Breaking Free: Learning to Perceive the New Reality

The Emergence of New Emotions in Humanity, and Learning to Perceive the New Reality

Living within this moment is re-orchestrating Creation. The Earth-realm is realizing new dimensions of focus for intelligent life, and this is re-orchestrating Creation. What is meant by this is that love is opening up new facets of the material. This opening to the newness is unprecedented and mysterious. As it unfolds, it is revealed. It is not possible any longer to predict what is happening and those that do so limit their experience of Creation at this time. The impossibility that is occurring is the expansive range of diversity of experience within a realm. Those who continue to believe that one thing will happen, is happening, are of course simply stating their perspective. This again is a choice of focus that creates parameters of perception. The more expanded landscape defies perception. One can, however, experience it. It may not be fully absorbed consciously yet it can be experienced energetically. This is the dawning of a new age.

The remembering that has altered the gene field expression of those now living life on the leading edge has brought forth a capacity to relate to expanded experience within the material, and so, this is making profound sensations possible and exquisite inspiration and experience possible. The interesting thing about all this is the capacity for emotional states to diversify. This is the unexplored territory of Earth.

As Earth continues to ascend and the inherent freedom of this realm gives rise to more and more experiences of expanded sensation the emotional states, and thus the states of creative potential, are being opened up, unfolded, in new ways. This is the dramatic shift that is taking place that has and continues to be so magnificent.

At this time, the most powerful way to relate to life on Earth is through a Unity of Spirit. As one experiences themselves as a body-field and also as a vast, Unity of Spirit, one is capable of reorganizing their experience of sensation in ways that allow for new patterns of interpretation to occur. As these new interpretations of energy and the patterning of it are perceived. Realize of course that this patterning is a way of speaking to the order of creation now available as multidimensional presence on Earth. As these expanded forms and non-forms of Creation are now perceptually and experientially available to sentient life on Earth. The emotional state of human life is evolving dramatically. This is the keenest aspect of this unfolding and where you can understand, so to speak, more about what is occurring within you.

For some, there will be the accompanying translation of this sensation and new states of feeling, into more typically anticipated dominant sensory experience -- sight, sound -- and yet the least limited avenues of experience are whole-body sensation and undefined emotion.

These are the realms in which the most expansive newness is most directly known.

To live in contact with these fields as one's fundamental chosen mode of presence and relating to life, is the what is current. We are most interested in what these new emotional states, which arise from this expansive sensory experience as a vast Unity of Spirit focused in a form, will give rise to, creatively.

We have no way of knowing what imagination will create as this interplay with spirit and material sentient form, expands spherically and holographically. For the mind is changing too, of course, 

We know that putting words to all of, or any of this, is a risk, at this time, yet you have asked and so we are softly working with you, to share what we can, and we do appreciate your willingness to clearly translate in a way that can conjure this comprehension up within humanity. Knowing each of you will perceive and understand a uniqueness of what is shared.

To encourage you to relate to life as new is not enough. You all know, as you awaken that the experience of the material is a function of perception. This perception is created by the capacity of your human form and the capacity of your consciousness. It is not simply that we wish to encourage you to practice functioning as consciousness without story, although in truth if one were to be entirely capable of this, the rest would occur immediately. Completely emptying your consciousness and being fully present is a practice of increasing capacity, therefore, we would suggest too, that you learn to feel your body field expand and to relate to life as a energetic sea, or soup. To realize that you are the sea, or soup and are also moving within it, inseparable from it. Imagine this sea/soup almost as a fluid with some drag as you move through it for you are not separate from it, it is a Unity of Spirit that is you, and within which there is a distinctness active that you are primarily conscious of. We do not speak of drag in the sense of holding you back, we speak of the idea of there being some drag, so you stay connected to the realization that you are both sea/soup and distinctness within it -- so that you identify as this mystery of being.

Now that you've considered this way of being within it all. Lighten it up. Raise the vibration. Imagine it as less dense, more luminous and fine. That's it. That's the subtle energy layer in which this new realm of sensation and emotion is most current and continually, evolving and at speed beyond words.

See if you can orient to life differently than you have before. Let markers fall away. Release the patterns that hems you in. Mix up the schedule and the flow. Do anything to interrupt the seemingly solid layer of experience which you experience  habitually, familiarily, as your life. Remember, your experience of life is simply a practiced mode of perception.

As you interrupt this pattern of familiarity, you can more easily experience life directly. Perception will arise and be present to you without distortion. You may then withdraw your attention from the function of sustaining perception as if it was the source of your life.

Life is not stable. It is however, reliable, perpetual and you are eternal. Trust in this and let yourself open more to what might be known and created from these new sensations and perceptions and feeling states -- the new emotions. This will inspire new expressions in our Oneness. You are loved and love. We are One.


Deeni 18th March 2014 3:03 pm

Thank You, Ashira.

Thank You, Meredith.

I so resonate with this message.

Much Love and Light to All. : )

asphara 21st March 2014 6:44 am

Wow! Exciting stuff. Amazing insights: things are really upticking now...