Clues you are in a different dimension: Choose what rules apply to you

My dear ones. The necessary changes that are taking place within your hearts and within your bodies move us. We are aware of you; your heartache, the struggles you face. The relentless feeling that you are, once again, facing the same old emotional messes, the seemingly old feelings of loss, disappointment, sadness, shame, disorientation, confusion. You are not alone.

More than ever it is important for you to realize that what you now face IS indeed a different version of everything, despite the triggering of seemingly familiar or old feelings. The world herself is now vibrating in a new and higher spot and as a result the healing that is taking place within every being who allows this light-filled-love energy to flow into their hearts is truly transforming; NOT a simply cycling through of emotional difficulty, recurrent stuck patterns playing themselves out again. NO. These descriptions speak to the viewpoint of your ego-mind. The ego mind is limited in the third dimension. Much has been said that makes the ego-mind itself out to be a thing which is not useful, not good, polarized into some negative “solid” position in experience. All of this needs to be released as you ascend. Let me explain further.

The ego-mind, is capable of far greater scope and usefulness in your life than you have understood up until now. The ego is your way of understanding and interacting with the physical world in which you now are oriented in experience. It is aware of the senses which perceive and make meaning of the planet earth reality and the human reality. It has the ability to expand as your consciousness expands, and thereby use the senses of your body and contribute to the expanded perspective of your soul! Who knew?! You have written the ego off and made it something to try and get around, dismissed as useless and furthermore blamed for much of what you do not like in your experience. Yes, the ego with restraint, like any energy impeded, can be a limited and dangerous form; like the beast that is chained and longs to be free, it may lash out and distrust those (meaning you in this analogy) who limit its freedom of movement. Viewed as a natural, intrinsic part of the human experience the ego is set free and allowed participate not as the leader of your consciousness and understanding, but in service to your perspective. To amplify the physical experience, understand the human experience in a way which is meaningful and which can support greater expression, understanding and freedom.

How’s that for revolutionary? J You see my dear, dear ones. Nothing is as it has seemed in the past. And you yourselves will no longer see things as you used to in this emerging space of the new earth. Duality, may I remind you, is simply camouflage. This illusion is being revealed and as you dwell focused in dimensions beyond the third, you must remember you are in a landscape which is unfamiliar to you! Be alert for what is not as it seems and not what you are used to: there is a lot which is different and it will amuse you and make you laugh as you discover this!

Trust that your ‘seeing” mechanism is itself shifting, as your third eye opens, your inner senses become increasingly sensitive and attuned to the discrete inputs they receive. Your own awareness itself is being revealed to you in bits and pieces.

For example: notice the moment when you think you are slightly out of touch with the moment; distracted, as you will likely consider it, or “zoning out”—not thinking of anything really. {Nice!} Now, notice that your sense of time becomes liminal and expansive. Your physical body relaxes. You have merged with all-that-is! You have abandoned the clarified focus of your unique aspect point in this physical body in which you primarily have awareness and released the focus of form. In doing so you rest in the natural and more expanded state of yourself! How blissful this is! How completely void of expectation this is! How little you push yourself, evaluate yourself, demand of yourself, evaluate yourself, compare yourself to others, and compare yourself to anything at all when you are in this state! Why would you? You and everything are one-thing! All is well and all is one and you are one and there is no other to compare or evaluate or look toward as everything is flowing in one beautiful, undifferentiated breathing dynamic vibration of gentle, alert, light-filled energy. What is the overall feeling of these moments, ask yourself? Is it not ease?


As you find yourself increasingly filled with intense emotion. Have physical symptoms which are challenging and seemingly impossible to heal. Realize that all of this is simply energy. More or less intense, perhaps, but nonetheless not painful, not blissful, not never-ending, not immediately gone. It is simply energy. Stuck. Then flowing. Trapped in a small space, desiring its natural flow and expansion. That is all.

Do not name what you are experiencing and try to figure it out. Realize that you do NOT have to do this any longer. There are ways in higher consciousness to relieve yourself of pain, pressure, illness, longing, sadness, overwhelmed feelings, any and all of this can be simply recognized as energy which wants to flow. You are a being who erects at times, un-natural boundaries to energy. Who hesitates when inspired? Who uses the mind, instead of recognizing pressure and simply letting go? The third dimensional being who does not realize that all is one thing and to be one thing means boundless energy flowing.

