Enter Wholeness

Slip beyond knowing into another state of being. 

Orienting, aligning, balancing; many adjustments are being made to your Lightbody in its connection with the crystalline Earth grid.  The flow to linear (time based) translation of quantum energies is opening up and coming online.  This means that quantum events will be translated increasingly in a fashion which allows their inference on the Earth’s energies and the Earth’s residual informing toward these events to be visible and the implications more broadly sensed/perceived.

This also means the quantum architecture of radiant points and simultaneous happenings will be easier and more natural for you to consider as you seek meaning and broaden and deepen knowing and understanding aliveness.

The doorway to awareness is enlarging and diversifying.

Quantum energies unfold in multiple directions and across points of time.  The effects that are felt and transmitted by these events have broad reaching and eternal echoes.  Consider this: an eternal echo.  What might come from re-visiting the same vector of creative intention over and across time and space from increasingly expanded perspectives?  Newness comes forth in many ways. {Smile}

What does this means for you, those light beings who are living in human form and tracking with the planetary evolution in consciousness and personally riding the waves of their own Lightbody integrating more fully with the crystalline grid and their earth physicality?  It means that you are going to be more aware of the ramifications, as you call it, of your choices.  This was not possible before; it would have profoundly immobilized you.  Overwhelmed you.  Although you have always been guided from within by the intelligent organizing power of the Universe, now you will increasingly find yourself considering the effects of your individual actions not simply on those you know and love, not simply on your community or your planet…You will begin to consider the collective field of consciousness you either re-inforce or re-invent by the choices you make in expressing your own energies.

You will do this not in a self-critical way, but in a powerfully aware way.  You do this knowing that you are capable and ready for this and you simply begin to remember.

All of life is powerfully affecting all of life.  You either ease the way for all-that-is to move toward expanded awareness or you re-inforce limitation.  Each time you act in fear, you re-inforce the patterns of limitation that exist within the vibrational or frequency domain where you are predominantly vibrating and focused.  Each time you flow with inspiration and move in love, you allow openness and ease to become more possible for All-That-Is.  Ease, love and flow.  Movement and inspiration.  Each of these qualities along with speed and wholeness are aspects of the New Earth which facilitate greater expression.

You are innately necessary; both in the creation of newness and in the pathways you generate or reinforce.  What team are you on?  Yes we are all one, my dear ones, but there are those exploring light, expansion, love, beauty and there are those exploring other things.  Consider what you are innately responsive to, then consider if your choices in life further your values.

There is a need in the Lightworker community for strength and a deeper commitment to living the integrity of the values you have chosen.  There are many slippery and elusive (well camoflaged) aspects of the old paradigms of separation to be understood and released.  As you continually give your allegiance to Oneness and Wholeness you will discover what is out of sync with that. As you discover and begin to bring the inclusivity of love to more and more of these shadow aspects of your experience, you become increasingly whole; a powerful influence and a powerful example of coherence and order, beauty and wholeness, for one another.

There is enormous resistance to wholeness within the spiritual and religious communities in your world.  The love and unity you know and treasure must inform the way that you see everything.  The habits of keeping a spiritual or devoted lifestyle separate from much of what is human and has been thought of as “worldly” separate has created an pervasive experience of disconnection and separateness. Poverty, pain, loneliness, dis-ease; all of these spring from this.

It is time to stop living in two worlds and entirely enter wholeness. 

You ARE the world.  You are wholeness.  We feel a profound sense of concern over how many of you still continue to see these things as separate.  All that is, is useful, relevant and valid; continually evolving in perfection. 

Archangel Michael is his most recent message, “The Implications of Embracing Wholeness and Money,” spoke directly about one aspect of this.  There are others.

Self-love is another way in which you may allow this wholeness which is to flow into your experience.  Any way in which you do not love yourself is a way in which you have made part of you and thus part of source separate from itself!  To not realize the innate perfection of you is to not realize the innate perfection of EVERYTHING.

Each avenue to wholeness that you open yourself to creates more wholeness, more awareness of wholeness, a more felt-experience of wholeness within you and within Source Energy itself.  This is the great joy of expansion coupled with awareness.

Awareness longs to expand, diversify and flow through multiple points of focus, multiple perspectives as a means of deeply appreciating All-That-Is.

You Divine One, are an essential key in Source Energy knowing wholeness. 

Transmissions of light from the Great Central Sun flood the Earth plane in waves.  Your bodies once activated, are more significantly affected and also when you intend such.  Still despite the immense impact of these waves of light, flowing into the crystalline earth grid and into your very body—still nothing can take away your free will.  If you choose to continue resisting wholeness your body, will eventually follow this direction.  It was one thing to believe in duality when the overall frequency of the Earth plane was lower; your body was not facing the onslaught of such high-frequency vibrations on such a regular and expansive basis.  Now though, many of you have elevated and on the other side of the 10-10-10 gateway you exist in a different energetic space.

