Energies of May 2010: Becoming the Three Keys to Ascension

Slowing down necessitates an inner questioning and re-orientation which is useful.  In this seemingly endless going forward which you are experiencing, there are markers and milestones; each experienced collectively and yet on a personal level they relate more to the vibrational level you are each at and what would move each of you forward on your path most perfectly at this time.

This month, May of your year 2010, the energies are re-orienting you for the remainder of the year.  There is an influx of knowing which is expanding your sense of yourself as well as paving the way for transactions to come.  Acting upon this energy when you are inspired will only accelerate your process and allow even more clarity to emerge for you at this time of significant openness to vision and understanding.

It is a timely aspect, energetically, to turn your attention to your Soul Function and the Archangel Raphael Activation Transmission is intended to align with this time and these energies, to further support your opening to clarity regarding your own function so that you might shift into harmony by aligning within with this thereby creating the possibility for even more clarity to inform your unfolding during this month of May.

Next month, in June, and in alignment with the Solstice, you will find yourselves shifting from inward to outward expression.  Much will be created and called into form during the time from June until the Fall Equinox.  This will be a highly creative time with leadership for the new earth emerging into the public domain and visibility to unseen forces within your Universe who too are aligning with and supporting this planetary ascension coming into focus and communication more directly with these forming, unified bodies on the earth.

A council is being assembled which will create a forum for the multiple aspects of Starseed lifeforms present on the planet and participating consciously in the ascension process to feel and witness representation from their dominion and also receive communication via this council from the non-physical beings and multiple home “planets” which are participating and supporting the Earth’s ascension into the fifth dimensional Terra.

These councils will be in alignment and cooperative as led by the Earth’s energy; for the Earth is providing the leadership for the whole process, is in complete alignment with her ascension and as such is paving the way for all on the path to align and ascend with her; transmitting into finer energy patterns and constellating in new ways for the forming of agreements, understandings, and visions for the lifestyle and culture emerging in the new space.

All of your intentions and dreams for peace, self-expression, communion, love, harmony, balance, stimulus, wholeness, love and light are synchronizing and structuring the energy fields that will emerge in form in the new earth plane.

As you become clearer about your own soul’s function, you liberate yourself from the creations which were ego-led and duality-stimulated and thereby simplify the overall structures of the new earth by releasing those forms which are not self-sustaining and in fact simply act as a distraction within the unified field, creating confusion not just for you, but for others as well who may pick up and respond to these energetic structures, especially if you have placed significant energetic amplitude behind them.

Clarity and focusing solely on your function, your joy and your wholeness is critical now to easing the ascension pathway for all, and most importantly for allowing things to move more quickly and with ease.

As you move into the fifth dimensional energies more consistently in your experience, the body will no longer have the physical form in such a dense fashion and you will be able to adjust and align with the earth’s vibrational patterns with near immediacy and as such the ascension symptoms for those of you far along on your path will ease up significantly.

This is another incentive for clarity within the aspects of the whole.

There too, is the potential for co-creation and collaboration once one understands their function more clearly and is focused on envisioning and experimenting in the probability fields with possible vectors to express and manifest the expression of said function.  (Thereby receiving the soul’s input concisely on possible avenues and knowing clearly what will give you the greatest joy!)  

All of this creates a vortex which draws to you alignment with others who can compliment, exchange and co-create in your domain.  It frees you up to move as is natural for light and love, with more speed and without hesitation.  You will then begin to experience the more immediate manifestation of your intentions in all areas of your life; be prepared for your life to start working and to release all which is not in alignment with your fifth dimensional expression for this quickening will be assured once you are in alignment with your function.

Do not be concerned with being able to say your function to others in some perfect way; it is more simply a sense of when things feel right to you—when you feel MOST yourself and in joy.  This is the sign that you are in the flow, in perfect alignment with all-that-is and acting in the mode which is unique to you.  If you are not able to put this into words, do all you can to notice when you feel a sense of success and purposefulness...a sense of being part of things and a feeling of joy and anticipation.  This enthusiasm and sense of focus which you experience as purpose or accomplishment are landmarks that you are in a space which is yours.  Many beings will even experience themselves as HUGE, there will be a sense of EXPANSIVENESS when flowing energy into your physical body with your soul oriented and directing this energy into the expression of its identity: YOUR FUNCTION.

Your soul function is eternally valid and although you experiment with countless dimensions and perspectives in expressing and knowing this function; the function itself is entirely consistent and whole.  The integrity of your eternal being is defined and in essence IS this function.

The Imperative of Unity Consciousness, the call to BE Love, and the Clarifiying and Claiming of Your Soul Function--these are the three critical steps, the keys to ascension which I invite you to take into your command and use at this time.  All else unfolds from these key milestones in your awakening.