How to know what do be? Follow your heart and choose what makes you feel better. What gives you a little relief. Relief is SUCH a great thing>it’s directional, by the way! It says, “Oh YES, come this way! You’re moving in the right direction now…doesn’t that feel good?!” That’s relief. {smile}

Although so much of your experience on the earth plane has been profoundly mis-informed by the idea that sin is what gives you pleasure, you are wise and enlightened enough to look beyond this to the knowing within: pleasure is lovely. As is peace, happiness, and ease.

The old idea that you need to suffer in order to transmute your own karma, your own history or even to ascend and help to transmute the denser and darker energies of the world IS A THING OF THE PAST for you. It is an approach that is beautiful and relevant IN the third dimension of the earth plane.

When you choose a perspective that is instead in the fourth dimension---typified by unity consciousness, or in the fifth dimension—typified by embodying your own divinity—then the “laws” of the dimensions which are subsets of this—the third for example—do not affect you.

Remember those dimensions are subsets of one another. The third sits within the fourth, which is within the fifth, in terms especially for this message and understanding, of the way the laws of reality function and how you might navigate and orient, choose and understand in order to discover more peace, ease, abundance, love, light and joy!

Of course if you wish to continue to experience duality, to further understand and deepen your comprehension of something by knowing it’s opposite, than by all means, embrace this experience. It is a beautiful one and it is one of the most wonderful reasons that beings choose over and over again to embody in the human experience! When we are non-physical we have NO awareness of duality and so it is within duality that some choose to know the particulars of themselves and to more discretely understand the characteristics of certain experiences. Dramatized, if you will, by their opposites.

When you desire something else, know that it is available.

There is nothing wrong with living in the world of duality if it is something you enjoy experiencing. If, however, you desire ease, want instead to have joy, freedom, powerful creativity, a sense of being one with everything, feeling a deep knowing of your own power and belonging…rest assured, it is available to you.

The leadership and healing of your own life are fully within your own command. The choice is yours my dear ones. And standing with you are all the angels and the heavenly hosts; ready and delighted to support your every wish and this I remind you, is understood by what you include in your focus. What you include in your focus, is indiscriminately your manifest experience. You choose your experience.

Know that you have absolute freedom. All of what you create, experience and choose is beautiful and wonderful. There is nothing you must do. Just choose. Choose with your focus and your energy.

I am the Archangel Raphael, and my delight is in your creative manifestation of your human life. Call on me to support you in healing, creating your work, manifesting resources for your life, knowing how to guide yourself and manage your own energy to create the experience you desire. I will remind you of you all you would know. All you must do is choose and ask.

I delight in your experience and am forever at your service. Know that you are deeply loved.



ken 23rd February 2010 7:47 am

Dear Meredith and Archangel Raphael,my Heart is dancing as I read this wonderful message,Thank you Sister and Brother.

Love and Light to All

lornasgarden 23rd February 2010 6:59 pm

Thank you so much. This is a reminder that we have nothing to lose by, and no reason to be afraid of, allowing ourselves to imagine the most wonderful things. In fact it makes me feel so much better to imagine wonderful things, than it does to be afraid of unpleasant things happening, and if the good things actually come to pass that is really the icing on the cake! Here's to Heaven on Earth...
Thank you, Meredith and Raphael.

Berniesong 24th February 2010 7:23 am

Thankyou....! All makes such perfect *sense* to me! There's only one thing that I might question tho... You (both) :angel: :) state that :-

"Nothing is as it has seemed in the past. And you yourselves will no longer see things as you used to in this emerging space of the new earth."

What I've been finding is that I've been getting back in touch with the way I saw / felt things as child - a "SEER", like many, who've felt the need to keep their awarenesses & abilities well hidden until recently. Shekina Rose's Blue Ray messages (Feb 16th & 22nd) have helped me enormously in making sense of this! Great to *KNOW* I am of the Blue Ray! (I tick every box of her list of characteristics...)

& great to get back to experiencing things as I used to decades ago & NOW, feeling able to make space to let my feelings all hang out when I need to...

Many Blessings
Love B XXX

Bob 24th February 2010 9:13 pm

That's a nice description of the moment of merging with All That Is. I've always found it somewhat difficult to describe adequately, and of course it really can't be described in words completely. But the overwhelming feeling for me is being at peace.

Anne333 12th May 2010 2:53 pm

I am experiencing my "seeing mechanism" changing. It feels so active--my third eye area. I do call upon you, Archangel Raphael, and I feel so connected after receiving your activation transmission. Much love to you and to Meredith for your sharing.

JRoss313 13th February 2013 12:26 am

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!