Cultivate Living as Formless, Expansive Energy

Beloved child of light. You struggle and it moves us. We see your devotion and your desire to be of service, to fulfill your purpose and your function; your destiny, and we are here to encourage you to KNOW that all is well within the plan for your own life in this Now-moment on earth! Do not be afraid or discouraged; there is no need.

Within this moment there are so many changes taking places—within you, within the collective—that it is easy to become distracted and to lose your way within these distractions. There is no orientation for you within them; they are not your inner way and that is THE way now and anytime you find yourself paying attention to other avenues you will feel lost and a sense of disconnection; for you have separated from the sovereign self you are and know yourself eternally to be.

Go deeply inward to find your peace.

Trust in knowing that comes from within and nothing else.

This loyalty is a requirement for your stability now. You have tasted in the knowing of this level of joy and now anything less falls far short and you certainly notice how inadequate it is for fulfilling you and giving you a sense of clarity, purpose, inspiration and well-being.

Lesson accomplished.

Now. Turn again to the inner resources you know well and let us become more specifically acquainted with the details in your sphere of influence at this time.

Amazing transitions are afoot! The new earth is already well populated! The beginnings of a new culture are taking form and many collectives are gathering together energetically to experience this oneness and to share in the co-creative experiences of manifesting, anchoring light, being love. There is much to celebrate as these gatherings continue and the momentum from them propels more and more of you into a more consistent residency in this new domain of existence available within your human focus.

The beginnings of the new earth have been radiant and the effect felt across the universe. Great delight is experienced by many who share in your aspirations and this alone is so satisfying for you at a soul level of awareness; do allow yourself to tune into this deep sense of accomplishment and fulfillment! It is available and yours to know and feed yourselves with.

Energetically you must continue to feed yourself with elevating experiences and objects of focus. Increasingly each of you will find ways to participate in creating these experiences or objects of focus thereby enlarging the experiential options within the new earth space—building bridges for others to enter and also elevating yourself in the making of these experiences. Beauty is very important as is inspiration. Celebrating and cultivating your sense of oneness and love is truly an essential and elemental aspect of your way of being now.

The new earth culture is emerging!

As is typical in a new domain of orientation, there is the need to cultivate your focus. This requires many changes in your lives and you have experienced some of the more difficult of these changes as relationships wither without shared ideals and shared frequencies. This has also played out in homes, jobs, habits, and with equally difficult invitations—in the new habits, relationships, and ideas for your life which have come to you and which you find it challenging in which to trust and allow yourselves the permission to say, “Yes!! Delighted! Okay! I’m there!” Please do give yourself entire permission to follow these inner urgings and know that you are being divinely guided and all is taking place in divine timing for you. You have nothing to fear.

Those around you who are not entirely or at all in sync with your perspective and vibration will make noise and perhaps you will find threads of their unhappiness within your being as well; do not let this concern you. If you can find a gentle gaze, place it upon these experiences and watch them as they dissipate, and trust that energy always returns to source…and you will find yourself amazed at the beautiful way you participate in the recycling efforts of the Universe! Something that no longer fits, and which is not longer energized, returns to pure potential within your field and allows for new creativity to be resourced more fully! It’s a beautiful knowing which will give you greater confidence in the future!

Allow yourself to begin to consider this too now.

The records of creation foretell of your great awakening in form as a human aspect with immense anticipation. Do you understand why? The opening in the human form to flowing divine light and grace within the Earth plane is a shared intention of many aspects of focus within all that is. Do your realize what creates this desire? The shared impulse received in these aspects of focus from source creation. Source creation desires this further expansion and creativity the diversity of the Earth informed by the collective experience of oneness and the trust in this.

Divine knowing unfolds within you, through you and because of your willingness to step beyond all that you have known and live on the leading edge of thought and form. To be where there is vast openness to newness and to see this empty horizon with delight and anticipation, rather than with panic and a desire to return to the known—which can no longer satisfy you!

