Awakening to Our Own Multidimensionality

My friends,

I write to you today feeling courageous and filled with love.  The Earth continues on her beautiful ascending arc toward fifth dimensional orientation, and the reunion with her original aspirations and function within the higher realms of love and light and information.

I join her in the ascending process and as such bits and pieces of my own higher self emerge.  This is our journey and as more love and light come into our being/body as information, we become empowered and our understandings of things enlarge.  Even the past is re-made and re-understand, also to be thought of as RE-ASSEMBLED! {Smile!}  Meaning the re-emergence of things, or the manifestation and comprehension of new things by a recombination of existing components but seen from a different perspective: emergent forms!

Each of us has had moments of this kind of remembering and as we continue on our path of spiritual awakening, we will begin to look at this moments of accessing our own multi-dimensional experience with more clarity.  We will recognize that things which we have at times "dreamed" or "imagined" when we slipped into an alternate focus for a minute or two, were instead glimpses of our own multiple selves in alternate or parallel dimensions, with which we are always connected and yet increasingly we will become aware of these other perspectives which are also us, and we will begin to live knowingly from an expanded understanding of ourselves.

This week I channeled a message which explicitly speaks to one of my other focal points: Naeshira.  This particular lineage is within the Pleiadian family and also blends with my focal points of experience which participate in the Family of Light.  In "Bringers of the Dawn," the Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak tell us: 

"The Family of Light comes from a particular kingdom of consciousness.  Many kingdoms of consciousness exist.  Kingdoms of consciousness are fancy words for a concept that we would like you to grasp.  Within the kingdoms of consciousness there is a likeness of energy, and there are many kinds of kingdoms of consciousness."

As we begin to remember our other lifetimes--as some have discovered by past life regression for example and then their own being resonates to this and they know perhaps that it is, or some of it is, accurate--we begin to operate from a higher frequency and to understand the bigger picture of existence and our experience from within our human vessel at this focal point reading this message!  How amazing and astonishing, how mysterious and expansive life is.  We can only begin to glimpse and appreciate all of this.

And yet, this is NOT nothing!  Glimpses of things are a beginning to expanded understanding.  As our frequency rises, as we encounter light coming into our experience and it increasingly finds within our bodies a means of anchoring, our human bodies change.  As a result of increased light = information, we feel more empowered and we can live and focus our energy and our thoughtforms with a larger understanding and perspective.

I do not understand all of my multi-dimensional relationship with Ashira.  I do not even understand the implications of what I do know to be true.  Similar to when I channel a message from the Archangel Michael--I know when it resonates that I have transmitted accurately the energy he wishes to transmit.  I know too when I have not done this and I have a sense of it not being "right" and I ask for clarification until I know--that inner knowing we all have--that I've done so properly.  Even knowing this, I cannot begin to understand the quantum level of communication that takes place when this messages connects with a reader.  The energy in the message knows who is reading and the transmission is unique to who reads the message.  This is far beyond my control and yet I can be an accurate translator and trust in this.  Again, how beautiful and mysterious.

We are called increasingly into inner knowing.  To cultivate and with courage explore ourselves and trust what we know. 

My experience is not alone.  I am sure there are others who sense and know some of their multidimensional self--in glimpses or in whole big pieces--and this will continue to happen in our world as our frequency as a planet and individuals rises.

I share this with you today to open the doorway to this with honestly and awe.  I am a human being.  From a more expansive view, I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  From an even more expansive view, I am Naeshira born into a human body to participate in the Earth's aspiration to ascend as a member of the Pleiadian Family of Light.  I am also a channel for the Archangel Michael with whom I have worked many times, in many forms. 

We each have multiple story lines like this.  Begin to claim your own.  Begin to know yourself as more than this point of focus.  You influence universes moment to moment and the awakening to these multiple avenues of creativity and experience are becoming more known in our awareness on this amazing ride on the ascending energy arc!

As we embrace more and more of ourselves we begin to truly know our divinity.  I am sure these ideas are heretical to some.  But I know them to be true.

Have courage and remember there is much within the nonphysical realms to assist you and that each of us has our own blueprint and plan to evolve into.  And together we are part of a global blueprint and global consciousness.  As we each live our function, our very energy and vibration will trigger and awaken that blueprint in others.

As we claim our inner knowing we empower others.  We make new pathways as we begin to broadcast who we are.  We awaken in waves, so that there is order and harmony.  We are being invited to stretch.  What you do with this invitation is up to you.  But as I said in my earlier message, when I shared that "I am a bringer of the dawn..."  I AM ALL IN. :)

Love and Light to you,



Nick9 31st May 2010 5:27 am

Thank you Meredith !


kay 31st May 2010 9:23 am

It truly is beautiful and mysterious, this quantum level of communication between the words and the reader, and I so appreciate the love and clarity you bring to the process.

Satya 31st May 2010 2:40 pm

Dear Meredith,

I have always felt an incredible resonance with all of your messages. And your post today explains why! ; ) It is wonderful to be able to read messages from our soul family!
Let us welcome and celebrate the NEW DAWN arising on Earth!

Many blessings,

Peaceful Path 31st May 2010 7:06 pm

This message is so encouraging and filled with comfort.
Thank you for such a present! :smitten:

johneblums 31st May 2010 8:48 pm

As Ashira mentioned...'the human race was meant to be a living library'. My celestial family portrayed this visually to me as a series of infinitesimal photos, compactly stacked within out DNA-Light Memory Strands. Through regression or dreams we 'slice' into another cross-section of this memory time-line of our existance, for our DNA or "AND.RO.GENE-SIS" is also our spiritual aura that carries our cosmic ark-ashic records that we are once again accessing with the unification of our super-unconscious minds and our conscious minds.


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