The obstacles to wholeness must be released in order for you to continue your ascension process.  There will not be an integration of the quantum perspective and love available to you, if you are not able to allow also the release of that which denies this very wholeness.

This will not take place in a moment, but the effect of this resistance is profound and the cumulative impact will likely mean physical death.

Choosing to continue to believe in the separation of spirituality from the worldly aspects of life is a vast illusion.  Those of you who believe that money, commerce, sex, ambition, creativity, beauty, business, those who are less aware and those who do not share your beliefs are NOT the same as you, are NOT pure and perfect already are missing the entire boat of wholeness.

Wholeness is without exception.

Wholeness is continually evolving and is eternally perfect.

Wholeness is exploring various incarnations for the purpose of knowing diverse perspectives and wholeness appreciates and loves All-That-Is.

Wholeness, also known as Source Energy, also known as all of you together and each of you individually simply IS.

Any way in which you separate yourself from anything is a challenge to the reality of wholeness (in your experience) and in this illusionary choice you begin to lose coherence and the awareness of your value and the wisdom of your connection.

Our movement is one toward full intimacy full knowing full awareness and entirely clear seeing of the beauty within ever point of focus.  Naturally this is an eternally valid aspiration; what would be the point of an aspiration which could be completed instantly? 

And such, the paradox of the quantum.

You are perfect and you are becoming perfect in new ways.  Everything is perfect—your body, your financial systems, your leaders, your love life, your beliefs.  Everything which is an expression of choice and focus, is the perfect manifestation of such, and provides perspective and great joy to Source.

You are being asked to see with the eyes of faith.  To move beyond the 3d mind and to see life with the Quantum Mind, the eye of ONE.  You are a being of infinite potential.  Each of you. 

Quantum perspectives reveal that you are known by the energies around you in ways that are far beyond your conscious awareness.  Begin to come into balance and claim your own knowledge about what you encounter.  Begin to look for more layers of understanding and expect them to come forth into your experience.  Begin for starters, to consider more than the local perspective on any given situation and consider the non-local, the Unified Field, the Oneness, the eternal I AM; All-That-Is and considering this and the perfection of everything, now, how might you understand the current content within your focus?

The layers of energy, the gaps in frequency which have made some understandings more challenging for you are resolved increasingly by the planetary elevation in consciousness and your own increasing frequency as well as your emerging conscious multidimensionality!

The corridor of light for all beings is made wider and amplified by your participation in this opening.  Many past cycles of creation are now complete.  We are moving, as one—which is beyond and inclusive of the idea of collectively—into a new era.

You are called forth now to set your intentions to be led to the fullest expression of your values and trust in being led by your inner connection.  You are Source Energy in one particular point of focus; trust in this!

Enter into the experience of Wholeness.

Begin to dream the Utopian Dream.

I AM Naeshira.



rachelsnyder 10th November 2010 7:20 am

Meredith, thank you for that potent blast of grounded reality! The power and urgency of your message is right on for these times. An absolutely perfect beginning to what will surely be a day of unfettered expansion and unlimited joy for all who choose to create it.


zorro 10th November 2010 7:42 am

This is a beautiful message. To be conscious of the quantum layers of the whole fabric, and to participate in and add our unique focalization in wholeness, love, and appreciation for all aspects within it...this is a beautiful reminder to start the day. Thank you, Naeshira, Meredith!

Peaceful Path 10th November 2010 11:23 am

I love this "It is time to stop living in two worlds and entirely enter wholeness."
Thanks for the ongoing reminders! :smitten:

k.raiman@comcast.net 10th November 2010 12:14 pm

Once again you reinforce a message that I received independently. I had a beautiful meditation experience on Saturday that touched on these very points using imagery rather than words. I even got embraced by Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles, which I found very reassuring. I find that I'm reminding myself of the perfection of the moment more and more frequently these days, especially during times when I might previously have found fault. I'll know I've made it when I just recognize perfection without resorting to the reminder, but I'm getting there! Thank you, Meredith and Naeshira. ?

k 10th November 2010 12:37 pm

I consider texts like A Course in Miracles, and the wisdom left to us by the mystics of the past to be more reliable than some of the newly "channeled messages". Maybe these are new times and the old does not apply, but I do not think that the truth given to us by the mystics of the past changes with time. The impermanence of what we percieve as reality does change, but the truth remains the same. Mystics have usually sought the truth in solitude and in nature and I have found that that is the course my path has taken me. This is not my choice, it is what I have been lead to and until the world and the physical embraces me on my terms (with integrity and purity),I will remain in solitude separate from the choas of the world. Why should I even consider disrupting my peace when everything, but a few "channeled messages" tells me I am where I should be, doing what I should be doing. For me, this message does not hold truth.

