Discovering and Living as in-flow-mation

It is truly a new dawning taking place.

The sense of exhilaration and joy I find within me grows and also comes forth more easily and with more lightness. The energy is alive and living within me, I am allowing myself to be adjusted and altered fluidly as the impulses and expressions of source flowing through me are informed in a quantum fashion by the Oneness we all are and share. I no longer concern myself with explaining things or needing things to follow a path or plan; I allow the infinite wisdom of the leading edge NOW to be my landscape. I allow myself to experience total freedom in this NOW moment as it presents (present!!) to me and within me.

I express myself freely.  I allow my truth to be my truth.  I know my expression of self is meaningful and relevant, powerfully important and beautiful--as we each are.  I therefore do the Meredith-dance of life and release each creation and expression with the artist's way of then turning to the NOW and having the greatest interest in my current creation.  Knowing that the most fascinating, joy-filled aliveness is right here right now always.

I vibrate in harmony and trust with my own unfolding and that is all I need—not the validation or encouragement of others. In fact as it is not available at times, I am reminded and express my gratitude for the ability to trust in the in-flow-mation I receive dynamically as it has brought such amazing joy and abundance to my experience. I wish this in-flow-mation to guide all of us home.  Will that happen?  What will happen?  How fun all of this is to experience.

I am enjoying the peace, the languid awesome play of having and continually giving up all aspirations for anything other than being me, as it feels right, right now.  Ahhhh.....



SpiritHeart 15th July 2011 7:10 am

: :smitten:

A beautiful write.

Being present in the moment and allowing the 'us' to flow through our veins. Appreciating the beautiful blood that travels through us and connects us all. Peace be still in our heart. A beautiful beautiful message dear Meredith. Thank you in abundance

Starfast 15th July 2011 10:47 am

Yes, indeed, long exhale, the Eternal Presence (Present/s) is/are arriving. Thanks for confirming. Love to All and well done us!

Rainbow Princess 17th July 2011 1:01 pm

Wonderful message - Thank You!

Love & Peace :thumbs:


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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.