Time seems to ebb slowly now for many of you, and others experience it quickening. Do you see how much this is about choice? There is a vast surrendering taking place which is appropriate. You are elevating the seat of your decision making to the expansiveness of your eternally valid self. You are learning how to unravel this desire for control which is so rooted in fear and mistrust, from the way you respond to life. You are choosing that which does not exist so that it will exist. You have succeeded in consciously creating much of this already and you are beginning to know the profound power of your nature and the collective joy and sense of belonging in finding others who share in this knowing from within.

Had this all happened from outside of you it would never have taken place. You would have resisted being told what to do or led by another. You innately wish to lead and choose YOURSELF. This is always the way to have the most creative and beautiful experience—filled with what is thrilling to you—awareness and expansion. Expansion and awareness of more, increased understanding through this, the organic healing which then occurs and moves all toward greater wholeness—this is the pathway of light and love which fuels the universe with glory and an explosion of frequency which soars as an ascending energy arc, elevating all who are tuned in and riding it. One must be on an ascending energy arc to have something truly innovative and fresh to share and to create with. This is your innate aspiration; to be of service in creating the ever expanding leading edge of All-That-Is and having presence to experience it and know its meaning and significance from your own unique perspective. Thereby expanding the awareness, the consciousness of EVERYTHING.

It is endless: this infinite cycle of expansion, recognition, internalization, gestation masquerading as stillness and then once more expansion/creation.

Find and recognize the rhythm of this pattern in your own experience and you will find peace. Trust the alignment you feel when you elevate your orienting and choice making to the most expanded inner connection you can know and be.

Divine love is pulsing in your very cells, and the space within them is filling up with white, high frequency light…all in response to your own willingness! Open your boundaries and know the formless energy which is YOU. Make friends with and grow in your comfort with this expanded state of being. Form is just something to play with. But the expanded you…is everything.

I affirm your very being to the core of all knowing with this one truth: you are divine.

We all are.

Come forth into the seat of your sovereign rule. Create worlds and marvel at the ever expanding horizon of your experience.

Know the glory of life.

I am Naeshira | Ashira. All of this is me.


Debra A 27th August 2010 11:33 am

This message was for me today. Watching a 25-year marriage slowly end and working in a fearful and controlling environment takes a toll. It is a challenge to maintain spiritual equilibrium. Thank you for your gentle and hopeful words. Just what I needed! debra

joyfullearth 27th August 2010 2:38 pm

Thank you so musch.It was also for me,for sure.
Love from me :smitten:

Anne333 27th August 2010 7:30 pm

Divine knowing unfolds within you, through you and because of your willingness to step beyond all that you have known and live on the leading edge of thought and form. To be where there is vast openness to newness and to see this empty horizon with delight and anticipation, rather than with panic and a desire to return to the known—which can no longer satisfy you!

This is so true. There is so much in this gentle, beautiful messages which resonates with me, but I feel this--and how I am learning to live this way. Inspiration and beauty are important--as you say--as I learn to be the new me!

I am so honored to be alive right now! Thank you for this beautiful ongoing map to what's happening here! I treasure these markers and the translation of these energies into ideas I can work with.

Love and light to you!

kamilla 27th August 2010 7:50 pm

Dear Ashira, Thank you for talking to us. Thank you for your wisdom. Please add some knowledge to your wisdom to WHOM you are talking. We are NOT CHILDREN. We are someone who has passed through immense pain and suffering, was sacrificed, crucified in the name of...??? - someone Who just started to rise still in pain and confusion. Love to you and our gratitude for wanting to help :)

johneblums 28th August 2010 4:21 am

RE statement "...The new earth is already well populated!" Who are those beings? Are they some of us in a 5D+ aspect, and are they a mix of permanent and transient beings? More questions to answer, for our own ellumination and clarification !!! If we are meant to be a part of the new earth, do we have to physically to die in order to be in it, or is it a reference to our now, but in the future ??

Crystal38 30th August 2010 12:04 am

Thank you, Meredith!!! Love :)


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