or structured time. It instantly places us in an eternal space beyond time.

In any moment that we feel free, we notice that we’re “more in the heart, less in the mind,” and fully in the present moment.

This could happen while we’re listening to a song that gives us goosebumps, or while sitting under a tree, or by a beautiful body of water.

This is because our freedom is felt most fully when we are living in the present moment.

When we choose to consciously create a practice of living in the moment (as much as we’re able to), then peace, ease, flow, joy, and well-being become the main experiences in our daily lives.  

This is true freedom!

The third insight that can support us in becoming freer, is to take more risks.

Though it can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable to take risks, risk-taking offers the gift of helping us expand beyond any old limitations we’ve created.

A productive way of taking a risk can be simply to invest in ourselves—our well-being, our gifts, our talents—our contributions to the world.

This can take expression through actions that further our own health and well-being, spiritual development, and creative ventures.

Together, these three insights can help us expand into and anchor freedom in our lives.

We are living in some super-exciting times, so as always, please take good care of yourself, and know that I am always grateful that we are able to connect in this way.

Till next time,




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