By attuning yourself and moving through each of these doorways--each of which is only transited by becoming Unity, Love and Function...  (Which is accomplished for most by clarity, willingness and alignment.)  ...You prepare yourself to take full advantage of the informing energies of May and thereby create the opportunity for your fullest participation in the planetary ascension process.

I AM the Archangel Michael and I send you love and reassurance; if you are ready to yield and participate joyously in this collective awakening process with your planet, all that you need to accomplish this will come into your awareness effortlessly.  You simply must be willing to release all that no longer fits and align with the larger movement within your domain and dimension.  This releasing process is far larger than you realize and it is not so much about releasing what you often refer to as “darkness” or “negativity” for many of you have moved beyond this.  No it is at this time about releasing all which is not participating and supporting your expression of your soul function; for in higher realms our relationships are functional in nature.  Which makes them no less wonderful, and in fact, much more invigorating and exciting; as any who have experienced this will know.

The releasing I refer to has to do with dreams and desired experiences which are perfectly natural and right in the third dimension but do not fit and have no place in the new earth.  

So your choice is this:  

Do you wish to experience these creations and know yourself through them?


Are you willing to release all you dreamed of before, allow yourself to be led by your Soul’s function to whatever new or revised expressions are in perfect alignment with the unified consciousness and wholeness, the love filled, collective dimension where your planet is headed.

The choice is yours at a soul level to make and determines your participation in this unfolding process.

Reflect in your hearts as to where you are with regards to this and honor your hearts voice and guidance.  You are forever loved.  I leave you in peace.



mifasolasi 9th May 2010 6:11 pm

powerful message!!
It's time for responsibility..
Thank You !!!
Love :smitten:

Anne333 9th May 2010 8:06 pm

I sense this is an important message...I really felt a strong energetic focus in my body as I experienced it...it really spoke to me.

I look forward to receiving the Archangel Raphael's energies too, as I just got the activation message download. Thank you for this. I have been trying to get clear about my role and how to best be part of the New Earth and this message gives me some new ideas for clarifying this.

What a ride...! Thank you. :smitten:

Mys. Terious 10th May 2010 12:23 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

johneblums 10th May 2010 7:41 am

The questions remains whether these 'functions' of each individual will be performed by another aspect of our multidimensional selves or physically here on earth. One of my functions in the spirit realm is coded as "NIB-I-RU" by my celestial twin flame as..."BIN-ARY I-SH-AH(hebrew for Fe-Male) RU-BY". Nibiru, as a UFO craft is recorded in Persian history, but is also one of the present cosmic Ashtar Command Federation Motherships, that now goes by the name of "SHARE" of Sheran(=Paradise)and based on one of God's aspect names "ASHER EH-Y-EH". Asher also has the general meaning of 'happy or fortunate". However I will not jump to any conclusions nor get carried away (no pun intended) by such information, for I have read similar channeled messages from similar spirit sources some 15 years ago, which did not eventuate, but conveyed a misunderstood metaphoric meaning.

johneblums 10th May 2010 8:05 am

When some spiritual people ask for payment to listen to 'special' messages such as "Raphael's Activation Message", I know its not for me, for I can get such information from the 'Eternal True Source' who do not charge to convey messages. I have already met Raphael and other aspects of him and his twin flame previously in my dreams. I hope we do not get to the point where we are expected to make donations, for receiving the God-dess source energies, to the channelers of such information !!!

shapeshifter 10th May 2010 10:06 am

johneblums, I often wonder why the channels who access Divine information to the point where they feel qualified to charge for it, can't also access the unlimited abundance of those higher realms instead of counting on us for remuneration.

hmm 10th May 2010 12:27 pm

Well we live in a society where money is important for surviving and living comfortably.

It is simply putting oneself out of alignment with abundance by not charging money and closing that stream of income. If you want to make a living as a spiritual writer then be ready to charge money.

Mys. Terious 10th May 2010 2:44 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Anne333 10th May 2010 4:00 pm

It is SO funny to me that there is any issue with a product being offered by one of the authors here??

Don't these authors share their work, for "FREE" through these messages with us all the time? Isn't this entire website available to us because these authors share their messages freely and the site I believe runs on DONATIONS as well? I know I see these messages republished other places as well. All without charge. Isn't then, publishing books and teaching courses and offering audio downloads (which by the way--I loved this one and the seminars too offered by Expect Wonderful/Meredith) still a gift of a persons own life work offered in an energy exchange which we can choose to participate in or not?