k 10th November 2010 7:10 pm

LOL Elyon, we all see things differently. I will not read Meredith's messages in the future, because I do not see things the way she does and I am confident enough in my own truth to be able to reject what I do not know/feel as the whole truth. I stand firmly on my rock, my foundation, and the whole world can pass away and I know I will still be standing, and if I do not continue in the physical as Meredith suggests, that is fine with me, because the real world is not in the physical domain. All the souls who are attached to the physical can have it, with all its chaos of desires and passion, I gladly reach for the non-physical because that is where true freedom presides. When a person becomes a master of themselves, money, sex, earthly glory etc. etc. do not matter. They are all illusions and as Plato illustrates they are to be overcome in order to be an initiate into the Holy Realm. The old ways and understanding still are the truth. In order to find the higher dimensions we have to let go of the lower and become masters of our animal instincts (the desire for money, sex, power etc

k 10th November 2010 7:21 pm

People do not want to acknowledge this. It is easier to follow our animal passions and desires and want things in the physical illusion, but the truth is the truth, and when a seeker goes back to the knowledge and the truth of the ancient writers, who were not as far detached from the magic and knowledge of Atlantis, they are able to find the truth. The Eastern religions have held on to much of the truth over the centuries. The truth that comes from those teachings are as revealent today as they have ever been. What we each seek is not in the physical world as we see it. It is through the connection with our higher self and the Divine Creator, things not of this world. So, search for money, sex, glory, all the things in the physical that your heart can possibly desire. When you have them you will realize they were not really what you wanted after all. The emptiness in us can only be filled by surrender and a connection to things not of this world. That connection comes through solitude where you face yourself, alone before the grace of the Creator.

k 10th November 2010 9:02 pm

When I was on the Surgical team at the University of TX Med School, chaos was the rule. Nude swimming nights and nude volleyball, nude elephant walks through the frat houses every kind of ego indulgence we could consider was the rule of thumb. The egos were big and the gratification of those egos knew no bounds. I was temporarily caught up in this chaos, but realized that there was not any love in this sort of activity. The deeper we went into the decadance the further from the foundation of love we went. It is easy to get caught up in this chaos, but the more you indulge the more you want and the less satisfied you become. It is like a narcotic. We can seek for personal gratification in the illusions of this world or we can reach for the Heights where true love and peace reside. But, I think we all have to expereince the extremes for ourselves in order to understand what we really want.

k 10th November 2010 10:44 pm

I guess one of the problems with this message is in the statement "Choosing to continue to believe in separation of Spirituality from the worldly aspects of life is a vast illusion. Those of you who believe that money, commerce, sex, ambition ..... are missing the entire boat of wholeness." Where does one draw the line on wanting more money, sex, success etc, in this physical world. Do we want to focus on the things of this world and if so, to what degree?I strongly believe that those who have been forced upon the path, have to have complete devotion, there is no allowance for "luke warm". We can not have both worlds.

k 11th November 2010 1:09 am

So, we have a choice. We can remain in the cave and focus on the shadows on the cave wall, as in Plato's Allegory of the cave or we can choose to crawl out of the cave into the bright sun light and fresh air. The choice between the two worlds. We can not be in the cave and outside of the cave at the same time. We can not have both worlds. In order to start the journey out of the cave, we first have to understand that what we see are shadows, and illusions and then decide if we want to turn our attention away from those illusions and search for the cave opening. If we are happy in the cave with the distractions of the shadows then that if fine, but those who find the exit and make the journey out, find a much better world.

Anne333 11th November 2010 1:26 am

I love this message!


Wholeness is without exception.

Wholeness is continually evolving and is eternally perfect.

My whole body got chills and bumps reading it the way I do when something resonates deep within me as right and true. My heart knows this is true; that the world and us, heaven and earth--everything is from God, is God and is an expression of God. I am growing in my ability to love myself and all of life this way.

Thank you for this beautiful message of love and unity.

Anne333 11th November 2010 5:55 pm

Wow. I am beginning to see the big picture here in the message from you that I've read lately! The connection between this message, the one about "The Implications of Embracing Wholeness and Money"

And the 11:11 message...and even the Naeshira messages about 10-10 Arriving and Beyond. There is this huge integration happening within us toward experiential wholeness!

LOVE it!!! So exciting! :smitten:

TruthSeeker 3rd December 2010 12:50 pm

True K, I also want to comprehend this part as well


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