Ascending Currents Open Up Life

Hello lovely readers, friends, soul family,

I'm on Palm Island, an island within another island, Siesta Key, in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of western Florida. The birds are quiet and the lizards, typically sunning on my patio, are absent. Jackson my golden retriever/barometer, is a bit fidgety, telling me the pressure is increasing and I suspect we'll have a thunderstorm in a few hours. I feel nested deeply within the layers of my being and this place, open to all that I am and open to the world.

"In the world but not of it," is what I would have said in the past to describe the way I have been feeling, but that now feels like a misunderstanding.  For truly, the world is within me. The galaxy is within me. The cosmos is within me. I am all of this. The expression, the extension of our pattern of our being is so much larger then we realize, so layered, so intertwined with all that is, with one another, so filled with beauty, openings, opportunities to extend further into form and thus realization. 

I haven't written in a long while, since before the March Equinox. It seemed time to share some of what I'm observing in life on the ascending energy arc. I am always interested in what your experience is too, so please feel free to add comments or email me. It's our journey, collectively and although it may be experienced individually--consciously--energetically, we are the wholeness of it and being more fully conscious, through sharing, can feel so good!

As Sovereignty Expands, Standards for Connection Change

As ascending currents open up life, we become more and more sovereign. As our own connection with Source becomes primary, connections and standards for connections change.

I've noticed a part of me that no longer is willing to participate in non-sovereign interactions. This is something I've experienced very clearly lately, for example, when a friend calls and then ends up complaining or talking with frustration in a way where they are in a loop, digging into a topic, using emotionally dramatic language about it and actually amplifying the misery and wanting an emotional response ... I notice, it no longer feels right to participate. I had this happen very clearly recently and in that moment of clarity I felt my own discomfort, I knew why and I also realized I've done that myself in another conversation. I saw how I had at times used the conversation, or attempted to, to shift my energy. This no longer feels okay and I see that my standards for connection have changed. I don't choose to do it, or participate in it. I want to be fulfilled by my own connection as Source. Show up in my friendships sovereign -- full, resourced and connected. Conversations feel purposeful to me and joy-filled when they're about sharing and collaboration, creation. There is, as another friend shared with me, "less and less energy for these other kinds of interactions." Yes.

Embodied Unity Reveals Limiting Beliefs & Ideas About Abundance

I notice that when I attempt to organize something, to get it moving by creating logistical things, or making decisions declaring I'm going in a direction, that I feel anxious and a bit disconnected. And that's accurate really, I've created a story, a belief in separation by acting as if I need to assert myself to create things. By acting as though effort is required, as though force is necessary, even in very small, subtle ways I've denied the reality of my capacity and of the Unity which is. I lose my direct relationship with the moment.

Instead, now, what feels perfect to me, and works well is to just let life show up for me and step into it. To facilitate and participate in this when I feel inclined, I talk with my own fullness, inviting more clarity to fill in, within my awareness, about particular questions I have and ways I'm flowing. So I talk more to the fullness of my being, realizing I'm the emissary here and I need to collaborate and liaise with my fullness. This conversation is very helpful as it keeps me in the kind of rapport with me and the kind of perspective to my fullness that I feel is true. I also realize that when I've received inspiration, the next thing is for me to act, not to ask for more inspiration, not to ask for validation and to be pushed into it, not to doubt and hesitate, but to flow with what inspiration I've received as it appears. When I do this, acting as I am given inspiration, with trust in myself and allowing life to accumulate, for things to fill in as they do, I'm experiencing incredible abundance, feeling deeply supported and beginning to allow myself to be way more fluid and spontaneous, as well as less attached to experiences. It's quite amazing.

Expanding Beyond Ideas of "Better-than ..."

A huge thing that has become very obvious in my experience is that I feel completely uncomfortable with ideas of higher and lower, and ideas of "better- than ..." I cannot go there. When I am talking with someone who uses these words, or who speaks of their higher levels for example, as the place to be, I find that I invite them to expand out beyond that. To where all is included. When people speak of the "old Earth" or "3D" this way too, I cannot go there. I am simply unwilling to return to a state of being where I think things are better then other things. Like my island within an island, and my life as Meredith within the fullness I AM, I know dimensions nest within one another and it's all me and it's all good!

I am entirely free and able to choose in the moment what feels right for me. And I can let this choosing be neutral, it can be based on what presents, what opens up within me. Without negating anything else. Or creating a story of hierarchy or separation. In duality, we often felt we had to justify our choices. We worried about what others thought or would think. I find I no longer consider any of this and when conversation goes into talking about this as if it matters, I don't know how to relate, except to invite us both to expand beyond that space, because these things are not real to me.

