Creativity Fuels The Momentum of Bliss

Isn't it truly amazing all the wonderful avenues to bliss in our world? Today, I am loving a new bossa nova artist -- new for me--and I feel such resonance with this music and my own sensibility and rhythm right now, that it amplifies my seeds of joy!

Do you realize the ways you lead yourself into bliss have such a ripple effect? When you find your own joy, you open that energy up for others to tap in. When you create from this space, be it a meal, a note, a song or a painting, you transmit this energy! You give it form in a way that becomes timeless and the momentum of your joy flows into the world in ways you likely will never realize.

Today I invite you to appreciate creativity in all forms and especially in yourself! To notice when you follow your inspiration and to smile at your beautiful self.  To realize the expansive freedom you exist as in this moment of aliveness in flow! As you are in this way, BEING FULLY YOU right here right now, you exist as radiant beauty.  See this in yourself.  :) 

The more quickly and without hesitation, you fully give in to your inspiration and flow with this expression the more you leap over local boundaries and become a non-local expression of All-That-Is.  You are God, life, Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Stars, Source...!  You experience heaven.  You are heaven.  You are the literal mother of invention, creating new awareness.

As you present this way, you are LOVE.  You are life force uninhibited.  You a conduit of abundance for all who are capable to open and receive.  Generously expressed and offered.  Without concerns and self-awareness--these evaporate as you expand into your experience. 

With heart and soul you serenede All-That-Is with your very being and your creativity fuels the momentum of bliss. 

Do you recognize that as you yield and go wtih all this, YOU re-instate love and freedom, abundance and bliss?

Party of a Lifetime Invitation to Self: Follow YOUR Inner Urges. 

Your Passions, Your Dreams, Your Curious Paths, the Unique Combinations that Interest YOU?  They're SO very vital.

Thank you for being YOU ?



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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