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This is a time of New Beginnings, and the patterns of perfection from the Heavenly Realms are flooding into the consciousness of awakening Humanity. Since our thoughts are creative, through the power of our focused attention we have the ability to bring these Celestial images into physical manifestation. Simply by surrounding ourselves with visions of the New Heaven and the New Earth, we can add to the Light of the world. What could be easier?

With every thought we think, we are either adding to the Light of the world or to the shadows. During these challenging times, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Truth are imploring the Family of Humanity to hold the power of our attention on images that will uplift us and assist us in bringing the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God into the world of form. This is a key factor in accelerating the process of cocreating Heaven on Earth.

When we surround ourselves with thoughtforms of the exquisite Celestial Realms and the perfection of Heaven on Earth, it is much easier to remain in frequencies of bliss and joy. Instead of just allowing ourselves to be bombarded with painful images of Humanity's suffering, through Celestial Art we can deliberately focus on the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light into which we are Ascending.

Over the years, we at the New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose commissioned a wonderful Visionary Artist, Sharon Maia Nichols, to paint some of the visions we were receiving from On High. Due to the need of the hour, it is now time to make these visions available to anyone who is interested in raising the energy, vibration and consciousness of his or her Earthly environment.

Sharon made her transition into the Heavenly Realms a couple of years ago, but the legacy of her visionary artwork will bless all Life during this Cosmic Moment and for a very long time to come.

In order to quickly expand the Light throughout the world, we are making this Celestial Art available for a very reasonable price. To see all of the beautiful artwork being made available through the New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, please go to this link on our website:



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