Our Non-Physical Family of Light is SO With Us, Always

I am awed by the incredibly substantial, sustained, engaged, present connection I feel with the non-physical and my ability to continually open to all that is within my awareness. The angels, archangels, ascended masters, the other aspects of my being, the star family I am and share in, all feel as real to me as my dog, my friends and everyone and everything here. Increasingly time and space are collapsing and what this feels like to me is that connection has nothing to do anymore with how often/time or where/distance. I can feel the substantial connection I have to friends -- physical, animal or human, non-physical -- regardless of how often we talk or how far apart "geographically" we may appear to be. All of these things -- time and space -- are simply locators and increasingly this is my feeling, experientially. I experience no separation between these things. In hindsight, I see that I felt much of this, most of my life. My inner knowing has always been strong and once I've remembered a connection with someone here on Earth, they stay within my conscious awareness even if I haven't seen them in years. I feel their fullness always. I can see how this deep sense of connection has made my own mobility and changes of location, relationships, career, so much more grace filled. I can only imagine how my life will accelerate and expand, as I open even more to this true way of feeling the wholeness I AM/We Are.

More Confidence in Operating on Multiple Layers of Reality

With this recognition of time and space changing, I feel even more confidence in my inner knowing and sense of what's right for me. I use the word right, like the word "true" in the sense of being in alignment in the moment. It's this feeling for the aligned steps that fulfills my unique presence here. And I love it! Through all these shifts in the ways I'm experiencing reality, life is becoming more and more direct and more and more open and the multidimensional aspects of people and places are in play for me.

For example, I've traveled across the country, to the Southeastern United States, opened to absorb and fill up with my own energy from Atlantis which I somehow beautifully left for myself here. I am becoming more me, more fulfilled and returning the experience I had in Atlantis to wholeness. Empowering my confidence in being here on Earth even more and revising that experience by integrating it in this one, where we have succeeded in returning to the Law of One.

At the same time, I am enjoying the sun and the ocean, I am also broadcasting and making available the energy of abundance, confidence, self-love and enthusiastic, conscious, clear multidimensionality which I embody. I am weaving this throughout the Southeast as I travel, entraining and collaborating with the Earth energies and people and the fullness of All-That-Is flowing in through and as me and others, and places ... Giving and receiving energy as information and templates, codes and sharing from people and places. I am open to the fullness of my being and open to the world and this changes everything about being anywhere.

I am broadcasting energies that support resonant coherence and channeling daily and then some, which I know allows our non-physical Family of Light to be here, in through and as my energy field, and my dogs and cats are providing an expanded presence for these energies, a collective field together with me, empowering me to be present with even more concentrated, expanded fields of light and love. 

I also hear and feel what's opening for me. I feel my life moving back to California, feels like Northern California. I feel myself going to Mt. Shasta and drawing, literally, the energetic lines and connections here into a completion there and anchoring. I don't imagine these choices would be so clean and easy, so clear and soft if I was not in an expanded relationship to the world and to all that I am. I feel only the rightness, the alignment with all of this flowing and I also know it could change and I am loving it and loving participating in life this way. I feel the capacity I am making possible for my presence and for all of life, by participating openly this way. I also am experiencing the abundance of life -- financially and otherwise -- that make this all work without a glitch. Life is demonstrating abundance to me as I open and let go, stepping into my own fullness and allowing life to present to me. It's awesome~! And I've still got my training wheels on, imagine what else is going to emerge. I know I will be surprised, it will somehow feel inevitable and familiar and also very very good!

And so it is. This life of newness opens more and more fully to us as we open. Each day a new dawn. I am having so much fun and it's so wonderful to be sharing this with each of you. I am so glad we connected and have been making this journey together.

Within the collective consciousness of Earth and the galaxy, the Cosmos and All That Is, there is, a fast moving stream of ascending energy. It's wide open and accelerating. It's uplifting and expanding. And I am right in the middle of this juicy flow and loving it! Loving it! Loving it.

May all be well and wonderful in your experience.




sadhvi 23rd May 2013 8:51 am

I really feel what you are saying and noticing. The idea that you have this freedom to go and be where you, yourself, is guiding is also what long for. It is a state of mind, this freedom? Or this is past the mind, and becomes a heart led, fully absorbed life. Bravo to you.

Sheena 23rd May 2013 10:43 am


Thank you so much for this post and for sharing your observations.
What a beautiful new landscape we are experiencing!
All of our clearing has allowed us to be joined with our's Glorious BE-ing. How wonderful to be
so Blessed!!
Love to You--to ALL!


bets 23rd May 2013 12:08 pm

Meredith, thank you for sharing your experience. It's really nice to know that all the changes I'm feeling within can become real in outer life in just the way I long for. Still hung up, at the moment, with the effort part you mentioned, but it's clear that effort isn't working. Happily, I feel "on the verge..."

Gretchen 23rd May 2013 3:28 pm

Thank you for your thoughtful obervation. You have validated what I am just starting to experience which is wonderful and exciting.
Thank you!