The Tide is Turning - July 2016

Peace and Blessings,

In the June Energy Forecast Titled Complete Freedom, we began to explore the opening that was becoming available for humanity in regards to experiencing complete freedom.

We are now in uncharted waters when it comes to our experience of freedom.

The reason being is that for thousands of years, the human psyche has only known how to exist within a third-dimensional reality that includes a form of oppression and/or conditional agenda behind it.

This linear reality operated mostly in states of cause and effect, where it becomes a challenge to experience real freedom.

As a result of the millions of Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Healers and Empaths around the world who have been consistently nurturing their inner healing and spiritual journey for decades, the world is evolving at lightning speed.

The Tide is Turning

Whatever we see happening on the global stage, is a direct reflection of what has been taking place within each of us whether we desire to admit it or not.

For example, it can be easy to focus our attention on blaming and vilifying people, groups, and organizations outside of ourselves that are ‘not doing what we think they should be doing.’

However, when we blame others, we actually create a karmic debt with them that requires us to give them all of our power. This karmic debt attaches us to these people, groups and organizations that then requires us to learn difficult lessons in order to eventually get to a place where we can finally be free of these debts.

What really is happening when we participate in this kind of behavior is that we are just contributing more to the matrix of fear rather than choosing to enter the matrix of love.

At the core by blaming others, we are really just blaming ourselves rather than actually making a positive impact in the world.

This is a form of mind-created distraction that puts us into an energetic ‘hamster wheel’ where we become stuck in a world of separation where freedom is scarce.

To begin moving out of this hamster wheel, we can ask ourselves the following two questions:

“How does it serve me to continue blaming others, and ultimately myself for the things I don’t like in the world?”

“Who am I when I no longer occupy myself with the need to blame?”

Questions like this will begin to open up new neurowaves in the mind that begin shifting our inner dialogue we’ve had on repeat keeping us on the hamster wheel.

Something Special

However, with all of this being said… as a result of the million who have been doing their inner spiritual work, and moving past blame… something very special has started to anchor itself in our collective third-dimensional reality.

The tide is turning much faster than originally anticipated.

It is now becoming crystal clear that the energy of fear no longer has the same effect as it once had over the collective consciousness.

People from all walks of life are putting aside their seeming differences of gender, race, religion, culture and backgrounds and realizing that at the core we are all family, and desire to coexist in peace.

The days of allowing fear and intimidation to control the masses, and hold us back are coming to an end.

See, Eons ago, we decided that we needed to experience the fear in the ways that we had, so that we would eventually evolve past it.

This is where we are today. We are evolving past the fear that once held us back, and are waking up to the realization that on the other side of fear is a complete and ultimate freedom that only our Spirit Self has known.

The human part of ourselves (the mind) has not experienced this kind of freedom for such a long time, so it forgot that it was even possible.

Authentic Changes

On a personal level, we are being asked right now to strip away anything that comprises our ability to be fully honest with ourselves and others.

Our desires are the Universe choosing to expand.

These next few weeks are an excellent time for us to check in to see if we are truly living the life we desired most for ourselves. If we are, then that is amazing.

However, if we are not feeling like we’re living the life we desire for ourselves… this is the time to ask ourselves if we have been making outside circumstance decide what kind of life we are choosing to lead?

For the most part, those who know that they are the true Creator of their lives, are actually the ones who are giving themselves permission to live their lives they desire for themselves. And if they aren’t, they know how to make the adjustments that get them back into the flow of their desired reality.

If we are someone who is still identifying with the energies of fear, pain, struggle, or lack… it’s simply because we are still giving our power away to outside circumstance and letting them decide what kind of life we are choosing to lead.

With this realization, we can then accept and embrace the fact that our mind has chosen to give our power away in this way. It’s when we can fully accept and embrace that this was happening, that we can actually heal the need our mind has of continuing to identify with this pattern.

This is the time to be honest with how we are choosing to live our lives, and if this is the way we desire to continue as we move forward.

On a global level, it will be very much of the same thing. There are many big changes that have occurred evolving us past fear-based control. If we are paying attention, we know exactly what these changes are…however in consideration of the heightened collective emotions at this time, I will not go into specifics about what they are.

Our Next Global Activation

On July 30th, in Los Angeles, CA at 10:10am Pacific Time / 1:10pm EST / 6:10PM GMT Hundreds of Lightworkers, Way-showers, Empaths, Healers and Heart-centered friends will come together for a global healing activation where we will see that every corner of the planet including all of the oceans, nature, animals, and people being drenched with a pristine healing light. This light will nourish, love, and heal everything it comes in contact with once and for all.

If you would like to receive and take part in this free global healing activation, simply connect with us on July 30th at 10:10am Pacific Time.

Miracles happen when we two or more gather in unconditional love.

During this time, please pause for a few minutes and send a clear intention to the Universe that your presence be included in the global healing and activation of unconditional love and light that will be taking place at that time, for all of humanity.

Each global healing activation is helping to elevate the consciousness of humanity, and we get to co-create this together.

If you are in the Southern California area and would like to attend this free event in person, please visit for the details.

Please share this far and wide with your friends and family, so we can make sure everyone who wants to experience and contribute to greater peace, joy, love, healing, and abundance for all, has the opportunity to do so now.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With love always,

Peace and progress,




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