Shapeshifter: Isn't one way to "access the unlimited abundance of those higher realms..."to choose to offer your spiritual work as a product as a way to receive the universal abundance you create? Or should the Spirit Library authors give everything away for free and choose instead to buy lottery tickets in order for the Universe to deliver to them the funds they manifest?

Just some thoughts. I am so grateful for Spirit Library. Thank you for making this available for all of us...for FREE. :) What a gift...and to all the authors, today I am going to send you love and ABUNDANCE!! LOL

merawyn 10th May 2010 10:20 pm

When we support people who are working for the enlightenment and betterment of the world, it is one way of giving back to God for our gift of life. We don't think twice about paying to go to the movies, paying interest on credit cards, buying gas and oil, supporting big, greedy corporations, etc. Why do we balk at supporting fellow light workers?

angelika 11th May 2010 10:50 am

Anne & Merawyin,
couldn't have put it better myself. I'm just so grateful that we do have access to these amazing, sometimes stimulating, sometimes heart warming messages. AND ALL FOR FREE!

Spirit Library does work on donations and I've happily donated what I could. It's easy to get caught up in worries about money, the more I focus on what I do have and call in the violet flame each time I slip up the better it becomes money wise. I'm not rolling in it - yet!? But I have enough to pay the bills and a little extra. That'll do for now. LOL

kay 12th May 2010 10:14 am

I just love it when we all talk to each other! And about the money issue: the concept of flow is taking on greater and greater relevance for me, whether it's money, love, joy, time, space, questions and answers of every sort, or any other kind of energy exchange. Thanks, Meredith, for sharing your insights with us.

Anne333 12th May 2010 3:01 pm

I went and read the other messages referred to in this message--about Unity Consciousness and Being Love... (Plus I listened to the Archangel download/transmission.) If you haven't done so, I'd recommend you take a moment and do so. It REALLY connected the dots for me and I am feeling a much clearer sense of the big picture of what is happening and embracing my FUNCTION!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Archangel Michael and Meredith. The leadership you are bringing to this whole thing is really working for me. :angel:

I am embracing and "getting" my angel-self role...fun! And exciting.

simon 13th May 2010 9:05 am

This is all very interesting and confusing, I remember a saying from my youth "Money is the root of all Evil" Just take a moment to reflect on this, GOD has no need for or ever will need it. Man created money not GOD, and what man creates surely will fail, look at our current financial situation. Keep the Faith, a New Day is Dawning, Fresh New Ideas and Concepts for a New World and a New Way of doing business (without money!)We are being DIVINELY cared for.
Just noticed on the calander, 13 May is Ascencion Day!
Love and Blessings to ALL.

angelika 18th May 2010 3:17 am

Hi Simon,
quite true. Can't say I've resolved money issues myself YET. But have recognised that in order to receive the things we would like AND by using the 'law of attraction'/'cosmic ordering' etc principles money isn't always necessary.

Apart from that in truth, for me at least, mostly those 'things'I decide I would like are just a means of feeling safe, feeling loved, feeling worthwhile. In theory we can have all of this, all of the time by focusing on those feelings. That's what I'm working on.

A while back someone gave me some books about 'Anastasia', a lady that lives in Russia, a true story. Since birth she stayed 'connect' to her soul/God and in some sense has nothing, no house, no things, no material stuff and yet she must be one of the happiest persons on our planet presently. I'm using her as my role-model : ) She never had any schooling, yet knows and understands more than most of us by 'tuning' in to the energies. Most amazing story, had to remind myself constantly that this is actually happening for real.

simon 18th May 2010 9:21 am

Hello Angelika,
Thank you for posting a response, I'm having some awesome
experiences in this area that are, just have me at loss of words to explain just what is going on ,I've been unemployed for over a year and a half now, What little monies I had in the bank, would surely run out after a few months ( paying bills, etc.), I have met all bills, have had plenty of food, that I share with my neighbors who are also out of work at the moment. The strangest thing is, my pantry is never bare, and I always have money in the bank. These are TRUELY MIRACULOS TIMES!! This,I BELIEVE is available to every person on the planet, anyone else having experiences similar? HANG IN THERE, YOU WILL! Peace and Love to All

angelika 19th May 2010 4:05 am

Hi Simon,
looks like you've got the hang of the 'law of attraction'. What a fantastic example.

Love & Blessings,

Anne333 8th June 2010 4:08 pm

I just wanted to thank you Meredith for this message and for this audio meditation / activation.

I am continuing to listen to this and the sound of your voice channeling the Archangel Raphael just opens up my heart. I am learning how to recognize this vibration and tune into it more often.

This is a beautiful gift and I thank you for offering it.
Much love! Anne

P.S. I still cannot believe that there is so much talk about a $15 item that is so beautiful and useful. Movies and popcorn cost more than this...Wake up people!


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